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  1. Kerbalism. Very cool mod--not a huge difference for probes, but it makes kermanned exploration beyond Minmus a much more daunting (and therefore interesting) prospect.
  2. There are always possibilities. Depression has a way of making them seem unattainable, but there are always people somewhere who can help you find them-- whether professionals, friends, family, or just people on the internet who share a common interest and are always ready to listen to your problems and sympathize.
  3. Sent up yet another station with lessons learned from the first two... it turned out the gravity ring was the main source of the second one's problems--it eats up lots of nitrogen and electricity and it drags the average rad shielding level down for the whole station--so I ditched it in favor of lots of batteries, extra food storage, bigger oxygen cylinders, and lots and lots of radiation shielding. It can hold enough food and air to keep its three-kerman crew alive for a full year without resupply. Sure enough, the crew came back from their year-long mission only about 10% radioactive. (And 43% insane after a year in cramped quarters with no gravity ring, but the experiment was about radiation, not sanity.) Thanks! The most obviously visible ones are Tantares (+ now in Colors!) for the crew modules and reentry vehicle, Stockalike Station Parts for the gravity ring, Near Future Solar for the solar panels, RLA for the crew shuttle and cargo ship engines, KW for a couple of fuel tanks, Kerbalism itself for the supply containers, and a certain amount of TweakScale abuse to get everything to fit together.
  4. Since my first little Kerbalist space station worked out so well, I sent up a bigger one to experiment with longer stays in orbit. Turns out keeping 3 kermen alive and sane for a year is quite a bit harder than 2 for 100 days. First the station didn't have enough nitrogen to inflate the gravity ring, then it turned out not to have enough batteries to get through the night (requiring all the resupply ships to be fitted with huge battery banks), then it ran low on oxygen, nitrogen, food, and monoprop, each time requiring a new supply ship, and finally the reaction wheels failed on the reentry vehicle and it had to make do with four little thrusters that were only supposed to be there for fine-tuning the trajectory. It ended up taking 6 resupply ships to keep the station running for a full year, but in the end the crew came back alive, well, and 92% sane. And 33% radioactive. Clearly I still have R&D to do.
  5. I wonder if it would be possible to have a "simplified connection physics" mode where all connections are treated as perfectly rigid, as if the whole ship was welded. It might remove a little of the challenge--you could build any old ridiculous contraption and have it be perfectly solid--but on machines that have trouble with part counts it'd absolutely be worth it. If my experience with welded torus stations is anything to go on, such a mode would make a huge difference in playability.
  6. That's pretty much my thinking as well, although I am a little concerned that Soviet part packs like Tantares tend to be more on the "plastic model" side than the "lego brick" side, and I don't want to just end up with Vostok, Soyuz, and Salyut clones. Same, although I haven't actually been between playthroughs for a year and a half now. Whatever I do next, if anything, I don't anticipate actually starting for a little while yet. In fact I may even do a whole other career save first, just for a break and to try out some mods, before I start another mission log. I might post a "highlights reel" of such a career but I wouldn't be keeping a full log like HSP. I have to admit I'm thinking about it. Pros: would be extremely cool. Cons: would be a massive pain in the rear end to keep the two separate saves coordinated, and I suspect once the novelty wore off it might get very tiresome very fast. I do like the idea though; maybe I'll give it a shot but only commit to going as far as the Mun. We will see. This is pretty much a given; ever since my old 1.0.2 save I've generally just saved launch vehicles as sub-assemblies rather than building new ones for every flight. In fact, in my 1.4.3 setup I've actually implemented a couple ideas to give standardized rockets an actual gameplay justification: first, in addition to Kerbalism I'm using Oh, Scrap! which makes new, untested parts much less reliable, and second, I've got a custom Module Manager patch which (among many other things) increases the fund cost of developing new engines a hundredfold. Both of those things, combined with Monthly Budgets hopefully keeping funding relevant, should make development of a new launch vehicle non-trivial even in the late game. @Moss Thanks! And I haven't forgotten your request for a PDF of the whole thread. As I said, it'd be a bit of a project and I'm not up to it at the moment--still just enjoying being done!--but I am planning to do it eventually.
  7. @Nivee~That was totally on purpose and absolutely not just a random Beatles song that I thought had a pretty name. @DunaRocketeer @SiriusRocketry Wow, thanks! I'm really glad a few people enjoyed HSP at least as much as I did. Honestly, I'd just about talked myself out of doing another career log, but you guys are in danger of talking me back into it. I had the distinct impression that there wasn't all that much interest in HSP, especially towards the end when things started to get pretty repetitive, but maybe I was wrong. I'm not so much bothered whether five people are following the thread or five thousand, if somebody out there besides me is enjoying it then it's worth the effort. @The Minmus Derp Sorry to disappoint, but Kerbol Origins isn't one I'm looking at right now. There are lots of spectacular planet packs out there--Kerbol Origins, Galileo, New Horizons, Alternis Kerbol if that's still around, Before/After Kerbin, stock-size RSS, the list goes on--and I'd love to explore all of them some day, but for the moment I'm really only considering the three I've mentioned above: Snarkiverse, Gameslinx's Overhaul, and Outer Planets. However, if I ever do a third career log--and that's a very big "if," given I'm not even committed to the second one yet--Kerbol Origins will definitely be on the list of options. I've learned a lot of lessons from HSP, the most valuable being never commit to a big project under stock limitations! I'm kind of glad I did it once but you won't catch me doing it again. Stock limitations drive me absolutely up the wall--particular emphasis on lack of fuel hoses and large landing legs, although the full list is quite extensive. With retrospect, of course, I should've just done the stock-footprints-everywhere thing quick and dirty by myself and then started a modded career log, which is what I really wanted to do in the first place--but I figured I'd zip through HSP in a couple weeks, maybe a month or two, and then move on. I was so sure that I didn't even bother to give it a proper name or flag or anything! Lesson learned, I guess. So while I'm still not promising anything, here's what I'm tentatively thinking for the next save: 2.5 scale, [Snarkiverse or GPO] + OPM, Kerbalism, KCT, Monthly Budgets, KR&D, all the same utilities as HSP, probably a fair amount of TweakScale abuse, and every part mod ever made. (That last one, maybe not quite literally.) Also thinking of going for more of a kerbo-Soviet style this time, just for something different. I've been testing out this setup in 1.4.3 sandbox and right now it's looking very promising, not to mention that 1.4.3 runs much, much smoother than 1.2.2 ever did. What do you think?
  8. Built a little space station in sandbox to try out Kerbalism; it keeps 2 kerbals alive and 78% sane for a 100-day mission. Hoping to improve on the sanity figure, I added a centrifuge module. 100 days into their mission and the current crew is still 94% sane. Definitely an improvement.
  9. Daring 10 orbiter Don't Let Me Down during a flyby of Laythe, on its way out of the Jool system. Daring 10: return from Jool. *** Well, here we are. HSP is finally over. I set out to land and return everywhere in the stock system with stock parts, and now I've done it. I ended up compromising to varying degrees on practically all the conditions I originally laid out, but on the other hand I also ended up doing the whole project without ISRU and mostly without refueling, which I'm kind of pleased with even if it wasn't really on purpose. HSP was just supposed to be a fun, quick-and-dirty little project, not a year-and-a-half odyssey, but these things happen. It's been an interesting experience. I've learned an enormous amount about KSP and I have no doubt I'm a much better imaginary rocket scientist for it. But now I'm done, and it's time for a break. I don't know what I'm going to do next. I have a lot of interesting ideas, but I'm not quite sure yet what I want to do with them. We will see.
  10. Try to fly more of a real gravity turn: go strait up till you're going about 100 meters per second, tilt about 10 degrees downrange, and then just set SAS to prograde () and the rocket will practically fly itself the rest of the way up. Keep an eye on the throttle--adjust it to keep the G-meter somewhere between 1 and 2 Gs--stop the engine when you hit your intended apoapsis, coast, and burn to circularize the same way you always do. An added benefit to this is that, because the rocket spends most of the flight at zero angle of attack, it's much less likely to flip even if it's not all that aerodynamically stable. Just make sure you have enough control authority--tail fins, gimballing engines, or reaction wheels--and you should be OK as long as your rocket is reasonably rocket-shaped.
  11. He also did one of out and back in just over an hour of game time (although it required something like 6,000 parts), so 20 minutes one-way, without any requirement to brake at the end, should be possible. And since we don't have to bring a kerbal along, it might even be possible with a civilized part count.
  12. I've never had trouble with SAS on a station, at least not in the age of autostruts. I generally keep mine oriented / and then set SAS on my arriving ship the opposite way, that way they automatically stay aligned. Even with a docking port alignment mod that makes life a lot easier. And I'm pretty sure SAS automatically goes into attitude hold mode when two ships dock; I've never seen a ship try to reorient itself after docking that I can recall. As far as spontaneous kraken-induced disassembly goes, don't know if it's due to my habit of autostrut abuse or tendency to build relatively compact stations, but I've yet to have that happen, SAS or no.
  13. @The Minmus Derp As I've said, OPM is one of the possibilities. I'm also considering Snarkiverse (or Snarkiverse + OPM, probably with Plock moved back to its original orbit) and Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul. All this is assuming I decide to do another mission report thread at all, which is not a sure thing. I'm also giving some thought to doing whatever I end up doing in 2.5 scale. For one thing it'll be an extra challenge, having to figure out all the delta-v requirements for going everywhere from scratch. For another, it would give rockets and shuttles a more useful late-game role, whereas in stock it really makes the most gameplay sense to use SSTOs for all but the heaviest payloads.
  14. No worries, it's my own fault for picking an androgynous name.
  15. She. And it is in fact against the rules; while I personally don't mind, that doesn't mean it doesn't bother anybody else, and they're perfectly free to report such posts. PS. Next update soon, today or tomorrow probably, this week for sure.