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  1. I appreciate the answers; thank you!
  2. If I understand you correctly then, I need to examine the mass of the part combos a little more closely. Volume for volume, if I put LH2/O in a tank it has less mass then the exact same tank but that has LF/O in it? I've never noticed this; however, if that's the case then I understand what you're saying. Greater volume of fuel required but potentially same (or less, or only slightly more) mass.
  3. General ask re: the mono-propellant engines from NF Spacecraft - what are their use cases generally? Other than variety - which is great and why I love these mods - do these singles and clusters that use mono-propellant have a particular niche that gets filled? Just looking for some more in-depth understanding as someone who's only recently gotten back into the game after a long hiatus. Cheers.
  4. Hey all, love @Nertea's mods and this is no exception. But looking at the text on the first page I have some questions. "They're more expensive and produce less thrust per unitweight. In addition, liquid hydrogen is less dense than liquid fuel, so for the same Delta-V, you will need more tank volume." These being the case, I am wondering about the actual use case VS efficiency of these engines. The cryo engines have higher isp than the regular LF/O engines but requires more tankage for the same Delta-V. But if I'm adding more tanks anyway, doesn't that negate their higher efficiency? As I understand it, the normal trade off for high isp is lower TWR. But these engines seem to have the generally lower TWR but also requires more fuel storage for the same Delta-V... Or I am missing something that is obvious to others. I would appreciate any insight!
  5. Ack, must have been something I mixed up then. I tried launching an unmanned probe but I thought it wasn't responsive until I activated my Communotron whip. Perhaps I was just being fumble-fingered and focus was in a window rather than the spacebar activating my staging. Regardless I took this to mean that the comms devices needed to be activated and extended in order to send/receive. Atmosphere plays hell with things sticking out at odd angles.
  6. toadicus - get little plugin, thanks! Just bought the game during Steam XMas sale and thought the game needed this dimention without too much difficulty as a novice player. Was wondering if you have plans for an early, lower range antenna that doesn't need descrete activation before launch? I see you've just linked a possible response to this issue (Remote Tech has such an antenna) but was hoping to keep mods to a minimum while I'm still learning the ropes. Sorry if this has been answered so far - there's so much to read/know and it's possible I missed it!