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  1. this could be a variable made as part of the difficulty setting of a particular save, more and smaller objects are collideable when on higher difficulties to make roving more like real life plot and execute rather than doing donuts
  2. thats whats being shown off, a high visability/night vision shader effect
  3. will depend on how differnt/hard modding ksp 2 will be because if its easy to work in parrallel why not both
  4. Hi guys, sorry for the radio silence, this mod is rather unique in that as long as KK is updated this can work, its just models and configs for KK rather tahn anything that really breaks, I havent been working on this at all but I have been playing with the Idea of trying to do something with it. basically the issue is time to deploy. its not time efficient to fly out to every location I want a city, verify its suitability and place a city, I need to automate atleast some part of it. since ive been thinking of picking this thing back up ive been working on gathering some data. I exported some HUUGE resolution maps using sigma cartographer (10,000x5000 pixles) in colour, height and slope and then by combigning them produce a mask of suitable areas for cities to be placed. my plan is to produce a few scripts that can take in an image, that is this mask, randomly seed city locations over the "suitable areas" denoted in white. itll then need to look up on the height map the altitude value of that pixle or group of pixles and then calculate the latitude and logitude of each of the cities locations. and then the final feature Ill need is some script to compose all of this into a specific cities config file. going to be complex, although good news is Im a total data horder and still have the original unity project with all my cities work in them so if i need to modify origin locations or anything I can. anyways this is probably going to be really really really hards so if anyone has any ideas for how to do this Im all ears but this is my goal, now... lets get researchin
  5. Wow definitely seems better than it was last time I explored this. I now just need to make a batch solver for suitable locations based off map data, randomly seed cities over that area that is suitable (maybe even add biome specific terrain interface materials) and make a script to pull height from height map colours and finally compose all those components into a cfg lol, best get started!
  6. okay that doesnt sound too bad, i did wonder why different objects seemed to all have radial distance as zero but thats because the ground center is at the deffined height. each city is a singular object on its own rather than an assembly but there are some extra bits such as signposts and road linkages that may be groupable. Ive always worked ungrouped and placed singularly and on their own. is the group just like an empty game object that all others can be placed within and take their frame of reference? i had an investigate of your link, I saw something not really used in other statics, is ref latitude and reflongitude an absolute positioning seperate from the grouping and does it align with planet side coordinates? so for e.g. can i use a map service, read the long and lat from there and produce a table of them and then insert instances into the config file using absolute positioning instead of reletive? oh and as an asside how is altitude set with the reflong and reflat, does it default to sea level? do you use radial offset then to set it? its a significant part im going to attempt to read altitude reasonably from mapings and place the cities close enough to not be too egregious
  7. does anyone have any info on how the positions work in KK, like in the configs it displays but how does that relate to a specific locaion? how would it work for example if I wished to place assets or specific assets in a particular location on kerbin from a map without launchin the game (for e.g. using a script to automatically place objects) also how is height defined? does it place the konstruct at the surface altitude based off of its origin? or does it place at a fixed height and then require moving up or down to mesh with terrain. incase this seems to be leading somewhere im contemplating reviving my cities mod but to get it to where I want it I will need to be able to batch place objects all over kerbins surface based off of an external coorindates system like pulling lat and long from a map or image texture and then batch generating config files to place 20-50 exampls of a particular city over kerbin based off of terrain angle and altitude (to prevent underwater and placing on ground which would not mesh with the object) any ideas?
  8. las ttime i used this was going on for some 4 years ago id wager but i was wondering if the tick rate had upgraded or changed in the interviening time? it used to be like 5 hz, is it smoother now?
  9. epic info! cheers, was wanting a more accurate set of aerodynamics than my first time i modded a pelican into the game. but im having some interesting other issues. i have always used a config from another equivalent part to make sure im not missing anything before i start changing values but this time im having issues of the data not updating... like i think the object is updating cos changing the config moves the nodes around and changes the drag in flight and similar but my part in the game still comes up as "mk3 cockpit" rather than the names ive set. its also only working for the cockpit and my other parts are straight up not appearing at all.... man i forgot how finicky ksp modding can be and i was doing it BEFORE drag cubes xd
  10. im a little out of date on config file modding and i was wondering what the purpose of the "DRAG_CUBE" configuration is about? and how i can determine the values that need to put ion? they seem very specific
  11. Recently rediscovered an old install of mine (v1.0.4) that contained a number of my old mods I made, amongst them my old pelican mod. now in that all i did was mod one big block shape into the game and called it a day, it looked the part but didnt really fly the part. using the blender .mu importer i got my old files back that id have no hope of finding again. i could have just split the model up and re modded but i decided to re texture the thing, and to go for a stock-alike look at that. so here is my work so far, immediately prior to the part im sure im going to have difficulty relearning, all that unity shiz but either way here's how i'm planning to split it up and what it looks like so far ill try and post updates to it (and the eventual balancing) as i go to here https://imgur.com/gallery/3h2M36h
  12. basically yesterday i found my old development ksp install from the height of my mod making days... 1.0.4...... in it are all my favorites from before unity 5 ruined my day and made wheels too hard for me (back then) i have nearly all the mods i would install these days tbh, tweekscale, BDA, the good ole kerbal foundries but what id really like to do is try and load up my kerbal cities mod back in 1.0.4. im trying to just reimport the current gen model.mu's with original but modified configs to little avail (we talking over 12gb of ram usage over-here, doesn't crash but not spawned one yet) so what i was wanting to do was dig up an old version of unity 4 (unsure of the precise best version number for it) and most importantly the original unity 4 parttools so i can reexport back in unity 4. anyone have any ideas how i could gather this info? and files?
  13. whats the OLDEST version of this mod existing on the interwebz? ive recently found a version of my game with a bunch of my old mods with kerbal konstructs under the sub folder of medsouz, id like to see if i can persuade the old KK to import my new modes, and iod like to make sure i havbe a fucntioning version :-)
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