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  1. Hi, I get random (as far as I can tell) crashes when changing scene once and a while. I can't make heads of tails of the log file. Can any one tell me what the offending mod is? Log: https://file.io/aij6Fd Modlist: https://file.io/UFe8AQ Thanks!
  2. @JadeOfMaar any chance for a vector file of the DV map so I can shrink it without losing some of the fidelity. At full size it is bigger than my screen. Love the mod!
  3. Is the sunflare portion of this still working in 1.5? I doesn't seem to work for me.
  4. I'm using 2.5x which gas the atmosphere scaled to 1.1x. The music starts playing at 77km which makes sense but the atmosphere doesn't end until 91km. Which is the bug? The music or the atmo height? Is there a way to fix it? Thanks!
  5. USI-LS parts no longer appear in the utilities tab but all but the Nom-O-Matic 25000-I appear in the fuel tank tab now.. Can't see any reason for this in the parts .cfg so I'm thinking it has to do with the CCK .dll. EDIT: I see this has already been brought up, my bad.
  6. There seems to be an issue with the drag of the 900 and 909. Maybe more parts as well but as you can see in my pictures definitely these engines need tweaking. You can see that the 900 and 909 are causing about x7 the drag that a LV-T30 does, which makes no sense Edit: below first 2 images Edit: Did some more testing. It seems like it may just be a general issue with all of the engines to some degree. The first image below show that there is way to much drag on the LV-T30 compared to the nose cone. The second on is stock.
  7. Put the code below into a .cfg file. It's what I use to fade in scaledspace at 70km. You can probably play with the altitudes to to get it to look better but it works fine for me. @Kopernicus { @Body[Kerbin] { %ScaledVersion { %fadeStart = 50000 %fadeEnd = 65000 } %PQS { %deactivateAltitude = 70000 %fadeStart = 65000 %fadeEnd = 70000 } } }
  8. I have a request for a new bug fix. The extend option in the right click menu for antennas disappears once you transmit a science report. Action groups can still toggle the antenna just fine so it seems like a bug to me. As an addition, maybe stock+, I think it would make sense for the antennas to only retract once you have sent a science report if they were retracted before. Basically always return the antenna to the state it was in before transmitting. Edit: Reddit thread where the idea/problem came from https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/3z14h1/is_there_any_mod
  9. Awesome mod! Always wanted a way to keep commsats and such pointed at their targets. Just a FYI if you attempt to set a target using the built-in target selection as opposed to setting a standard ksp target you spawn a exception when you press set. It still seems to works properly though.
  10. Are you running scatterer and is it only in map view? If so open up the scatterer UI (alt+f10) while in map view and change the map scale size from 1 to 3.
  11. I like easy fixes! Do you know if re-scaling scaled space is possible through .cfg editing in Kopernicus?
  12. Interesting and good to know. I'll try messing with cloud height to see if I can find something that works both ways. I'd be fine with any of those workarounds if they are feasible. Disabling after a certain height seems like the best, maybe replacing all the layers with a simply texture even. Thanks for the answer!
  13. I know I've figured this out before but for the life of me I can't figure out where Squad is storing some of their icons. I'm looking for the icons used in the stock categories, like Pods, Engines, etc. In FE they are referred to as stockIcon_*. Where are they stored? I'm thinking maybe they are part of an asset file? If so can anyone list the names or better, provide a link that shows a pic and their names?
  14. So this may be a known bug, the forum update made it a little difficult for me to follow some of the conversation. If it is my apologies. I am getting a lot of flickering in the clouds when the camera is far away from any body with an atmosphere. On Kerbin it starts around 10-15Mm. I've tried opengl, directx9, and directx11 and it occurs in all of them. It isn't really that noticeable on regular stock scale because the planets are so small by the time you're far enough away but on an upscaled system (my main install is 4x) its very noticeable. At stock scale the easiest way to see it is t
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