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  1. Thanks sebi.zzr, I'll try that!
  2. Hello, I'm playing KSP with the realism overhaul mods installed, and the thing is that I was wondering if there is any mod that allows you to control a probe witch has no more antenna conection than a crewed vessel witch has no conection with the earth. For example control a rover on the martian surface from a martian base witch has no connection to the earth. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hola, me he presentado en el apartado en ingles pero he visto que tambien existe este apartado en castellano y he decidido presentarme aqui tambien, me encanta Kerbal Space Program, hace ya tiempo que juego, pero hasta hoy no me habia decidido a empezar a ser miembro activo del foro. como he dicho en la otra entrada soy Catalan y Scout, me gusta mucho el espacio y estudio realización en Barcelona. Y poco mas jeje:kiss:. PD: Alguien sabe como ponerse foto de perfil??
  4. Thank you, Dman979, I'll do but I think that in my country the scouts are very diferent from yours, if i'm not wrong. Anyways, it's good to know about scouts from other countries!
  5. Hi, I'm not new in Kerbal, but i'm new in the forum. I've been playing since .22 version, and I'm very proud and happy about the 1.0 release, I love that game and the space also I'm a Scout, and I'm studying audiovisual production. I've decided to post a New Thread to say Hello, present myself and ask for other catalan and spanish players.:D
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