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  1. Any ideas how this happens? The 16-bit clouds. I have kerbin scaled x2. Could that be why?
  2. I LOVE this mod! Thank you. But I seem to have a problem with it in my 1.2.0 save. The sentrifuge keeps spinning around at an insane speed. My kerbals would be bacalao by now, Any fix to it? "FIXED" It was only in the VAB it went crazy" sorry
  3. It is indeed silly to plan missions this far without the info KER provides. I replaced KER with MechJeb simply for that, you don't have to use the autopilot feature, it can show you the info you need, just as KER. I don't wanna go to these outer planets by just guessing hehe
  4. I just tested it again. OPM works perfectly when i remove KerbalEngineer, so I guess that has to go then. It's a shame because KER is a very useful mod =( But like I said, I really want OPM to work hehe Thanks for the help anyways, and many thanks for an awesome mod !! =)
  5. Yeah, probably should have provided more info, sorry about that "/ - KSP Version 0.90 32-bit Windows - I have 8 gigs of ram (obviously not in 32-bit) and my KSP is running at 2.5 gigs memory - This is my GameData folder: you don't see the OPM mod folders there because i obviously had to remove them for the game to work properly Really want this awesome mod to work, damn kraken x)
  6. I seem to have some problems with this mod. Whenever i leave Kerbins SOI and enter the suns SOI my game starts dropping frames and space is now really dark (even the sun is gone ) . When i restart it, my probe/ship/whatever gets eaten by the NaN kraken. I use several mods and have tried clean installs and removing some mods but the NaN kraken always messes me up. I've heard another guy say that it was Kerbal Engineer Redux that does this. Anyone else having problems with the NaN kraken?
  7. OK, i feel stupid now. I had somehow deleted the "NASAmission" folder. I use several visual mods so all these folders and files gets confusing haha! So it's working now, thank you very much! Looking forward to do some missions with this craft =)
  8. I'm pretty new to this game and have problems getting this craft working. When i try to open it in the VAB, it says I'm missing parts: LaunchEscapeSystem Size2LFB I've tried opening it in both science and Sandbox mode and still doesn't work. I've unlocked everything in the science tree aswell. Please help a noob get this awesome craft to work