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  1. Hello, I have a game that I've been playing on for the past couple weeks. Recently I wanted to install KAS so I can have those added features. After downloading, putting the data in the game data folder, and opening ksp, KAS isn't in the game. To verify that it wasn't my save file, I created a new game and KAS was still gone. Any help? I've been playing KSP for a long time and haven't encountered anything like this before. Also, on KSP- AVC, it recognizes that KAS is a mod, but the game won't.
  2. The gui does not work if I did what you said above. the "mono ./ckan.exe gui". A new icon called "mono" on the doc popped up, but nothing else happened. Terminal was also acting goofy as well during that time. Once I force quit that new "mono" icon, terminal went back to normal. This is everything that the .app does when you start it: Last login: Sun Apr 23 13:06:27 on ttys000 Collins-MacBook-Air:~ collincutler$ mono $(mdfind ckan.exe) gui CKAN Client MIT License - CKAN Team gui Start the CKAN GUI search Search for mods upgrade Upgrade an installed mod update Update list of available mods available List available mods install Install a KSP mod remove Remove an installed mod scan Scan for manually installed KSP mods list List installed modules show Show information about a mod clean Clean away downloaded files from the cache repair Attempt various automatic repairs repo Manage CKAN repositories ksp Manage KSP installs compat Manage KSP version compatibility compare Compare version strings version Show the version of the CKAN client being used. You are using CKAN version v1.22.1-0-g174271a (beta) Collins-MacBook-Air:~ collincutler$ Nothing else would of happened unless I click on the terminal icon on the dock. Then that popped up the window that had this inside it.
  3. Yes. Thats what I thought the .app was suppose to do. But nothing happened so when I clicked Terminal to see what was happening (the .app then runs terminal so we don't have to do the handy work) and nothing else happened. So I thought, "hey, maybe I have to type in gui, search, or whatever it's prompting me to do. I've spent a long time trying to get CKAN to work with mac. Everytime I've ran into trouble. What should I do now then? From what @steve_v said, and from looking at the top of my terminal window, the gui window should pop up. Is that correct?
  4. Hello. I'm getting the exact same problem. Terminal won't want to open the gui or something of the other. Where should the .exe file be located at if it doesn't need to be in the download folder? Here is what I got for myself. It seems it can't find the bash file? Even though it already is executing the ckan.exe compare Compare version strings version Show the version of the CKAN client being used. You are using CKAN version v1.22.1-0-g174271a (beta) Collins-MacBook-Air:~ collincutler$ search -bash: search: command not found Collins-MacBook-Air:~ collincutler$ compare -bash: compare: command not found Collins-MacBook-Air:~ collincutler$ gui -bash: gui: command not found Collins-MacBook-Air:~ collincutler$
  5. Hello, When using the interface of the updated tac life support in the VAB, when it says years is that keratin years or 365 earth years? thanks!
  6. HELLO! I am making a space shuttle. I pretty cool one in my opinion. I've spent a week working out on the stability. But for some reason it just wants to tick me off and flip out chaotically I've used the center of life and center of mass to make it stable. It is stable in normal flight, but when I come in from reentry, it loosed control. I am going to post a craft file so you guys can test if you want. Any advice with space shuttles and reentry will greatly help me. Also, the mods that I have that are with the ship is TAC life, and mech jeb, for the information. Stubborn Shuttle That will not cooperate craft file. Thanks a lot you guys!!
  7. Haha. That seems like a daunting for me. I'm planning on a decently large station. So does around 250,000 funds suffice?
  8. Well what I am looking for is an initial amount of money that the mission/contract should start out with from scratch. I would want all of the people to start out with all of the stock (or moded) parts with no money. That is why I'm looking for an initial amount of money. Secondly, I am looking at a way to give points based on what the station can do, how big it is, where it is located, etc. Thanks for all of the thought!
  9. Hello! I am looking for a challenge of making a space station. I want to make my own so to say contract, but I don't know how many funds I should limit myself to, or what mods to include to this mission to make is more difficult and interesting. Could you guys help me? All advice is appreciated! Collin
  10. Hello, I'm making my own contract for my own challenge. I am just stuck with how many funds should be an appropriate amount to build and launch a space station. Thanks.
  11. Hello!! I need some help, if you want to put in your thoughts into this, for making a contract for putting up a space station. Here are the things that I need to figure out: What planet should the station orbit? What is the minimum requirements to make an official station How many funds do I have available If I have mods, what should I install and how to include them to the station Maybe if we clear all of this up, we can all do the challenge and compete of who can make the best station with the requirements. Thanks for everyone that will (hopefully) respond. I'll watch and respond to all of the responses.
  12. I would agree with you, but my teacher was intrigued when I told him that I was interested with involving KSP. I'm a junior in high school by the way. The project for the class was that we have to come up with an example project for a class to do. Make some sort of explanation paper explaining the day that it is due, the requirements needed to get graded etc. I wanted to use KSP because of the physics aspect and I just love KSP. My teacher is very understanding and versatile.
  13. I'm liking that concept. I would have to figure out what is an appropriate amount of money and what the contract should be. Thanks @Torgo Anyone want to help me make the contract?
  14. Hello fellow Kerbals, For my engineering class project, I have to make my own problem- solution project. Me, an avid kerbal lover, I want to incorporate KSP in any way. I have to propose a problem, give a possible solution for the problem, and execute the project I made. It would be a cool way to integrate KSP into school. I can download mods too if the problem requires it. I just would like your guy's thoughts and ideas for a problem that I could solve. All advice is appreciated! Send me a personal message if you want to have a conversation about your project idea. Thanks a lot!
  15. @smjjames Yes, that is my mod list. I thought that it would be one of the mods or something, but form what I'm reading it is a bug in the vanilla game or something. I hope this gets fixed. @Padishar Thanks for the sites and your comments. It helped me a ton. I'm also using a 2013 mid MacBook Air. The processor is 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5. Memory 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. Graphics Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB