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  1. @Streetwind and @Nertea , thank you very much for looking into this matter and offering to work on it. @Jimbodiah thanks for that info. I will consider changing the monopropellant definition. It shouldn't change too much, as I would be designing craft with the assumption it flows like LFO anyway
  2. I'm building a multistage planetary lander/return craft that uses monoprop engines and tanks from this mod, but I found that my delta-V readouts from other mods are showing all the delta-V as being in the first stage. After researching I found that KSP has decided that monoprop should freely move around the vessel despite decouplers without crossfeed enabled, with no provisions of turning this "feature" off. However, it is noteworthy that several monoprop engines from RLA Recontinued mod specifically state in the part description that it "drains evenly per priority, respecting crossfeed" and yes, it works. This is how the game should be played! Anyone know if the Near Future Spacecraft engines can behave like the RLA ones? Or, anyone have advice on how I should proceed in the meantime? I decided on monoprop for roleplaying/realism reasons, btw.
  3. Since KSP autoupdated to 1.2, I'm getting this message when loading my save. What would cause this? Using v13.4, and I also tried the update by @PocketBrotector above, which did not help this problem. Anyone know of a solution? @Deimos Rast, do you think your update would solve this?
  4. Is the Arcjet engine based in any sort of reality?
  5. Installing this mod unfortunately takes away ability to use the MainSailor fairings textures. The relevant fairing wall parts remain, but the actual texture is impossible to use or select. Known issue?? (Also noticing that some textures, like default, are extremely transparent compared to the more "designer" textures)
  6. Should the documentation, OP, in game description be updated to reflect this? And should the regular, non interstage fairing base also decouple? Because mine does.
  7. New to this mod, still trying to figure it out. But it seems that with both normal and interstage fairing bases, it gives me a decoupler option (in addition to the fairing wall decoupling in staging). I am successfully able to decouple the fairing base from the above payload without a separate decoupler part. This is contrary to the ingame description and what I have read in the mod's documentation, FAQ, etc, that says I still need a decoupler to separate. Is it possible I'm doing something wrong that this happens? Or...?
  8. I'm still unclear, what is updated with it?
  9. Mk1-2 Pod IVA Replacement by ASET wants to be updated in CKAN, citing "Chaka Monkey Exploration System" as the mod version. Not sure what this is all about but I don't trust it until I see some documentation or more info.
  10. When I take a screen shot in game, individual RPM screen shots are also saved to my screenshots folder. How can I prevent this?
  11. I haven't seen this issue reported recently. Has anyone encountered this and know how to fix? Just installed this mod and the HERP Jumpseat doesn't show the Kerbal when he is mounted. The kerbal is also not visible in the HERP Glass Pod.
  12. 1. tank - pump lvl 0 2. tank - pump lvl 1 3. engine 4. -decoupler- 5. tank - pump lvl 0 6. tank - pump lvl 1 7. tank - pump lvl 2 8. engine I'm not sure if I've encountered a bug but I am having a problem with my rocket launching with this mod. I have tank stacks set to pump fuel out of the bottom tanks first, sequentially, to assist with stability. See the above schematic, top to bottom layout of the rocket. I'm actually getting fuel being pumped out of the #2 tank and into the #5 tank during the first ascent stage, even though it's through the decoupler (crossfeed disabled). Fuel should not be flowing past the decoupler, if I'm not mistaken, since crossfeed is disabled. What's up?
  13. I'd love a "Install mod anyway" for those supposedly out of date mods that I know will work.
  14. I wonder if we can get TweakScale compatibility added at some point?
  15. Having an issue with ScanSat offering me the contracts. I recently unlocked the Hi-res scanner in the tech tree so I'd like to scan Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus. But no matter how many contracts I decline the SCANsat contract won't come up to do this. I have the latest ScanSat version v16.0 and latest Contract Configurator v1.11.3. No obvious errors in the CC config screen. How should I resolve this?