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  1. Any tips to find a flat place to put long objects like runways? It seems almost nowhere suits one but the sea.
  2. It seems that when I changed the group altitude to "0" it made them all reset under the terrain once I restarted the game. So it must have something to do with it, or I'm missing something.
  3. No rescale mods, and a custom group (I guess). Is there a default altitude that it levels everything out to perhaps for custom groups?
  4. Anyone know why after restarting my far away (not at KSC) placements get lifted up into the sky?
  5. Anyone know why after restarting my far away (not at KSC) placements get lifted up into the sky?
  6. When right clicking a part, the box is black instead of gray, leading to an inability to read anything it says as shown in the image. Has anybody else found or fixed this before? Thanks KSP 1.4.3 Mods and screenshot below https://imgur.com/a/sZixw7j Thanks
  7. Basically the green circle appears, said vehicle is loaded, and then is thrown below the surface at exceedingly high speeds, and instantly is completely annihilated several kilometers below the surface. This happens more with one vehicle than others, and also, at certain points and I don't know why to either of them. Mods, log and some screenshots of the dilemma. Note this also usually happens with my tanks, not planes, which have many wheels and panels. https://imgur.com/qLqxdLn
  8. hmmmst my game is all levels of screwed up. Anybody know why my missiles seem really week (i.e. is there a quick solution or reason or is my game just wonked out?) Thanks
  9. I can try, I've just been wondering if this is a game/conflict issue or me doing something wrong/stupid issue, like, are you supposed to weapon toggle to action groups and use the mouse to shoot them? Thanks
  10. I'm well aware, however, that is not what is happening. For instance, if a rudder is shot and poofs away, my machine guns will toggle off and I have to action group all my weapons again and so on
  11. yeeeah but if I'm controlling it cause I like doing the firing not the bots. It's happened in all my versions of BD Armory and in the past, don't know whats wrong with my game but I asked it before (like 1.1.2 or something) and got an indecisive answer about why it does it.
  12. Is there any way to stop weapons from turning off when any part gets destroyed? Thanks a bunch
  13. Amazing, all of it! This has been less buggy than any other KK thing I've come across. Any chance of expecting to see roads at some point?
  14. Whenever I spawn anything it just gets thrown below the surface and explodes instantly. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the mod, though it seems more likely to be caused by something else. Any ideas?
  15. Sorry if this has been asked before, but do we have any updated configs for star(s)? Thanks a bunch.
  16. In the new expansion it is of course possible to make new launch sites on other places (and presumably Kerbin, too) with the mission builder. Though I doubt it, is there any way to make more launch sites in career mode? (I.e. transfering that data from a saved mission, somehow. Seems impossible). Thanks a bunch.
  17. Hope this hasn't already been answered, but is there any plans to incorporate the Kerbal Konstructs menu into the making history launch site selector, or is that even possible? (And some people would and wouldn't have it and so on...) thanks.
  18. Don't know if this counts as art, but I made a suite of music for the KSP planets, revolving about a ship performing a grand tour. https://fritzfreiherr.bandcamp.com/album/planets
  19. Renamed the files... works now. Thought I'd done it before, but apparently not. Thank you for the quick answer!
  20. So this def isn't as easy as the old Texture Replacer, but obviously better. My heads show up in game, but it doesn't load the textures (Has the names, shows the boxes in the interface) and if they are applied, it is just the default head on the Kerbal. What the hell am I doing wrong (which is probably a lot)? Thanks
  21. New film I made adapted from old Kerbalkind series. Standalone, so you don't need to waste time watching old episodes.
  22. Ok, a little help please. Any of the mole hab things, seem to be partly broken for me. Instance, I wish to store 3 kerbals in the garden hab, with a command capsule on top. I take a kerbal, put him in the CM, and then try to transfer him back to the botany lab - but it says it is full, and goes for other MOLE and habitats too. Basically, I cannot transfer Kerbals back into the labs... Thanks, Fritz
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