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  1. I have the same bug as Dr Gaming and garound_ran. I didn't know it was due to MM updating, though; I had just updated my R&D facility, and I thought that's what borked it.
  2. Yes, please. I just had a mission to go rescue a Kerbal in low Minmus Orbit. She happened to be in the lab that looks like the Materials Bay. No hatch. Can't get her out without a claw, which I didn't have equipped on the vessel I sent to pick her up.
  3. Situation Nominal: All Kerbal'ed Up Tombo there lost the front part of his aircraft when he hit the reverse thruster to slow down after he landed on the Island Airstrip. Unfortunately, the Wheesley had enough excessive thrust to cause the plane to try and take off backwards, which caused a panic reaction that scraped off the nose and front landing gear of the plane. But, with the magic of reaction wheels, He was able to get the nose high enough so that he could take off again without the front landing gear and head back to KSC. Unfortunately, he came in a bit too hot and this time scraped off his cockpit. RIP, Tombo. (Well, until I hit "revert to launch" anyway...)
  4. I don't use them very often. When I do, it's usually on a small lander on a non-atmospheric body, like the Mun, Minmus, etc. My go-to first lander for the Mun is almost always a small 1 seater (either a Mk1 Lander Can or one of the new Pea pods) on top of a 1.25m service bay which contains a probe core (I usually man it with a scientist), batteries, the small reaction wheel, and the smaller science experiments; then a Material Bay, a FL-T200 Fuel Tank, and a single LV-909 for the sole engine. The engine will be fed for most of the trip with a pair of drop tanks, which are attached with radial decouplers that crossfeed into the central FL-T200 tank. Each drop tanks consist of an FL-T400 and an Fl-T200 tank, and will also have the landing legs and sometimes a Stratus-V Roundified monoprop tank on top, if I'm using RCS for that mission. That combination will get me from LKO to the Mun's surface with just about 200-300 or so dV worth of fuel left in the drop tanks, and makes for a compact lander with a wide footprint that is fairly stable, even on steeper slopes. The drop tanks get jettisoned a bit after leaving the Mun's surface but before I've made orbit, which neatly disposes of them. Then I have just enough fuel left in the central FL-T200 tank to get back to Kerbin.
  5. Vehciles that are primarily designed to test parts get called TR-XX, i.e. TR-01, TR-02, etc. My first couple of rockets are always named Nova I, Nova II, etc. Things like communications relays, satellites launched for contracts, bases, and stations tend to get descriptive acronyms. Manned missions tend to get Greek and Roman god names, like Apollo, Ares, etc. But I don't have any hard rules, so I tend to name 'em whatever strikes my fancy at the time.
  6. Added some habitat modules to my Minmus orbital station: Everything above the lower left hitchhiker module is new. The sidways-mounted cupola used to be on the Mk2 lander can, but I decided to move it to free up an easier-to-access docking port (it has its own monoprop tanks and thrusters so it can be moved around a bit). I also added a 4-way pressurized hub from Nertea's Near Future Construction mod. It has 2 Clamp-O-Tron Sr.s for large docking space craft (it's eventually going to be a refueling hub) and one of Nertea's octagonal docking ports for future construction.
  7. Uh, Jeb, would you kindly remove your aircraft from the roof of the Astronaut Complex? Thank you. -- Mgmt.
  8. I'm curious to see if there is a desire for (or an already-existing) mod that tweaks the Mk1 and Mk2 landing cans a bit to make them more like their descriptions. They are kind of billed as fragile, ultra-lightweight landers, but they aren't particularly fragile and the Mk2 seems to be massively overweight (it is 4.33 times heavier than the Mk1, and is ~0.6 tons heavier than both the MK2 spaceplane cockpits). This has been bothering me for a while, so today I threw together a simple mod that uses module manager to tweak the defaults a bit. For the Mk2, I reduced the weight from 2.6t to 1.6t, and for both the Mk1 and Mk2 I reduced the impact resistance from 8m/s to 6m/s (which I believe was their values in 0.90) and reduced their max skin temperatures from 2000k down to 1600k (I originally thought of taking it down to 1200k, but I'm hesitant to go that far...) So my questions to the community are: 1) Is there any interest in this and/or does something like this already exist? (I tried searching but couldn't find anything) 2) Do you think this strikes the right balance? 3) If no, how do you think they should be changed?
  9. I designed a simple rover for Minmus that worked way better than I thought it would. I had a mission to take seismic readings at four fairly closely placed positions, so rather than build a probe I figured a rover would work better. I also had to rescue a Kerbal stranded in low-Minmus orbit, so I decided to slap a command seat on it in order to collect more science. [IMGUR]PjwLF[/IMGUR] The object 15.5 km away in the first screenshot is my starting position. I was looking for a relatively flat area to land, and ended up farther away from the mission area than I intended to. So I drove the rover down to the mission area, did the readings, then flew my return ship (which had a probe core) down to pick up my Kerbal rather than go all the way back. The rover was mounted to the top of the return vehicle and I used the RCS thrusters to place it on the ground. I found that the wheels were basically useless for gaining forward momentum, so I used the RCS thrusters instead, which worked very well. With the reaction wheels going it was extremely stable all the way down the mission area at around 20m/s, save for the one time I fat-fingered my keyboard and caused a flip (which is why it only has one set of solar panels; it originally had another set mounted in back). At the end I only depleted a little over half the RCS. Gravity did most of the work.
  10. I'm not all that far into career mode, and I've already seen two: one asked me to go take a temperature reading at a site I had previously been to because the last mission "detected some temperature anomalies" and the second asked me to adjust the orbit of a satellite I had sent up for the Mun flyby mission.
  11. I just tried it again and I can't get it to replicate, so it may not be your mod, just some weirdness on the part of KSP.
  12. Possible bug report: On the Wheezly, the electric charge meter in the right click menu doesn't work with this mod enabled. The engine still produces EC, but it doesn't register on the meter. Not sure if this is a problem with the other engines. Once I removed this mod, the EC meter worked again on a new craft, but still didn't work on the old one, even after launching a new flight.
  13. I just took my first 1.0.5 career plane, the Spirit of Kerbin, with Val at the stick, across an epic trans-oceanic voyage that probably took an hour or so of real time to complete in order to do some exploration. Only to have Val disappear in a puff of smoke on EVA because of a terrain glitch. And I forgot to quicksave. ;.;
  14. Thanks for the tip. It really shouldn't be necessary to have to change to mobile view, which brings its own set of issues inherent to that format, but at least there's a workaround for now...