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  1. Basically, add a Rover Depot somewhere near Kerbin that can launch rovers?
  2. Wow, I think that at the very least space fighters should rotate to fire on people (since a space AI would be difficult to make).
  3. So now cracked.com is using this. http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_1626_23-insane-things-science-gets-closer-to-creating-every-day_p2/
  4. Can you add more space missiles please? There is exactly one option if I want to have a missile battle in space.
  5. I think most things work in space somewhat well anyways (guns and lasers), but more focus on space battles could be helpful (for example, having units on guard mode in orbit automatically face an attacker).
  6. Bahamuto, will radar systems work in space in a similar way to how they work in atmosphere?
  7. swdennis, I really want to see a space battle, space battles would be pretty unique.
  8. In case you havent noticed yet, KSP is part of today's Daily Sale on Steam.
  9. This is another interesting thing that needs addressing: It should be possible to rotate a command module's direction for purposes of controlling where the front of the navball is. This would avoid having to add in extra probe cores and/or docking ports for a craft that moves in multiple directions (such as a VTOL lander), but more importantly helps avoid having to stick a probe core on the front of a lander to drive it effectively (seriously, even the Rovemate's navball points straight upwards when the best way to drive a rover is with a sideways-pointing navball to show the direction the rover is going in).
  10. Right now, all the rover wheels are packed into the end of the tech tree, meaning no rovers early on. However, we obviously still have gas-powered cars (like the Crawler and those various vehicles that drive around the construction buildings), so would it be possible to make a wheel that consumes a small amount of fuel to run early on? It would help with rovering early on, and later on it could still be useable in the same way that a fuel cell can be used instead of an RTG.
  11. Finally, we might see the first space battle performed using BD Armory guard mode!
  12. How is Unity 5 so critical? It does reduce lag, sure, but what else does it provide?
  13. Meh, I still like longer battles where armor actually matters. Whatever, everyone can configure it their own way.
  14. One major thing about KSP is that the modding community is very active, to the point where sometimes the devs themselves call on a mod maker to help develop the next version or just integrate the mod into stock. My question: does Squad still need to develop game updates, or could the game succeed without further development, relying on mods to continue adding new content?
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