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  1. Wow. 5 Years. This game got old... Crazy what one had to do back in 0.21 to make a spaceplane work. Congrats on the award @boolybooly! Thats a nifty badge by the way.
  2. That was a fun challenge! Coming through at 842.1 m/s!
  3. Yes it was, unfortunately. I couldn't find more time to play. Maybe another week. The save is available here:!As2GC2hXr8zzgedxSyKxRpQGGJ9-BQ
  4. Alright, I couldn't exactly find enough time to play a lot this weekend, so here is what i sent to space real quickly: I realized that you already have a geostationary comms system online, so i added a munar satelite in a high polar orbit. It has plenty of delta V left in its tanks so, feel free to move it around. Great project guys, keep it up!
  5. Hi, I'd like to contribute to this project this weekend. The spot is still free I believe. I'd like to be putting 2 Comsats into geostationary orbit. Cheers
  6. Well you got me on this one. Thanks for the design advices! Now, on to the drawing board! The tail looks fabulous! I'll see what I can do about my own one. Edit: I just had a quick go on it, reducing intake area really results in a huge reduce of drag, saving me lots of trouble in the initial ascent! Btw, it is just incredible how much effort some people put in this forum! Keep it up!
  7. Thanks very much, I'm glad you like it. I do not exactly understand though what you mean by following the wings curvature - do you mean the part where they dont align with the wings tip perfectly? Well, i just had a quick look at your main ship posting thread thingy. Talking about your Longsword SSTO, which carries big oranges to orbit on 6 rapiers you said this: You seem to be very obsessed about your payload ratios. I however am only obsessed about my crafts factor of sexiness. Which is through the roof on this craft btw. To be honest though, I'm just lazy. And a crappy pilot. Also, moar pictures!
  8. The ArcJet MK4 is my current WIP SSTO. I'm quite proud that it made Orbit in its first design revision
  9. This is the ArcJet (MK3). It's designed to deliver medium sized payloads (< 15 Tons) to LKO. I'm currently working on optimizing its aerodynamic characteristics.
  10. Sampling a dresteroid: Manned Duna Mission ready for departure!
  11. Thank you guys very very much for all the input, I started working on the Panel again this weekend! I just finished soldering all the switches together, so i can connect them to the arduino board. Next up: Finishing the coding and implementing KSPSerialIO....
  12. I finally found the time to get this mod working! Thank you so much for this amazing artwork @pingopete!