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    retrofuture [1.1.3/1.2]

    Its here! finally retrofuture space plane parts is for 1.1.3 and 1.2! this is not my mod originally (i am picking it up off NohArk with his blessing) I have fixed the majority of the most obvious bugs but there may still be some lurking around this is still a work in progress the process of updating so i am relying on reports from you fine fellows as to areas that need fixing/balanceing most areas that need focus are; node attchment boyancy heat aero with a side order of what new parts might be considered that might fit in with the new ksp (i was thinking something like a ballast tank and some parts for underwater bases now there is support for it) finally if there are any ideas you have for parts to be retrofuture themed please let me know! anyways hers the mod! images (as i cant seem to embed imgur albums atm)
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    Kerbal Cities Pack

    KERBAL CITIES PACK Finally quick and simple and INFINITY various cities are upon us, thanks to the blender city plugin "Scene City" which the Facebook community of ksp were kind enough to crowd fund the purchase of, this plugin allows me to model say 11 different building types of different sizes along with a set of roads, i click generate with some perameters and BOOM we have a city! BUT the bad news ("how can there be bad news with something this awesome" i hear you cry!) the process of turning this into a city is fairly long ( about a days work on and off with bug testing) so i cant have THAT many city variants in the game so im aiming for about 20 of varying sizes to be getting on with, possibly adding more later. what this mod contains right now? not very much, it is basically my test city, integrated with KSC, to allow people to gauge the performance hit, see what it looks like and how it works and to get an awesom city to play around in some info My codevelopers! I'm happy to be co-developing this mod primarily with Fast_de_la_speed, the developer of the Fastcorp line or mods and a little on the side from Jatwaa, better known as Billy Winn Jr and announced by the ksp FB page for having the best laugh in the business! you should follow him closely on youtube for any big releases as he will be the first to know! this mod utilises Kerbal Konstructs, but is incompatible with kerbinside (for the simple fact that at this momnent it spawns in the same place) you can move it around using the Ctrl+K key menu if you so desire features: both implemented and planned basic proceduraly generated city with a variety of buildings and road networks network of interconnected cites spread over the entirety of kerbin at approx 20km intervals (minimal rendering hit) destructible KK (this may get released sparately) the ability to have the collision of a vehicle with a building cause it to alter the transforms of the static, despawn it and spawn a damage model with lots of FX similar to the ksp stock method ( i have no idea where to start so if anyone wants t help out do gimme a ping) FAQ why is the city where it is? in my opinion a race that would build its VAB less than 100 meters from the launch pad isnt gonna sweat about building a major city just the other side of it, kerbals hate commute times, but you are more than welcome to up-sticks and move them where ever you like as detailed above! it is mostly there because as im testing it i don't want to drive miles and miles! what is the performance hit? ksp is a very poorly optimised game in reality, and despite the low poly count of my buildings they still take up alot of processor so the hit is quite heavy but i have no idea how heavy as ive only ever played it on my pc and i need a wide spectum to put a spec together (more on that later) what YOU can do! Bugs we arnt many are we so you guys are our major bug finders! find something that doesn't look right let us know! is there a step in the ajoining roads? is there a texture out of place? is the city inexplicably floating 2km above the ground? let us know where it occured and we will get on to it Performance! this is possible a first, a mod with recommended specs! what we are after is a wide number of people with specs varying from the ludicrus to the potato to let us know how it runs and on what settings, so we can put together a min on max quality a min on med and a min on low settings and so people know what to expect Ideas if you have any ideas for features, improvements or how to complete my ambitious goals please do give a comment models if you have any ideas for ksp buildings, houses ect please let me know, or better yet give them a model, and i will see what i can do with them, more variety is allwasy better (buildings are 10, 20, and 40 meter square tiles) placers and finally if you have a passion for placing cities and roads over the entirety of kerbin give us a shout! its a tiresom and ardous job to be doing when we could be creating more and better cities contributers these are the amazing few who have donated and supported this mod so far through the gofundme campaign linked as the donation link on the space dock page: Nathan Johnson-- £10 Billy Winn--£20 Anon--£70 you are amazing and FINALLY the mod link! Get Kerbal Cities Pack Here! p.s. i will get an image album and some decent vids up here as soon as ive got a decent internet connection!
  3. amankd

    Space X drone barge

    ever wondered how hard it REALLY is to land on a barge? now you can! this barge is added using kerbal konstructs and can be plased anywhere using the ctrl K menu
  4. been having fun trying out new road systems, trying to produce a simple and rapid methodology to produce smooth flowing roads between cities accross kerbin, needs some work on the smooth but the flowing i think ive got on point!
  5. amankd

    ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN road trip anyone?

    the roads are made via splines and are unique to each terrain, kinda guess work based on altitude and terrain, the end pieces are made custom too based off taking photoes of the positions and heights and angles needed, the cities are proceeduralm in their generation initially but are placed by me flying to the location
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    Kerbal Cities Pack
  7. amankd

    Kerbal Cities Pack

    id appreciate thouse crash folders, it is most likly ram related as the entire city model must be stored in the ram, are you running x64? how about installed system ram? i have 24 gb and havent had a crash in months haha the main issue i can see however is that ksp planets arent standard unity terrain (which is flat) but it would be cool to see if it works
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    [1.6.2] Luna multiplayer (LMP) - Beta

    hey there, looking at getting back into ksp with this mod and bda, used tom play with dmp and the weapon synking mod buyt the glitchy flight and unreliable hitboxing made it kinda pointless so i played with ai, does weapon fire and damage cross network reliably now?
  9. Thanks for the update! I'll put togethrr some image icons for you, I look forward to anything you can assist
  10. im looking to play ksp oiver my steamlink to downstairs and to do so i will need steam controller compatability, when i got the game some 3 or 4 years ago i didnt have steam and so never used it but i now use it lots, i read on the steam formums that ksp has native steam controler support for the steam version, is this in the non steam version? if not is there any way i can get the plugin that allows it? thanks
  11. so after a loooooooong time i decied to repick up my cities mod and with some help from the community finally get the ball rolling, so far i have about 15% of the cities spawned and its really awesome as i keep bumping into them as im flying over kerbin to add more cities, but i have a couple of questions, 1) regarding the map view, is there a way to add a dedicated icon for a city and even maybe a dedicated icon based on the city size ect , 2) also re the map is it possible to add information so that if the item is moused over it can bring up a load of data and information like population, name, quote, mayor ecteventually i hope this might be included in your list of musthave mods for kerbal konstructs but a man can dream lol, after this batch of cities is placed i begine the really hard work, the placement of the highways and roads between the towns and cities for a truly connected kerbin !
  12. amankd

    Kerbal Cities Pack

    so far its working with the full kerbinside mod, havent tried it with ksp++ would have to mod the road direction i assume
  13. amankd

    Kerbal Cities Pack

    just released a new one with 8 more cities to play with, as a precursour to starting to populate
  14. amankd

    steam contoller for non steam owners

    its a fancy game pad with total key control and gyrosopic input and (for ksp) automatic transition from binding modes as you trasnition around the game from editor to flight and map ect, a game pad would be even more bother than its worth especially for playing over the steamlink, it does mostly work with any game, ive been playing bf1 and titanfall with it but im after thant native support since i dont want to spend several days expeirnenting and configureing it when squad has already done so
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    Kerbal Cities Pack

    ergg i came on here to get my steam controler working now look what yall got me doing, 10 more cities coming right up
  16. amankd

    steam contoller for non steam owners

    I did not, I just didn't use steam before i got the game (ksp was basically my fiorst pc game, i just went off the site) i think i missed the cut off by about 2 months lol, tbh i may just buy it on steam anyway but just wanting to get the steam controler working
  17. amankd

    Kerbal Cities Pack

    unfortunatly i kinda fell out of ksp for a while and i was never able to properly do the roads and the dev who i was working with wasnt able to spare the time, i do inten=d to pick it up and models wise i have every size city from a 100x100 up to a 1.5kmx1.5km city scape ready to impliment and place i just lack the time to place them and to link them up adequatly, i do hope that if i get back into ksp i will be able to give this mod the justice it deserves and maybe be able to find some people to aid in its development by populating the planet with the various cities as a precursour to connecting them via roads as planned who knows yea just an incy wincy little bug where i forgot to deleate the model from the spawner
  18. Im currently working with my university that has 10 HTC Vives for development work at the immersive media observatory, it is designed for alternate approaches to teaching using vr, there is already an educational KSP but how about a VR tsp, I can see what changes need to be made to the ui beyond just gead trakcing, it would need the unity VRTK integrated and the menus re-working for motion control compatibility then it would need the ability to walk (and teleport) around the VAB/ SPH with a height scroll in the vab but other than that a very tiltbrushesque interface with a left hand scroll wheel selector to browse menus and a right hand pointer to select parts with mebe a left to right to browse categories and up down to search in subdirectories then a point select with the right hand via the trigger which spawns the part on the end of your hand, the ability to freely rotate it is important too before then snapping, needs the ability to select offset and rotate tools for which you should be able to reach in and grab the dials to adjust, after that all that is left is to make sure general flight is not nausea-inducing, other than that the ability to check staging maybe on one hand and stage its part with a button press, in IVA its pretty much there already, its simple mouse movement but maybe a bit of depth movement by freeing up the camera movement a bit/possible integration with the free iva if that is working reliably, I'm pretty sure I can test and make all this work and my uni will support it as it is regarding enhanced teaching but I have no idea where to start with ripping into the ksp UI and/or whether it needs a total rebuild or whether a simple overlay would do, also gotta look at making sure you can get full 3d which is proabbly the easiest bit tbh. I'm looking for any help and support that could get this project on the road and/or someone with some ksp plugin experience since i have none bar part modding, thanks for any help you can lend and I look forward to this ever becoming a reality!
  19. In editor in the sphere it would be easy just walk on a planar floor at the height you can reach the full volume of the sphere, in the van it would need a scroll system to move up and down the van, in flight the only tricky part would be binding control keys, maybe the ability to use a controller as a joystick with the trigger pressed? Or maybe use of the trackpad as a d pad, can use the grip buttons to throttle up and down and maybe a menus on one hand for action groups and other in flight functions Thing is I can see pretty much all of how it would work in game but can't see where to start to implement it lol
  20. ever used tilt brush? full 3d painting software, you might look away from the craft but you can then move around it (either by walking or teleporting, the vab is already a manifold shape so there are no exta models so you just get to walk around and through you model to build it, none of this heavy mouse work to be able to see a specific bit to attach you just more around it easy like, for external flight is the only place it is less useful but you would still be able to move around the craft inflight even albeit somewhat dissembodied
  21. hey guys this is my first forrey into plugin development having been a part modder for many years but im wanting to look at pushing VRTK and the vive compatablity into ksp, anyone have any ideas o where to start to start rebuilding the UI for vr, a good start would be the ability to walk and teleport around the SPH
  22. amankd

    KSP in VR

    ive just got a job as VR assistant at my uni's vr lab and it got me thinking about ksp vr, especially for full area building in the vab and 3d in space stuff lol, ill report back
  23. amankd

    Ares Martian Rover

    The martian can now be replicated (a bit) with the rover! though slightly faster than the original it has the same range (half batt default is 35km wth a full batt it is 70km) currently working on ntergrating an exit hatch and adding an IVA p.s. this is without the pivot activated
  24. Kduffers multi wheels on KERBALSTUFF kduffers multiwheels is a mod designed to fill the market of high speed, durable wheels designed to make the drive to work less arduous and in partnership with FASTCORP roads and bridges we intend to make leaving kerbin in order to have fun a thing of the past! the pack currently contains: the "Crafted Automatic Rotary Transporter Wheel (AKA the C.A.R.T wheel) the hog wheel, an extract from my halo mod, this is a high speed, low traction springy wheel for drifting your way to history, or the side of a building! the race wheel, bridgestone has teamed up with the kerbal R&D to bring you the fastest wheel around the Hotrod wheels "cos eaven rocket scientists like to pimp their ride" jebediah (warning: adjust brake torque dependant on craft) there are three types, the fat: high speed front or rear wheel, the medium: lotsa power but no stearing (rear wheel) and the thin: for getting you round corners the truck wheels, comparatively slow but great traction and lotsa power cos we all know you secretly want to race trucks gif of the truck and many more to come (please post any specifics you would like me to add and i will try)
  25. funilly enough i just managed to solve it, fter 4 different configs to no avail a fresh ksp install proved to be the answer