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  1. With 64 k installed, Kerbin slowly loses its textures the higher you go. By that, I mean that the farther you go from Kerbin, the more it stops looking like a planet and starts looking like a white sphere. What did I do wrong? Is there something I missed in the downloading procedure? I copied the 64k folder into gamedata as I was told to do so, so I do not know what happened.
  2. The cyrillic writing in the title will be read as SFVIZT PLDIES. lol
  3. When I land on a different planet, all I get to do is hop around, act dramatic, and (attempt to) go back to Kerbin. But I want action! Can someone who actually knows how to mod (not my area of expertise) create actual weather systems on the different planets in the Kerbol system? For example Duna, the game's analogy to Mars, should have massive dust storms that cover the whole planet, with a potential to block visibility and damage bases and vehicles on the surface. Jool should have winds of several thousand kilometers per hour. Venus should have a cloud covering and temperatures hot enough to melt iron. If there is already a mod like that, please inform me.
  4. What I want is a series of parts (capsules, fuel, landing legs/gear, solar panels, etc...) that make it possible to make a lander so sleek it will basically be or look like a nose cone when everything such as landing gear and solar panels are retracted. I would want it to look stock-alike, and have a variation of parts.Thank you.
  5. A reply to Foxster: You have to get to Duna with an actual vehicle (no editing). You can use braking engines, parachutes, basically anything that comes into your mind. MER-A itself landed by parachuting, then dropping from the capsule that had parachutes attached to it, but you do not have to do that.
  6. Alright, thanks PlonioFludrasco. I will edit the challenge at 12/01/2015. Thank you for your help.
  7. You see, the thing is that even though MER-A landed in an airbag, that was unfortunately not the goal of the challenge. The point was that you have to drop an capsule onto Duna's surface, keeping the rover inside intact. The capsule can be made of anything- metal struts, structural components, anything that you think would work. As for the possibility of the challenge, the challenge is merely made because I'm interested in what creative contraptions people could come up with to solve the problem. Thank you.
  8. When the rover Spirit (also known as MER-A or MER-2) arrived to mars, it entered the atmosphere in a container. Some time after deploying parachutes, the container released an airbag- protected capsule that, after falling for a short distance, deflated and released the rover (or at least that is how I remember it, I DEARLY hope that all of that was correct). Now, the whole challenge is to construct a capsule of any size that can survive (not completely, obviously some things will blow) falling from higher than 50 meters from the surface (not sea-level) without wrecking the rover inside, then releasing the rover. The planet to land on is Duna anything. edit since 6/9/2016: The landings got much, much crazier. Previously, I wanted chutes in this challenge, but not anymore- speed counts. I am was new here, and I hope this challenge is not downright idiotic for the game experts. UPDATE (edited on 12/01/2015): Please refrain from using any mods, other than KJR, or realism mods. -1 point for every destroyed part. +1 point for every m/s in velocity at landing/ crash landing. +8*10^38 points if an action star of any choice suddenly rides out of the resulting explosion, riding a rainbow-coloured flaming steed. +20 points if done in RSS Rover has to remain upright or result is ignored. +1 if done on Eve +2 if done on Laythe +3 if done on Duna +4 if done on Eeloo +10 if done on any non-atmo body (with no chutes!) +(i*(sqrt3i))/0 points if done on Jool. (You will also be accused of witchcraft, tortured and burned, -1 point for that.) 1. SpaceplaneAddict- 108 points 2. Killakrust- 18 points 3. Spacebrick3- pending (means I'm lazy, just roll with it) 4. _ 5. _ 6. _ 7. _ 8. _ 9. _ 10. _ Thanks I need the information about the speed of landing and the number of broken parts from each contestant.