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  1. It seems like when you are in VAB settings are not applied. For example i set textures to low, and on launch pad it is ok, when i start to play. But when i am in VAB, textures are high and other settings, which results in low FPS in VAB. In-game FPS is ok. Is it Bug or intended?
  2. Hi all. Why contrail doesn't form on high altitudes? In game it forms somewhere on 8km, and stop to form above 14km. In real world, contrail appears somewhere at 8km and disappears if aircraft (or rocket) is flying above ~15km. As far as i know, contrail is formed when jet exhaust over-saturate surrounding air, and then as it cools, it turns into solid state (crystals). There is also a lot to read about that in internet. But why it disappears on high altitude i cant find. My guess is that because of low pressure, ice crystals cannot form. What do you think?
  3. Nah, vertical is not good. Low pressure, low temperature, high radiation, earthquakes... Also how would you pump water up that high? Digging into earth is much easier. Temperature is higher (that is very good for north cities) and earth crust takes load. Also you will get water from underground springs.
  4. Well, new forums are fancy and all that, but i liked more old forums. I think old design fit more into game mood. Also i work with ipb forums and dont like alot of things, our company on contrary move forums to other engine.
  5. Hello, i want to download the game, in zip file from website (browser Google Chrome 43.0.2357.130 m) it wont accept file because it says it is virus. Here is screenshot (bottom left corner):
  6. Well the drag are making side mounted fuel tanks, in bottom of them are stock LV-T45 "Swivel" Liquid Fuel Engine
  7. What are "non dark pics"? So in 1.0 how do drag is calculated?
  8. I still cant figure out what is causing problems, i really need some help, please Here are some photos, as you can see shape of fuel tank is very aerodynamic, but drag is insane!
  9. Hello, i made side mounted liquid fuel tank, it works, but have incredibly high drag. I copied standard 0.2 0.3 drag values from similar stock parts, but still on low altitudes lower than 10 km i cant get over 50 m/s speed. Please help
  10. sgt_flyert thanks for good explanation, so the pressure was key. I was always wondering why engine has higher ISP in vacum, it is because on ground level pressure negate pressure in chamber so you have less thrust? In vacum pressure in chamber is same but outside pressure is 0 so total pressure is much larger than on earth, so you have more thrust.
  11. I am trying to understand how do they achieve more ISP than ordinary engines. There are alot of explanations but i still dont understand very well. Because air flows down the spike there are some variations between pressure which makes exaust gasses to flow with more speed and engine get more thrust in atmosphere?
  12. you should probably put in bottom some texture, it will be more understadable what it is, like on this picture
  13. i am also beginner and also need tutorial for textures - - - Updated - - - ok i looked at it second time and everything is ok, but i dont like big cylinder between engines on this picture what is this anyway? Maybe you should put there 1 big engine?