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  1. This thread is now obsolete and will be locked. The mod however lives on together with the Spacedock mod that goes with it. You can keep up to date in this thread:
  2. I assume you use RoverDude's Alcubierre mod? If so, it will hase something to do with how his mod works. Did you activate the drive and subspace bubble before you used hyperedit? Roverdude's Alcubierre mod has 2 drive settings. which one had you set it to?
  3. Hi! Yep, still around. And yes even back to work. Halftime though, can't yet handle more. But it is literally right around the corner, so byebye traffic jams! I've been trying to get into managing this mod again, with Visual Studio this time... Can't even get it to compile properly. Before this I used Netbeans with C# plugins, worked nicely. But its changed hands, it is no longer Oracle's but now managed by Apache. A lot of its plugins are gone, including C#... When I have the time/energy I'm going to try MonoDevelop as IDE. And with all that, I still haven't gotten to actually updat
  4. Haven't had he time to thoroughly test it, but so far it all seems to work in 1.6.1
  5. the original 3D modelling was done by @RoverDude and is based on the design of JTL on a ship with FTL drive in turn based on Dr. Alcubierre's  theory on circumventing Einstein's theory of the unattainable light speed. coincidentally also what Roddenberry imagined for Star Trek.
  6. just that: to collect it. I don't really have further use for it right now. But if you have ideas: plz post, and i'll see what i can do.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z86xpcypzfyryfe/ksp---ixs-warpship---resource-flow_29716218655_o.png?dl=0
  8. Just to check: do you have Community Techtree mod installed?
  9. Glad you bring it up... the IXS needs more love n care. Ever since KSP calculates collisions differently its been having issues. I know my way around a C# IDE and ModuleManager scripts, but graphics aren't quite my thing. I can make mechanical based 3D objects (in OpenSCAD), but completing them with animation for KSP is puzzling me. And making textures.... O.o i tried, i'm just not artistic enough. And overall: i'd like to hear practical tips on what to update. After what's happened, i'm realizing its not just a good idea to admit what i can't or can do. It's become a necessity. So
  10. Recompiled against KSP 1.6.0 libraries; no errors returned. I haven't been able to testrun it myself. SO don't shoot if it doesn't work. Just send me a PM
  11. despite textures and mod dependencies, the DLL isn't updated to KSP releases. the drones' rcs doesn't work, their clamping doesn't work, fuel tank configs are off and their surface definitions are off.... so sad because this is one hell of a cool mod
  12. Well: in Dec. 2017 i had a gastric bypass because no amount of exercise and diet made me loose enough weight. Because of this volume per meal needs to go down but nr of meals a day goes from 3 to 6. One day in april i got distracted in my workshop (i make rc Submarines and am preparing my first cosplay ) and that made my sugarlevel go too low. by the time i noticed it was too late. I did manage to get to the pantry, but before i could open something to eat i lost consciousness. I was found 3h later shaking and foaming. When i woke up, i was on the couch in the livingroom with an ambulance medi
  13. Given all that happened, i'm quite well. And i really really appreciate it when anyone expresses concern. It is wonderful to feel needed. As things are going, i'll be working again by February. Even tho it'll be part-time for a start. Right before i had the accident i did the admission test for a position around the corner here. For a job i've been doing more then 10 years. When they heard what happened to me they actually announced they'd wait for me.I'm feeling so so so lucky.
  14. I gave installing Visual Studio a try, and ompiled against KSP 1.5.1 libraries. You can pick it up here: lemme know how and if it works on your install: https://spacedock.info/mod/589/IXS-Warpship-OS
  15. Restored WildBlueIndustries folder in Gamedata; but removed the MM_Skills patch and now kOS works even with WBI mods installed =D YAY! Thanks to all of you @Angel-125 @Steven Mading and @Madmax ,you saved my sanity
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