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  1. Trying to talk to KRPC with ProtoBuf.jl in Julia, and was about to decode a GetStatus request, but when I tried to take on a GetServices request (which is much longer the the length that can be described with UInt8), I'm wasn't sure how to handle the VarInt encoding of the header. I also gave PyCall.jl to call the krpc interface, and it mostly works, but Streams seem to be a problem because of what seems to be how semantics of generators don't seem to automatically translate to Julia's generators (the values don't update). Would there be interest helping develop Julia RPC client as I am very new to Protocol buffers? There seems to be ProtoBuf.jl functionality that supports this (if you can implement your controller as a subtype of ProtoRpcController), and Julia has good support for metaprogramming that would seem useful for generating an interface, and I hope to use it to make a web interface like that of Telemachus.
  2. Was able to modify the Sub-Orbital Flight script to make a plot of the altitude with matplotlib, worked perfectly. How difficult would it be to make it work with Infernal Robotics? How hard would it be to implement a web client a la Telemachus? Taking a look at the communication protocol... btw, these python libraries are dependencies for compilation, might be worthy to note: yaml sphinx sphinxcontrib-spelling sphinx_rtd_theme pyenchant
  3. I also had to comment out following lines in Telemachus/src/DataLinkHandlers.cd in order to get it working, I'm guessing due to changes with the atmosphere in 1.0: [FONT=Monospace] [COLOR=#333333]registerAPI[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]([/COLOR][COLOR=#009695]new[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333] PlotableAPIEntry[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]([/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333] dataSources [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]=[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]>[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]{[/COLOR][COLOR=#009695]return[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333] FlightGlobals[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333].[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]Bodies[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][[/COLOR][COLOR=#009695]int[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333].[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]Parse[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]([/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]dataSources[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333].[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]args[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333][[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]0[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]])][/COLOR][COLOR=#333333].[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]maxAtmosphereAltitude[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333];[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]}[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333],[/COLOR] [COLOR=#f57d00]"[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]b[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00].[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]maxAtmosphere[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]"[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333],[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]"[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]Body[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]Max[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]Atmosphere[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00][[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]body[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]id[/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]][/COLOR][COLOR=#f57d00]"[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333],[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333] formatters[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333].[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]Default[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333],[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333] APIEntry[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333].[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]UnitType[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333].[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]DISTANCE[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]))[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333];[/COLOR][/FONT] For Linux, I also had to convert the post-build script commands to *nix equivalents. My script (which replaces the contents of <PostBuildEvent> in Telemachus/Telemachus.csproj) went a little like this: rm -r $ProjectDir"../publish/GameData" rm -r $ProjectDir"../ksp-telemachus-dev/GameData/Telemachus" mkdir -p $ProjectDir"../publish/GameData/Telemachus/Plugins/PluginData/" cp $TargetDir"Servers.dll" $ProjectDir"../publish/GameData/Telemachus/Plugins/" cp $TargetDir"Telemachus.dll" $ProjectDir"../publish/GameData/Telemachus/Plugins/" cp -r $ProjectDir"../Parts/" $ProjectDir"../publish/GameData/Telemachus/Parts/" cp -r $ProjectDir"../WebPages/WebPages/src/" $ProjectDir"../publish/GameData/Telemachus/Plugins/PluginData/Telemachus/" cp -r $ProjectDir"../Licences/" $ProjectDir"../publish/GameData/Telemachus/" cp $ProjectDir"../readme.md" $ProjectDir"../publish/GameData/Telemachus/" mkdir -p /home/ntm/Gaming/ksp/Telemachus/ksp-telemachus-dev/GameData/Telemachus/Plugins/PluginData/Telemachus/test/ cp -r $ProjectDir"../WebPages/WebPagesTest/src/" $ProjectDir"../ksp-telemachus-dev/GameData/Telemachus/Plugins/PluginData/Telemachus/test" cp -r $ProjectDir"../publish/GameData/" $ProjectDir"../ksp-telemachus-dev/GameData/"
  4. One mod to note is Telemachus (forum, github), which exposes much of KSP through WebSockets as well as traditional web APIs, I compiled it from source with no noticeable problems with 0.90 on 64-bit Linux (How to get it working), and plan to use it with Python or Julia as an externalized alternative to kOS. There are a number of existing interfaces including a python wrapper. The license prevents me from redistributing the binaries.
  5. Seems the Fuel Refinery creates resources that I have no use for. Would it be possible to use ModuleManager to generate KolonyConverters that detect other mods? Although new to modding, I'd be willing to contribute configurations for mods I use. From a preliminary glance at the ModuleManager Documentation, I noticed that MKSTEMPLATE ConfigurationNodes have no name (not sure what to think about the uniqueness implications), but you can get around this with selecting using HAS. Also encountered a bug on 0.4.1 where I created a corrupted craft file using these parts, I'll see if I can reproduce it.
  6. Really like the direction where this mod is going, especially the adding meaningful choices to the tech tree. Any thoughts on adding settings for Real Fuels? As of now, Procedural Parts has additional settings for Real Fuels that makes new liquid tanks that aren't integrated in the SETI tech tree (shapes are reserved for higher levels). Note: I use Kerbal ISP Difficulty Scaler alongside Real Fuels. Other mods I like to use in playing (these have no conflict with SETI) are Telemachus (not yet updated for 0.90) and kOS. Real Fuels sacrifices some simplicity for realism (and as far as I know is the only mod that allows thrust to scale with ISP), so I'm not sure if it's what you have in mind for the pack.