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  1. New syntax is very easy but getting everything worked out will take quite a bit of time. Expect next version to be buggy
  2. No i haven't disappeared. Just as guessed i'm waiting for 1.0 for the next version.
  3. I don't think there is anything to worry about. Lately there has been a bit of a slowdown in mod developement mainly due to the 1.0 version just around the corner. After it's release there should be loads of new versions coming up as there were in the past with older releases.
  4. Just one thing instead of name = SR_NoseCone do a name = SR.NoseCone it will work. It's a bug with techmanager but otherwise works fine.
  5. It's just a small contract pack that adds a bank to the game. The bank gives you money and after 2 weeks it takes it back with some interest. There are 3 contracts currently that will give you around 20000/100000/500000 credits. To get bigger loans just upgrade your mission control and have some points in reputation. When you accept a loan it will show itself as a contract to put a flag on the sun Try to complete it i dare you DOWNLOAD LINK: MIRROR: CKAN soon. LICENCE (since it's required ): MIT To install just copy the Banking folder into your KSP/GameData folder and make sure you have Contract Configurator installed. ============================================================== ================= REQUIRED MODS ============================== ============================================================== All mods below have to be installed in order for the mod to work (tested version of the mod after the dash). - Contract Configurator - 0.7.0 ============================================================== ================== INCOMPATIBLE MODS ========================= ============================================================== NONE KNOWN ============================================================== =================== KNOWN BUGS =============================== ============================================================== NONE KNOWN ============================================================== =================== TO DO ==================================== ============================================================== - add investment possibilities - stupid reward multipier fix (stock bug) ============================================================== ================== VERSION HISTORY =========================== ============================================================== ------ V.01 - 18-03-2015 ----- - Mod Released - 3 bank contracts
  6. Hmmm is there a possibility to force CC into giving money when failing a contract and taking money when completing a contract ? When i tried it with a - in front of the reward it gave me error info that the value has to be larger than 0.
  7. I have no idea what mod that part is from. It's not mks. Could you provide me with a list of your mods ?
  8. @Volatar I've looked into your problem and i think i have the answer. USI - probably the part you are talking about is the MKS Integrated Mobile Base which comes with in the new 0.22.8 version of MKS. It will be updated with V.16 (current supported version is the 0.22.7) Procedural Parts - normal procedural parts aren't supported yet. The B9 Procedural Parts are. TACLS - not sure here. Water and Ammonia Tanks ? That's from KSPI. Universal Storage - correct it seems 3 parts with the latest update. Will be fixed in V.16. KSPI - had a bit of trouble replicating this problem but thanks to the CKAN info i managed to replicate it. Looking at your screenshot I think you've installed Interstellar Lite 0.90 which isn't supported yet. The KSPI supported is the one that I've provided the link in the first post. It works fine with the exception of the upgrades. Also installing Interstellar Lite from CKAN created a problem with TreeLoader and TechManager mod conflict. If i'm wrong please correct me. I'll add support for interstellar lite and normal procedural parts in the V.16. @Nightingale Sure. It will make the install a bit more straightforward. Thanks.
  9. Well V15 is released. There were some things that i wanted to do with it before release (like moving more parts to the new crew compartment branch or adding some more descriptions) but i'll leave this for V16. Right now i'm pretty happy with how the tree looks so the next update won't have any more major tree reworks. For the next version i want to concentrate on moving more parts within the tech tree and adding more mods and contracts to the tech tree. I definitely could use some help with the spaceplane wings and control surfaces part of the tree. Since the V15 update i think there are going to be some parts within that branch that just aren't supposed to be there and it's going to be really hard to find them all on my own with the amount of mods this tree currently supports. So if anyone sees a part that basicly "doesn't belong" just give me a shout. Again with this version it is recommended to start a new game and not using it for older saves. Anyway: @DarthWall Procedural Parts is supported now and should appear correctly within the tech tree. @Grunf911 Most of your suggestions have been implemented. Thanks a lot for those. About parts: VNG-XE Ejection Module -> Unmanned Rocketry -> Abort Modules VNG-PB Parachute Box -> Unmanned Rocketry -> Chutes What mod are they from ? They're not in the supported ones ?[0.25]Vanguard Technologies | EVA parachutes ? I did some changes in the wings/control surfaces part of the tech tree. That's where your suggestions and part placement within the tech tree differ a bit. If you have any more suggestions feel free - more information the better the tree will get. Thanks again. @Austinator48 XT Landertrons - done. It's quite a simple process really. I place them by hand There is a specific syntax you have to follow with the techmanager mod and that's it. To see how it will look inside the game i've created an excel sheet with a grid and coordinates to represent how will they appear ingame (see the first post - imgur gallery last picture). The green parts are nodes with rp cost and the yellow are visualizations of where more or less the paths are going to be in the tech tree look (to make them look clean and not overlap). The orange bits represent when a node is going to have more than one parent. After that it's basicly a lot of copying and typing. For example a single node from the tech tree: NODE { name = node5_basicreactionwheels - this is my node name and how the techmanager will see it (for the node parents section) techID = largeControl - this is how the ksp game will see the node (this one is different than the name and has a stock node name to fool the stock contract generator so it won't break) pos = -1950,1500,-1 - position within the tech tree (i get the coordinates from the excel sheet i've created - the last number should always be -1) icon = ADVFLIGHTCONTROL - icon name cost = 75 - rp cost title = Basic Reaction Wheels - this is the name of the node the player will see ingame description = Placeholder. - and it's description seen ingame anyParent = False - if set to true when a node has 2 or more parents you just need to research one of them to be able to research this node - if set to false you need to research all of the parents hideIfEmpty = False - if set to true when a player hasn't got a mod installed with parts connected to that node it won't show ingame for that player parents = node4_stability,node4_basicelectronics - parents of this node (the game will connect the lines seen ingame by itself when correctly provided with the parent nodes) PARTS - a list of parts for every node { name = name = B9.Cockpit.MK1.Control.SAS name = asasmodule1-2 name = FSapacheNoseASAS name = fsgyroscope name = 1x1SAS name = Kosmos.VA.RRV.ASAS name = tele.gru2 name = advSascr3 } } And basicly it's copying and pasting and changing every node by hand to create new ones. I also use the Tech Tree Editor but it's only good to get a list of parts to use with the tree. It's worthless for anything else - the coordinates are totally wrong, part names are pasted with _ instead of . so the parts are unrecognized in the tech tree(that's techmanagers fault but you need it to load the tech tree) and every time you load a tech tree to the editor it loses node parents and coordinates (you can't save a tree correctly). @khearn RTG matter - with the new reorganization of the solar panel/energy generation branch it should be better. I totally agree on the crew compartment matter. For a while now I didn't like the amount of crew parts all around the tech tree and wanted to group them together in some way - that's the reason behind the crew compartments branch. And for the engine matter i disagree - there aren't enough engines ingame to go with isp and size. I don't want to stretch the engines further to avoid empty nodes. In the first revision of the tree i thought about this problem and i've decided to go with size and thrust power. @Thorbane I left the KSPI matter for V16. I already know how to handle this matter but it's not a quickfix like i thought at first. @B4rberblacksheep Both mod are supported now.
  10. V.15 released. Changes: ------ V.15 - 12-03-2015 ----- Balancing Part 3 - Added KSPX support - Added XT Landertrons support - Added B9 Procedural Parts support - Added AIES support - Added Radial Engine Mounts support - Added Stanford Torus support - Added Bdynamics support - Added PEST support - Added Impossible Innovations support - Added Oblivion Aerospace Pack support - Added Fustek Station Parts support - Added TAC Self Destruct support - Reworked the Life Support/Waste Management/Manned Spaceflight main branch - Reworked the Fuel Tanks/RCS/Gas Storage main branch - Reworked of the Wings/Control Surfaces branch - will still need to balance some parts here - Additional rework for Solar Panel/Energy Generation/Laser branch - Added Crew Compartments technology branch (3 tech nodes almost empty for now - that's for v16 ) - Added Orbital Superstructures node (mainly for Stanford Torus mod) - Moved Thruster miniaturization earlier. - Decreased karbonite branch RP cost - Decreased engine cluster branch RP cost - Increased new solar panel branch RP cost - Changed some electronics RP cost - Increased cockpits branch RP cost (advanced cockpits way to easy to get) - Fixed 3km internal probe antenna range (Probes technology) - Fixed SpaceY Heavy lifters 0.11 part placement - Moved parts around within the tech tree (too many to mention all) - thanks Grunf911 - Contract Configurator update to 0.6.7
  11. I've already integrated AIES for V.15. Release soon. I'll try to integrate fustek why not. More answers soon - quite busy with the mod atm. @Thorbane I'll try to fix it for V15. If it won't be a quickfix i'll leave this for V16.
  12. @Grunf911, @Austinator48 OPT updated to 1.6. Should be ok now. @BlueTiger12 Missed that in this version. Already fixed for V15. To unlock the 3km omni range you'll have to research Probes tech node (it's the same now but i'll show in the tech tree properly). @Shtirliz72 Done.
  13. V.14 released. Changes: ------ V.14 - 02-03-2015 ----- Balancing Part 2 - Added Smart Parts support - Added TD Industries Orion Bits support - Added Cacteye 2 Orbital Telescope support - Added Panopticon Hi-Viz Command Pod support - Added Nebula Eva Handrails Pack support - Added AMEG support - Added KDEX - Kerbal Dust Experiment support - Added Snacks support - Added Snacks Life Support Parts by Whyren support - Future Scanners node added - Experimental Cockpits node added - Experimental Adapters node added - Future Spaceplane Engines node added - Reworked the Adapter branch - Reworked Scoops/Particle Collectors branch - OPT Spaceplane Parts update to 1.6 - Contract Configurator update to 0.6.6 - Deadly Reentry update to v6.5.2 - DMagic Orbital Science update to v0.9.2 - FASA update to 5.22 - Kerbal Joint Reinforcement update to 3.1.1 - USI Colonization Systems (MKS/OKS) update to 0.22.7 - Remote Tech update to 1.6.3 - Fuel Tanks Plus update to 0.5 - SpaceY Heavy Lifters update to 0.11 - Moved Toroidal Aerospike to Advanced Jet Engines - Moved Tarsier Telescope to Telescopes - Moved Advanced Tarsier Telescope to Future Scanning - Moved Scansat 32 scanner to Future Scanning - Added 2 contracts for Moho - Added 2 contracts for Eve - Added 2 contracts for Duna - Added 2 contracts for Gilly - Added 2 contracts for Dres - Added 1 contract for Jool - Added 2 contracts for Laythe - Added 2 contracts for Vall - Added 2 contracts for Tylo - Added 2 contracts for Bop - Added 2 contracts for Pol - Added 2 contracts for Eeloo
  14. Nah. I wanted to make a pizza delivery mission with a rover starting in the mountains but that'll wait for 1.0. For now i'm going to stick to some space ones (they're working fine).