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  1. Do the auto-staging features in the ascent module not work for you? They are customizable.
  2. This is the correct answer. There are cupola parts from SSPX that have Visual Observation.
  3. Yes. I believe that the science animate was installed via CKAN as a suggestion (I don't think it is a dependency) when I installed the DMagic science mod itself.
  4. It was totally me. When I loaded up the save and ran the scenario again I realized I had forgotten that I had transmitted part of the experiment before. Both mods working exactly as they should; my memory still imperfect.
  5. So that script adds MechJeb to every command part (incl probe core) and sets all the Mechjeb unlocks to be available from the beginning of the game - without actually using the MechJeb part?
  6. Thank you very much for that bit of investigation. I'll take a closer look at things after work today and figure out the culprit.
  7. I don't think that is exactly accurate - PBC doesn't always give full reward, though it does give many experiments full transmit value. I'll have to dig a little deeper to find out exactly where the problem is I think.
  8. Probes Before Crew modifies science for many parts I believe. It's the only thing I've installed recently. Previous to PBC this mod was working fine with all mods that added parts.
  9. The thread title and the OP seems to indicate this is available for 1.8.x and is on CKAN. The latest version on CKAN says 1.7.3 - perhaps there is a .version update that was missed?
  10. I have been using it as is so far. I'll add some parts put in by mods tonight and see if there's a hiccup.
  11. I've been using this in 1.8.1 for a little while now. Seems to be fine; haven't run into any problems during rescues and each of the 'heaps' have had EVA available.
  12. Is there a way to make sure this patch get's applied last? I have a mod or 2 that does affect the science something gives. It appears in some cases that the full reward (on Goo for example) doesn't get applied but the materials bay does.
  13. Hi, I'm basically new to kOS and trying it out with some web tutorials and the great documentation online. Problem I'm having on my install though is that it doesn't seem to execute code properly - or at least, not in all cases. There are apparently patches so that the basic command parts have kOS computers in them, nice. I'm just using a basic ascent script to launch a bare-bones rocket and do a basic turn to a designated apoapsis. Originally everything seemed to run fine. I was modifying a boot script and simply reverting to try and run it. Problem came when I made some functions and m
  14. Yes. edit - or rather, this one has a link to a mod that does full transmit.
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