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  1. Hmm. Try to approach it like a firework and add more of these structural tubes to lengthen the launch vehicle itself. For the record, it doesn't have to be multistaged, look at the more modern ICBMs. However, I think it will be cooler if you can make a Scud-type missile and keep it with one stage.
  2. @Joseph Kerman very good replica of the XF-222 SRhaipntsohrin. Looks almost like the real thing by Mitsu Lockheed Martin.
  3. It's obviously Minmusovitinthisithianaeusian. There's absolutely no dispute.
  4. I'm thinking, what can you do with the manticore other than launching it at ground targets? Can you make a cruise missile out of it? An air-to-air missile? A cluster bomb? A guided bomb? Anything else? EDIT: Or better yet, is it possible to give it the guidance characteristics of an actual ICBM and send it between continents? How about an enlarged version?
  5. Yes. Another one: @dundun92@dundun93@Red Iron Crown@Vanamonde@sal_vager@Lo Var Lachland
  6. My expertise isn't above yours in any way, and I did not intend to sound like that, sorry. It's just that it is always best to refrain from such phrasing when discussing history.
  7. No. It's debatable. Soviet tech is characterised by a lack of high-tech electronic systems but highly rugged design, while American tech is characterised by a huge amount of spatial awareness and control. Saying that a piece of Soviet technology is superior to anything American, or vice versa, is quite ignorant, no offense.
  8. Great mod, in all earnest, but can we not arbitrarily throw around the line "superior to everything American in every way"?
  9. Oh, that- yeah, that. I think we're doing a bit more than kidding ourselves here.
  10. Am I correct when I say that by far, the most important concern of spacecraft design is structural integrity?
  11. False, I'm Canadian. The user below me has a grandfather who fought in the red army in the patriotic war, and who returned alive.
  12. I was not joking. That post was utterly, dead serious, with absolutely zero wordplay from your post title. None whatsoever. Message to everyone: if you are searching for humor, I am not your man.
  13. Also known to make one's computer suffer from DUODECAFRAMES. Treatable with a technique called DUODECAPROCESSORS, which requires a DUODECA-CENTUM dollars.
  14. Oh jeez, Matthew wondered with the mental voice of an advertiser, as his FPS counter reached a milestone of 2: why can't I have simple, single-piece ground targets to bomb the living crap out of with my slick new fighters? Then, he saw...
  15. [Snipped because this is my three millionth time phrasing something in a way that makes my point misunderstood, so I'm not even going to try to get out of the s**thole I just created for myself.]
  16. False. I would kind of joke about it, but would never actually make a serious statement. So while we're at it: TUBM rides moose to school.
  17. Yeah, I know. The problem with a naive person like me is that I also don't share the same fear of war, change, etc, as all of you, because I never lived through anything that drastic. Literally, my whole life can be summed up in these lines: 1. Got born 2. Led an average life as an infant 3. Went to school 4. Now in high school There you go. I sometimes catch myself thinking about this.
  18. Subtitles describe how Cayley was a pioneer of aviation and how his glider was a first, while said glider is shown zipping around and doing insane maneuvers as if its a fighter.
  19. I always wanted to say this: wouldn't it be just swell if we can take the Clyde cockpit and split it into two "cockpit" and "fuselage" parts, instead of combining it all into a one-trick-pony that you can't do much with?
  20. I would agree. If anyone would suggest this challenge to me even in real life, I would also start to runaway.
  21. @SuicidalInsanity well look, I understand that the Wasp is very powerful and difficult to beat, but at least this challenge will keep its integrity (and challenging quality) if no one attempts to throw the equivalent of a cold-war MiG at it.
  22. This what you were going after? Von Braun is apparently asking the same question.
  23. As deathly annoying as these Christmas carols may be, that was at least a funny video.