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  1. I just checked: 1.4 continues to work with KSP 1.11.0 without changes.
  2. New Release v1.3 v1.4* Added functionality to toggle auto-hide with right click on altimeter. Added option to config.xml to start with auto-hide disabled on flight scene load. * 1.4 is functionally the same as 1.3 and only exists because I suck at release management
  3. VAB and SPH now share the same queue (called VAB):
  4. Not yet, because I always have Mechjebs altitude info open. But I could add something. Maybe right-clicking to stick/unstick it?
  5. Thanks @flart! I didn't know about Speed Unit Annex. I've added it to the post.
  6. Did you try the refresh button? There have been several releases since 1.2.1 and all of them are in the CKAN repo.
  7. Thank you for this amazing mod, @linuxgurugamer! A small thing: It is missing its Click Through Blocker dependency in CKAN.
  8. If you're already using RO and its dependencies, then there is not much left. The biggest ones would be RP-1 for career, Principia for n-body physics and ROKerbalism for... a lot of things.
  9. New Release v1.2 Fixed errors in version file
  10. New Release v1.1 Supported KSP versions: 1.8.0 - 1.10.x Added version file for CKAN
  11. About: A small mod that hides the altimeter during flight to save screen estate. Move your mouse to the top edge (where the altimeter usually is) to access the recover/abort/gear/etc buttons. You can temporarily disable the auto-hide function by right-clicking on the altimeter. Right-click again to reenable it. I recommend using mods like Kerbal Engineer Redux, MechJeb or Speed Unit Annex to display the altitude information in a more space-efficient manner. If you need even more space: QuickHide does a similar thing for the stock toolbar and the staging list. Works also well with Draggable Altimeter. Downloads: GitHub - SpaceDock - CKAN Links: Source - Issues Licence: MIT
  12. That sounds... painful. Most people try to get out of the sounding rocket era as fast as possible. What year are you in and how many sounding rockets have you launched?
  13. I'm the person who did the PR. I prefer the modifier key solution, because it seems less cluttered to me. But as lgg said on the PR this leads to the problem of how to inform the user about how to use it. I confess that I don't have a satisfying solution to this. Some possibilities, non of which seem ideal to me: tooltips a textbox in the upgrades window a screen message after clicking the button normally several times Here is a screenshot of my version (from left to right: no key, holding shift, holding ctrl, holding alt)
  14. Ideally all of them. But the most important pages are bold in the sidebar.
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