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  1. Some of the mods i had installed had textures from ksp (like adapters and addons for the MK2 and MK3 parts) I see, thanks. Thanks you, i will check out paint.net
  2. There are also free tutorials you can download from their "archive" section, you just need to be signed in (account is free). https://cgcookie.com/archive/
  3. Hey there, I've recently started modding and i want to use the default textures with minimal editing, is there a way i can export them to .png and .jpeg so i can edit them to fit my models? Thanks DC
  4. True but you need to take more things into account when modeling assets for games, you can achieve some pretty nice looking results even with low poly models.
  5. Check part 1 and part 2 for modeling and texturing, he has a few inefficient habits in the modeling department but overall it isn't so bad.
  6. Post some pics of it. You probably have too little fuel in the first place. You need a good balance of LF+O, LF, TWR and lift to make an SSTO.
  7. @Snark already have planetshine that came with the astronomer V2 pack and it does indeed look awesome. @Thomassino, thanks i will take a look. @Red Iron Crown thanks, downloading them now.Also can you delete the other thread i made in the tutorial section? (the one i made before this one), thanks.
  8. Hey, Can everyone recommend me some good visual mods? So far i have downloaded the astronomer V2 mod but i am not sure if it will work with KSP because it is for a much older version (I am guessing it is still somewhat compatible but there is another process to install it?) Thanks DC PS, how hard would it be to make my own visual mod?. There is a thread on blenderartist.org of someone making earth in the cycles render engine and it looks fantastic so far, how hard would it be to make something that looks the same in KSP? Here is the thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?
  9. Thanks for all the responses, everyone.I'm still going though the posts, math is not my strong point so i am still googling on how to do some of the calculations posted. @Alshains I'll try it out, thanks for the link.
  10. Hey all, Playing with Remote tech a bit and i'm having a hard time figuring out how to evenly space my satellites so here are a few questions. 1.If my orbit altitude is 300km, is my orbit circumference 1884.96km ? 2.Does KER (Kerbal Engineer Redux) calculate direct distance to the selected target? 3.How can i find the direct distance my satellites need to be from eachother at 300km using KER? ( basically putting a square in a circle and then measuring the distance ?)(i've found the distance to be 424.26km , is this correct?) 4.if i have 2 objects in the same orbit (lets say 300km) and i increa
  11. As far as i know,they are safe to deploy at 500m/s and slow you down fast enough so you can deploy the main chute at 250m/s Ever seen in real parachutes that small chute that comes out first?,that's a drogue chute.
  12. It's possible to have parachutes to land a space plane but you will need to align them with your fuel tanks so it doesn't matter if they are full,empty or partially full.If you have cargo,you will either need to design it so it can either use parachutes with or without cargo,possibly having another action group for different payloads. You can probably test it with a normal jet before using it on an SSTO.
  13. It's a bug,close and open ksp and it should work fine. BTW the OPT parts are unbalanced (too powerful) so you should have an easy time making an SSTO with them.
  14. It's a bug that sometimes shows up (same as the purple staging bug). Just delete the mechjeb folder and copy the files from the downloaded file to KSP again and it should work fine.It usually happens if you install mods after installing mechjeb.
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