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  1. It's the final days of 2017: the transition between 2017 and 2018.
  2. Shouldn't the name be changed to 2017-2018?
  3. You grope your way to floor 2028, glasses still blacked out. Feeling the wall with your hand, you touch something that feels like the underside of a horseshoe crab, spiky, hairy, and spider-like. Before you can tear your hand away, you accidentally lean forward, and your arm plunges through the insect-like object. Your arm is surrounded by something wet, slimy, and moist, which is slightly moving as if it is attempting to chew your hand. You manage to dig your way out of the meat and biomass, and sprint to the next room, something making a loud clicking and groaning noise behind you.
  4. *Mental tuning in progress: 23%* *Mental tuning in progress: 30%* *Mental tuning in progress: 42%* *Mental tuning in progress: 48%* *Mental tuning in progress: 53%* *Mental tuning in progress: 59%* *Mental tuning in progress: 65%* *Mental tuning in progress: 67%* *Mental tuning in progress: 78%* *Mental tuning in progress: 86%* *Mental tuning in progress: 97%* *Mental tuning in progress: 100%* *Mental tuning in progress: 100%* *Mental tuning in progress: 100%* *Processing...* *Brain is tuned. Photographic reception calibrated.* Ok I think I'm good.
  5. 2023: A robot picks you up, and holds two fake legs up to your stumps. Shakes his head, because obviously the fake legs aren't a match, and leaves, leaving you crawling again. 2024: As you crawl along, you hear the voice of Chester Bennington: "CRAAAAWLING INNN MY SKIIIIIIIIN-" You keep going before the verse is finished, as (a) you just lost your legs again, so you don't exactly feel like jamming out to Linkin Park, and (b) you don't like the fact that Bennington is making fun of your crawling.
  6. ... before accidentally walking into a razor sharp wire, positioned right outside the door at the height of your crotch and spanning from wall to wall. "Are you kidding me?" you groan as you start crawling to floor 2021, again with stumps instead of legs.
  7. It's your loading mechanisms: they intrigue the hell out of me. You should totally try to develop a rapid-fire tank, that can fire on the move. Think about it: instead of making the loading mechanism a simple "door opens, shell inserted, door closed" mechanism, make it more like this: - door slides back (like on your bombard siege artillery) - there is a plate under the door, preventing the shell from falling or sliding off the rail when dropped onto it - bullet is dropped onto rail, straightened instantly on the rail - door closes, bullet fires Perhaps this technique can decrease your reload time to something manageable, like 5 or 6 seconds. You can also put a bullet ejection mechanism into the mix. No springs needed, just a single extra piece of static girder/panel.
  8. I gotta ask though... @Red Iron Crown
  9. ...but step on a landmine and are blown up. You exit the hospital on floor 2018, with no legs. You crawl your way to the next floor, permanently scarred for the rest of your life.
  10. I will now proceed to save MiffedStarfish from you. @Lo Var Lachland.
  11. I'm not sure either. But I'll think that @dundun92 will reply next. Go team.
  12. Sure. Have you seen the other repositories? Usually, it's just a thread with a collection of your creations.
  13. Okay... Looking at your KerbalX page, I'm seeing armoured beasts with self-loading mechanisms, interiors, and loads of beauty. First of all, I'm following you. Secondly, you should totally make a repository of your craft here. I'm sure the people will love it.
  14. That's a crazy friggin rocket. If only there was another thread specifically made for military creations... EDIT: And while the second sentence may be sarcastic, I'm not kidding about the crazy part. You can totally make an ICBM series out of that.
  15. I actually watched somewhere around four or five of the very earliest films, and the two last ones that came out, as well as most of the Star Wars series. I just never payed any attention to them, or cared for the matter.
  16. No. It's purely stock. Took a lot of time and effort to build as well.
  17. ^ This is what propeller tech in KSP has led to. We started out with a mere concept, continued applying it in up-scaled models or inefficient craft, and ended with kerbal-scaled aircraft that have actually good fighter/plane characteristics. Unbelievable.
  18. Not a fair fight by any standards. You pretty much decimated that propeller fighter with your Korean-War era jet.
  19. No, they are way too underpowered. Also, this reply is right on time and is perfectly on schedule, I totally didn't find out about the "activity" tab three seconds ago.
  20. Never before have I been liked, quoted, and followed in one go. I congratulate you, fellow race mechanic. You should totally think about adding more detail. Get tweakscale, and use it to add things like headlight patterns, extra details, etc. You can make your cars look great like that.
  21. @LABenterprises Okay, I'll be straight with you: that looks better than any aesthetic sports car Vagani has made. Or Azimech. Sorry to them. Just give it spoilers that move (using control surfaces and action groups), and you might as well be batman. PS: Looking at your Kerbal X account, you should consider making a thread dedicated to cars.
  22. @SVS I can't see it clearly. Can we have a photo from a different angle?
  23. The amount of stock propellers in this thread is the amount of genuine parts that the above craft have.