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  1. Montosoy9

    Windows 64 bit community workaround

    What kind of Unity do you need to download?
  2. Montosoy9

    Official 1.0 MEGA Hype Thread!

    We have reached a hype level of 350!
  3. Montosoy9

    Official 1.0 MEGA Hype Thread!

    The Dutch have it good today, being Koningsdag and all. I'm home with a cold, so I get to drink soup and play KSP all day!
  4. Montosoy9

    Official 1.0 MEGA Hype Thread!

    *internal screaming*
  5. Montosoy9

    Lowest Mun Orbit

    I did something like this, but on Minmus. And with an RCS-powered craft launched off a ramp.
  6. Montosoy9

    Kerbal Bowl-o-rama!

    Second try. I had to put a rover next to the bowling pins to set as a target because I kept either falling short of the pins or flying off into the mountains. The Terrorist II (Now with VTOL!) Mass: 4.7 t Height: 1.3 m Width: 1.8 m Height: 4.0 m I miraculously got a 97! Woot woot. Additionally, I think we should get extra points for not using mods such as MJ. I had KerbPaint installed at the time, but didn't use it.
  7. Montosoy9

    ROKEA Industries Boxed Craft

    AJNARAN has been released!
  8. Montosoy9

    ROKEA Industries Boxed Craft

    Thanks! I hope to add many different small rockets soon. ROKEA Boxed Craft's slogan is "Variety in similarity."
  9. Montosoy9

    Kerbal Bowl-o-rama!

    Okay, thanks! I'm in the process of a second attempt right now, so I'll use that.
  10. Montosoy9

    Kerbal Bowl-o-rama!

    I tried this, with a bit of a.. unconventional approach. The Terrorist Mass: 12.8 t Height: 4.6 m Width: 2.8 m Length: 2.8 m Also, how do I embed an album? I got a 43, which I say is pretty good for an inexperienced pilot such as I. I'll try again later.
  11. One of my first posts here, so forgive me if I've done anything wrong. ***KERBPAINT REQUIRED*** Inspired by Yukon's Plane and Rocket Utilities, I decided to take up making small rockets. Subassemblies and .craft files are both included. Without further ado, here is... ROKEA INDUSTRIES BOXED CRAFT ROKEA ANANZAM© Small Rocket Kit New! The ROKEA ANANZAM© will get you up to speeds of 100 m/s, and soar as high as 1600 metres! Great for children! Ages 8 and up. Allow 4-6 weeks to ship. DOWNLOAD LINK: ANANZAM (The full rocket, for the lazy.) Cockpit (place sub-assemblies below it) Sub-assemblies: Cockpit Engine Hull (for mounting engines you put on) Science Kit Liquid Fuel Engine Ion Engine ROKEA AJNARAN© Small Rocket Kit New! ROKEA's AJNARAN rocket is the most advanced rocket yet!* Goes at breakneck speeds, and flies up to 9000 metres! That's over 9000! Compatible with ANANZAM! Buy now! Children 10 and up. Allow 4-8 weeks to ship. DOWNLOAD LINK: AJNARAN Cockpit Sub-assemblies: Stage 1 Engine Stage 2 Thrusters
  12. Montosoy9

    Neat's Explosive Aerospace Trades Ltd.

    I guess I could say... it's neat.
  13. Montosoy9

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    Doesn't work, here's a screen of the context menu. Also have some more mods installed, here's a list. BDArmory BoatParts BurnTogether Chatterer DDSLoader Modular Kolonization System (and dependencies) KAS Kethane Parameciumkid's jump drive TextureReplacer. I think it might be either BoatParts or one of the outdated mods. I'll try that.
  14. Montosoy9

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    I have the Green Skull suits pack installed, now how do I take off the EVA helmets? Also, obligatory first post.