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  1. I think this is a good answer if you don't want to add a lot of parts. Pick and choose from the pack and only add parts to your game if you think they'll provide benefit.
  2. Do you have any insight yet on whether or not it can be dropped into existing saves?
  3. Yes, using 0.2.7 and only have the 3 OS shader files. I think, strangely enough, I've already figured out the problem. Seems like I need to post about a problem only to figure it out shortly thereafter and feel sheepish... More accidentally; because I was trying to figure out why it was inconsistent. Didn't always do it - especially when I looked hard, like bringing car to the mechanic. tl;dr is that it was a problem between Watefall and TUFX. Longer explanation is that in the map view/tracking station I was using the default TUFX HDR profile. If I looked at map view anytime after launching a rocket, when I switched back the cone appears. I switched out the HDR profile (only because I had read several posts aboput TUFX before installing and it seemed to suggest HDR either didn't work at all, or didn't work well). Once I used a different profile that didn't seem to utilize HDR I no longer saw that cone when switching back and forth. As to why that would have been the problem or trigger, I'm not certain.
  4. Before I do some more in-depth investigation, has anyone seen the effect see in this album? Waterfall cone effect It seems as though, in some cases, at some angles, you can see clearly defined edges of the effects that are being rendered for the engine emission. Visual mods I'm using scatterer, EVE, the Spectra configs, distant object enhance, engine lighting, TUFX, texture replacer, planetshine, and smokescreen. DX11. I removed Real Plume previous to noticing this because, despite it was supposed to have been patched to let Waterfall configured engines use Waterfall, I'm not sure it was. Could have been my install. Anyhow, like I said, I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this before I dig into what/why?
  5. Glad to hear about this. Currently I play with the settings at: sound muffling disabled, engines and effects turned up to ~130-140%. I want to hear them! Also, wonderful to hear about ambiance and music becoming a thing. As per previous discussion I had some initial trouble when I tried to add this mod + sound track editors. I ended up removing the sound track mods as this one was more important; but with you considering making a separate mod for that I'll be happy to help out with testing/suggestions.
  6. A few posts up I noted that I stopped seeing dots after toggling off Dithering in Scatterer. Curious if you also did the same but still saw the dot pattern?
  7. This appears to be a good idea/change. Are the 3 sort buttons able to toggle both ways? As in, click once for ascending, click again for descending? Question: Presumably the frequency sort is showing the designated colour of that frequency in the list, but what colour is shown/chosen for the celestial body list?
  8. This is a fantastic feature! Thanks again CKAN team! Well done!
  9. Umm, wow. If that's a Kerbal-sized catwalk in the lower right that is enormous!
  10. If you are hovering over the window, depending on your ClickThroughBlocker settings, the window will keep focus.
  11. Yeah, this. Sometimes it seems that ScienceAlert also gets confused and doesn't remember science that is done. I think the problem might go away if I change settings to only alert on <90%, instead of 'maxed'.
  12. edit = Wow, nvm. tl;dr - have more coffee before testing. Sorry.
  13. Dots pattern went away for me when I turned off Dithering within Scatterer. You can flip the setting back and forth and see the difference. Unless folks are seeing another set of dot-patterning, Dithering is quite possibly the key.
  14. It was a different dependency it seems. I looked through the recent changes @linuxgurugamer and you made a HintPath typo-fix the SpaceTuxLibrary reference in the PartWrapper. Even without CTB and CT installed I can get the game to load with this mod + SpaceTuxLibrary.
  15. Although not listed in the OP, I see the latest beta patch notes mention CTB and TC which are often Dependencies on LGG mods. @Horus @Ravien do you have Click Through Blocker and ToolbarController installed? Just a thought.
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