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  1. Blueberries are one of the collectable surface features on Duna, added by the Breaking Ground DLC.
  2. Yes, in fact: I set the parachutes to open at high altitude, which gave Byldo (who inexplicably had a stock parachute this time... guess it was just a glitch that Venlana was missing hers before) plenty of time to collect the science before letting go of the capsule. Not that there was much science to save: Vyzov 1 had no instruments (the sample-return missions already got a lot of the same data) and EVA and crew reports are 100% transmittable, so all that was left in the capsule at that point was a surface sample and some blueberries. While Vyzov 1 was good for PR, it had hardly any scie
  3. Last update for a while--call it the end of chapter 1. I'll be back when I'm back, hopefully with chapter 2, although Kerbalism is being increasingly difficult so I might start another log instead. We will see. @RocketMan-Explorer I'm pleased to say I knew the original without clicking the link. (Unsurprisingly, given one of the HSP's ships was named after another song by the same duo.) Dzhedasyn lifts off from the surface of Duna in the Vyzov 1 lander. Moho and MN-1: interplanetary probes. Terpeniye 3 and 4: station ops. Vyzov 1: r
  4. That is bizarre. Set up exactly as you have it, I saw the same behavior. I was able to get it to drain symetrically by connecting the fuel lines from the tanks above the Twin-Boars rather than from the Twin-Boars themselves. That causes the top tanks to drain first, then the Twin-Boars, then the middle tank. In that setup, the top tanks default to flow priority 20 and the Twin-Boars are priority 10. By increasing the priority of the Twin-Boars to match that of the top tanks (20), I was able to get them all to drain at once, and symetrically (i. e. the way I would have expected the yo
  5. This update is a little delayed because I've been messing around in sandbox and also started working on a casual "just playing the damn game" mostly-stock career--which turned out to be for the best, since I got a lot of debugging done that now won't have a chance to foul things up in the Kerbalist Union save. Also got to try out 1.7.1 in VR, which was in no way productive but still extremely cool. May take a break after I get back from Duna; got a lot of other stuff I'd like to be working on (kerbal and otherwise) although I'm also very much looking forward to getting the kerbo-Buran going. W
  6. So we're getting into that boring period of the mid-game between the first Mun and Minmus landings and going interplanetary where there's not much happening besides space station missions and contractsats. There's been more than 20 launches since the last update of which only about half a dozen were at all interesting; all the rest were routine contractsats, station resupplies, etc. Fortunately, though, MechJeb makes the routine stuff go by pretty fast, and in the meantime I'm making good progress on developing both the Duna mission and the kerbo-Buran (see this post for a preview); the latter
  7. Made my first Buran: Well, mostly. The orbiter is a non-landable boilerplate; I was only really interested in getting it balanced during the ascent. Unfortunately, due to limitations in the career I'm developing it for, I couldn't use Vectors, so it has eight Mainsails instead and has to steer and maintain balance by throttling the engines in the core. And it costs something like 300,000 funds per flight of which only 40 some thousand are recovered--the downside of putting the engines on the expendable booster rather than recovering them with the orbiter. On the other hand it makes o
  8. Boring stuff: TL;DR: Added some cosmetic and QOL mods, flight logs and spreadsheet added to OP. The Sterzhen second stage ignites on Mun mission Morzh 3. Dyuna, Yeva, and Zhabry: interplanetary probes. Terpeniye 2: longer-term spaceflight. Morzh 3 Kerbal 62: a unexpected completely normal and planned "first." Morzh 3 and 4: exploring the Mun and Minmus.
  9. So far we're making progress at much better pace than HSP was at the same point, due partly to MechJeb, partly to the early stuff being pretty routine (even with Kerbalism), and partly to me having more free time on my hands. I'm already thinking about the mission architecture for a kermanned Duna landing--which will be the first real challenge provided by Kerbalism, since sanity and radiation only start to be an issue on multi-year missions. Right now the USKR is about where the USSR was in the mid-70s (with the obvious exception that my Mun rocket actually worked); Russia hasn't really devel
  10. @RocketMan-Explorer Very nice! At some point I'll get a flight log up in the OP which will help you with the one thing you can't work out from my posts: the order of the flights, which is often different to how I post them since I tend to group them in spoilers by program, not chronologically. (Not sure if I'll cover all the unkermanned missions though or just the kermanned ones, as in HSP). @Kerballing (Got Dunked On) Calling HSP "one of the classic threads" a little optimistic, I think, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! It was... quite an experience. @SBKerman Thanks! I did consider
  11. Thanks for the welcome back, everybody! I'm glad to be back, it's nice to have had a long break and really be able to get excited about KSP again. I'm already looking forward to getting through the repetitive early game and on to kermanned Mun/Minmus missions and interplanetary probes (both of which should be starting in the next update), and I have a lot of ideas about how things are going to look beyond that, too. @RobFalcon Kerbalism is a very cool mod and quite polished, even more so now than when I last played with it around 1.5 or so. I highly recommend it once stock challeng
  12. "Kerman will not always stay on Kerbin; the pursuit of light and space will lead him to penetrate the bounds of the atmosphere, timidly at first, but in the end to conquer the whole of kerbolar space." --Konstanty Kerman, Beyond the Planet Kerbin С С К Р Space Program of the Kerbalist Union Current objective: Duna! Completed objectives: Mun & Minmus Flight log (kermanned missions): Flight log (unkermanned missions): See also this spreadsheet by @RocketMan-Explorer. Boring stuff: TL;DR: Sov
  13. Kerbalism. Very cool mod--not a huge difference for probes, but it makes kermanned exploration beyond Minmus a much more daunting (and therefore interesting) prospect.
  14. There are always possibilities. Depression has a way of making them seem unattainable, but there are always people somewhere who can help you find them-- whether professionals, friends, family, or just people on the internet who share a common interest and are always ready to listen to your problems and sympathize.
  15. Sent up yet another station with lessons learned from the first two... it turned out the gravity ring was the main source of the second one's problems--it eats up lots of nitrogen and electricity and it drags the average rad shielding level down for the whole station--so I ditched it in favor of lots of batteries, extra food storage, bigger oxygen cylinders, and lots and lots of radiation shielding. It can hold enough food and air to keep its three-kerman crew alive for a full year without resupply. Sure enough, the crew came back from their year-long mission only about 10% r
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