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  1. I don't quite get the point of all these links if they just lead back to the OP.
  2. I have also noticed that the crash happens right after the game loads Dmagic Orbital Sciences. At that point, the frozen loading bar is on Kerbal Engineer Redux.
  3. The closest thing that I found that can be called a main folder is "KSP_Data", in which I found a file again called "output_log". I am assuming this is not the correct file. Is there a path that can be provided? For the record, I am using the 1.2.2 release. EDIT: Wait, there's literally a folder called "KSP" in the main directory. Is that what you mean?
  4. I'm looking at my crash file, and I only see "output_log" and "error", along with "crash.dmp" which is not openable.
  5. This is less of a support question (yes, I am in this situation now, but I don't need much help yet) and more of a technique-based question. What is the easiest way to find the mod or file that caused a crash? Is there a line/a few lines in the error or crash log that hint at what caused it, or is it enough to just look at the last file that was being loaded on the loading screen and delete it?
  6. @SpannerMonkey(smce) Well, nope. Probably not going through that any time soon. Than you anyway for the information.
  7. Apparently this video contains content from something called UMG. Apparently this video is also blocked in my country on copyright grounds. Halp.
  8. You know that video in which the Falcon 9 stage lands on a barge, slowly topples over, and explodes? Imagine that, but instead the rocket bounces off the barge and off screen, then blows up. That's what I think of every time I watch that BFR video.
  9. Doesn't seem like a perfectly circular cross-section, but you just blew my mind when you used the Mk-2 tanks in such a way.
  10. Awesome. Thank you so much for this. I have used aviation cockpits for a while now and couldn't get myself to install it now due to the lack of DCK compatibility. And also, how exactly can you change the IVA of cockpits with ASET? What tool do I have to download? (By "tool" I mean something like Blender, Unity, etc)
  11. "Davinci's Combat Kit". It's a tool made by the user @DoctorDavinci, and includes textures for parts.
  12. My mother "flew" on one of these when she was six, on a vacation flight to Crimea: I say "flew" because one of the engines actually ignited while on the taxiway, so her and my grandmother had to wait in the heat for like 4 hours before they were herded off the plane and sent back home. I can say the trip didn't go that well. EDIT: and by the way this was before any of them knew about the Tu-104's crappy safety record. Obviously. The USSR even covered that up.
  13. Oh my jesus, this is some sort of deep-future stuff right here.
  14. So I dig it there will not be an update to this mod, right? ... ... ... is there- is there anyone who can take over? That is to say, I cannot mod or program. Literally zero capacity, so I am confined to ask these questions.
  15. He called, and called... but no one answered. @dundun92
  16. @Earthlinger Give us moar! Do these ships have any capabilities other than weaponry? Like troop transport, logistics, deployment of other smaller vessels/subs?
  17. Is there a way to detach the warhead manually?
  18. Absolutely crazy dropships, and interplanetary transporters that look even better. Good job.
  19. So it lobs itself? What is its TWR?
  20. @Earthlinger that gif, when combined with the post, made my day.
  21. Honestly, that is a great looking cruise missile, and an especially great show of modular-ness in part of your manticore platform. Job well done. And judging by the stats you gave me on the original manticore, I did not expect you to squeeze 2600 kilometers out of it. Again, well done.