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  1. oops; i think you caught a typo of mine! i'll see to making a new release that fixes that asap. ps: the correct resource is LqdDeuterium; LqDeuterium is the typo.
  2. Hi @TronX33! Actually, the first ring is the warp drive, the second one is the support ring which contains the means to generate eXotic Matter used in the warpdrive. installing 2 warpdrives on the same ship will result in premature fatal disassembly
  3. @Stevie_D we better make sure the mods don't clash then Also: maybe we can make the pods work for both the 3.75m hull and the 5m hull? That way both mods benefit?
  4. I've seen the future And its not fair :'( That is WAAAAY cooler then what i could ever do with the IXS mod. Maybe i should be helping you out with that instead of you me...?
  5. Hey @bjornadri Thx! much appreciated. For the pods: i'm hoping/waiting for someone to help me out with texturing and assembling objects, motion and texture into a 3D model that KSP can use. I tried to learn how to do that, but that part just isn't compatible with me. Currently, i got these things on my 'to create' list: - Pods - Subspace transceiver system (gonna be a separate mod) needing 1 Object/Part: 'Subspace Radio Buoy'. - MM patches for Interstellar Warpdrive standalone (if i can get that mod to work on my setup) and Kerbalism.
  6. @Aelfhe1m thx for continuing this mod man! very much appreciated!
  7. That's very kind of you. Personally i feel like i'm stumbling around half blind still. if anyone has more feeling with graphics and wants to help out with the mod; i'll all ears
  8. i won't keep you guys waiting. As far as i can tell right now, the drive works. But the Develocitizer, which should be included in the Warpdrive part is not showing. I don't know why that is, maybe minds greater then mine can detect where it goes wrong. So: version can be downloaded here or on Spacedock. it should pop up in CKAN a but after that. Grtz! Denko
  9. Hi! I get sort of the same logentries (WarpDrive/WarpDrive/WarpDrive/WarpDrive) But for me the game simply crashes while loading. KP Logfile: Unity Player log: This happens regardless of any other mods installed or not. Both on Linux and MacOS I'd love to make a MM patch that swaps USI's Alcubierre drive with your WarpDrive. But it's kind of hard to test this way.
  10. Working on it. But there's a couple of things that are giving me a hard time. So bear with me a bit longer.
  11. quick recompile against KSP 1.3 libraries: it has some graphical issues, but it seems functional soz, woks, but it doesn't save the config.
  12. Hi @smotheredrun, If you are sure you are using the latest version of Warpship, then i'm just as baffled by this as you are. If the engine controls are there then the develocitizer should also be there. it's not impossible another mod could have overwritten the menuentry, but it's unlikely. Apart from the Interstellar mod i know no other mods that conflict with the Warpship mod. Could you do the following: - Load your game - go to a warpship in space / launch (or cheat) one into space - rightclick the warpengine ring - exit the game - upload KSP.log and Player.log (use or similar and link here) Hopefully there is some clue in there that can put me on the right track to solve this.
  13. as far as i can tell the ranger is balanced fine as it is. and yes: TCA is a must for any multivector thrusted vessel. it certainly makes the Lander perform as it should.
  14. @Angel-125 the cool mods just keep on coming with you don't they! Thx!