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  1. They say patience is it's own reward. . . they're liars. But, I suppose I can suck it up for another day or so .
  2. So @Nertea I get off work a little early today and decide to check the status of Kopernicus, maybe a few of my other favorite mods and settle in to play on my 1.73 install for a little while - perfectly content for Kopernicus to take as long as needed and not even remotely tempted to display the horribly bad manners of bugging the devs about the status. Then, I find a whole new suite of Nertea level sexy parts which will require me to play on a boring stock size Kerbol system this evening. Damn it, I was this close to a manned "kerbbed?" landing on JNSQ Duna and now. . . Well, now I guess I'll squash the urge to bug busy devs and go build and test fly probes in a 1.81 sandbox game so I can import the craft files when everything else catches up. Amazing work as always, your skill and attention to detail never fail to impress the hell out of me.
  3. More effects, Chatterer and Ship Effects add a lot to the ambiance of the game and I'd like to see that become stock. We've also heard Saturn's rings singing and the sounds of Mars, these seem like valid additions to an outstanding game. Singing rings may get really irritating if constant ubt the general concept remains sound. Stock Final Frontier, those little medals for the Kerbals when they accomplish something are an addition with a surprising level of impact. I was very proud of Lamdry when he received his medal as the first Kerbal to walk on Eve, unfortunately do to a subsequent katastrophe during his team's departure it was awarded at his memorial service.
  4. One thing I'd like to see is integrated scaling on a grand/controlled level. 1. parts with sanity, you can only make an engine smaller if you've unlocked the next level in that engine's family. An I can only shrink the 30 once I've unlocked the 45 kind of deal. You can only reduce the size of electronic components when you're two level up - logical miniaturization. 2. The grand part is planets and orbits. A set of sliders in difficulty to change the size of planets and/or their orbits so I can take it all the way to a one-to-one ratio with Earth or larger if desired. Auto-adjust atmo and planetary features to fit. 3. The same option with Kerbal ship parts. If I can bump the world to our size I'd like to be able to do the same with rockets/planes. I think for that particular option Kerbals and buildings should follow to keep it all relatively the same, tiny Kerbals and buildings with full sized rockets would be a little odd looking. My other item would be a reduced need for KJR or it's future offspring, the rocket in the demo didn't look large enough to be that noodley. How do I build a ginormous colony ship if tat little thing is going to fly apart a few hundred meters into flight?
  5. I kind of like the idea of my Kerbals escaping death in something that vaguely resembles a baked potato.
  6. Thanks @taniwha, this is one of the few mods that make my brain itch to ask about updates. Thanks you for giving back all the will power it takes to keep my "mouth" shut, off to build something in orbit of someplace.
  7. @ShotgunNinja I came here to ask a question then got distracted by shiny objects options, blasted ADD. When adjusting the ranges can we use hard numbers or are we restricted to scientific notation? If we need to use SN, is it restricted to integers or will decimals work just as well? i.e. can I put in 125000 or 1e5.1? While I could just plug in numbers and see if it blows up I'm stuck at the job a lot for he next two days and curiosity can be really distracting (again, blasted ADD).
  8. This sounds pretty interesting, stock-ish but more enjoyably difficult. I guess I need to go spend some time trying my hand at patching OPM to approximate something reasonably close 'cause extra planets = extra fun.
  9. Hey @ShotgunNinja The sleep option could be a pretty nice addition to the gameplay mechanic and reduce background processing. Sleep inactive probes or ships to avoid malfunctions and add an initial check on wake-up, NASA had more than a few probes that where fine when they left but had issues once they tried to initialize systems once they arrived on station. You can remove them from background processing in transit but that doesn't guarantee everything is perfect when you wake it up. The sleep option could extend to other processes, put pre-staged equipment on Duna to sleep to take it out of the background processing while your crewed ship is in transit or you put your mapping satellite to sleep after it's mission is complete taking it out of processing but leaving the option to turn it back on later if you need to use it as a relay. Orbital stations or ships could be placed in sleep mode when empty or all Kerbals are frozen to simulate a caretaker status, the crew may need to fix stuff when they get to the ship/station wake up but it reduces the necessary tracking in the interim. Probably a little more complicated since it may need to check for Kerbals and disable the sleep option when they're present. The only loss to Kerbalism gameplay impacted by pulling sleeping craft from background processing is EC consumption, that could probably be explained away as reduced requirements while in caretaker mode or some other purely made up rationalization. Just a thought born from the last few entries.
  10. I guess I'm going to go learn one of the auto-pilot mods so I can try to build a heli-carrier to launch and recover space planes; the cable arrest system may be a little problematic. Purely my own idea of course, no relation to any comic/movie heli-carriers.
  11. Before I embrace the pain that is Apex. Continuous accumulation implies interesting implications for the Civilian Population mod. Would the Inkerbable Hulk turn pink and take up more space? Could a four armed Kerbal get a buff to his/her Engineer start level? Would extra eyes improve Kerbal piloting skills by enhancing depth perception? Obviously none of the preceding where serious requests or ideas, I was really just avoiding work for ten more minutes which I now have to go make up... blast it.
  12. Thanks, that will make it much faster. Now I have to go build a functional form using impossible processes in an end users' imaginary world while attending unnecessary meetings. They skipped this part back when I was in school or I may have considered a different major.
  13. @ShotgunNinja Just a quick note to say thanks for all the work going into this mod. I got to reduce mod volume/maintenance while adding radiation and solar storms so I have additional planning considerations like the Van Halen belt leaving LKO (I know wrong name but in my universe Kerbals are huge 80's hair band fans). If I can break away a little free time I'll build mm patches for some of my favorites like Dr. Jet's dual-axis tracking solar panels and Blue Dog's probes and antennae and send those your way. This week my Jira look a little like "Of course I can do that, I'm the expert", so it isn't likely before the weekend. Quick questions. If I'm reading things correctly radiation isn't permanently cumulative. Is it reset on any planet with a magnetosphere or just Kerbin? Just curious, still early in a new career game but Jeb's been through the Van Halen built a few times and I'd like to let him know it's safe before he and Mrs. Jeb try to have Kerbalkins. Back on track. Thanks for a pretty amazing consolidation of processes, the only thing I would change is shortened radio ranges to force more relays and that should be doable with an mm patch on my end.
  14. Thanks for the correction but I didn't ask for an update. This is an amazing mod I simply stated it doesn't appear to be any less needed once 1.1 comes out, stock aero in the pre-release feels just as off as 1.05.
  15. The 1.1 pre-release is actually for crowd sourced bug hunting, some modders with access to the pre-release are using this time to get ready but that isn't the stated purpose. Pretty brilliant on Squad's part, even if only 1% of the people with access contribute you get hundreds of hours of unpaid QA effort every week by workers enthusiastically hunting bugs and happy to be helping. I'd like to add that with the twenty-ish hours I've managed to peal out of my current schedule for testing the pre-release, @ferram4 your mod is no less needed. This may be just a pre-release and not an accurate representation of the final product but stock flight physics feel just as broken as 1.05.