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  1. I mean, possibly you could. It'd just take a really, really long time and there's no guarantee that anything that was supposed to work still works after 1k+ years.
  2. Imagine sudden gusts of wind knocking your rockets over.
  3. I now wonder if relativistic mechanics could come into play lol
  4. I look forward to seeing what comes out of this. I hope that mods will still be an option for the game.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there was a version of this mod compatible with 1.4.5 and Real Fuels. I am starting to play with RSS/Diet RO and need an arsenal of rocket parts to aid me in my misadventures.
  6. Hello again fellow Kerbonauts, it is I, Astrofox. It's been a long time since I've really done anything with KSP, and it seems like it's been an even longer time since I've browsed the forums. I've just been really busy since I've been focusing more on my life in college. Anyway, it's great to be back.
  7. Supposedly there was an internal change that broke some things, but IDK if that's entirely true. I know that Kerbal Konstructs is also broken from the update.
  8. I am wondering as to how I would be able to implement new textures for fairings. More specifically, how would I do that with Module Manager?
  9. Wasn't planning to put up a link to it, but good to know nonetheless. I should probably look for those old mods now that you mention that they may exist.
  10. The oldest version of KSP I have in my downloads is 0.22. I don't know if will work though.
  11. I once worked on a moon that was 5km in radius. I don't know how small you can get beyond that though. I'd try 3km to see if it works with that small a radius.
  12. Planetshine for ships in space. However, I don't know any mods that will actively give reflections of celestial bodies in water, or something like that. Planetshine only works on parts (and hence vessels)
  13. In light of the recent release of KSP v1.4, the decisions for texture swapping, and the recent uproar about old parts, I wish to present my idea on what we may be able to do with textures in future KSP updates (or mods, or whatever). KSP v1.4 brought us personal parachutes, texture swaps, and part updates. The last two points are critical to the forum activity over the past few days. It has come to light that old part models and textures will inevitably be phased out in the next update or two, and so many players have raised concerns over the parts. Quite frankly, I think the new parts and textures should be welcomed. We've probably had a similar event when there was a transition between the plane parts a while back (v0.24?). I can understand the uproar about the phasing of parts, but sometimes it can get out of hand. Perhaps, one could create a part pack that incorporates all the old parts (and textures) so that anyone could use them (although the recent EULA update may affect that). Anyway, I want to focus more on the possibility of texture addition and design for parts in KSP. I propose that players are able to create their own color schemes in game (based off of the main few templates). However, I do understand that mods for this may already be in development. As I recall, there used to be a mod for KSP that allowed for the player to customize parts by simply changing their color (Kerbpaint, I think). That mod, however, has since gone "extinct," for lack of a better term. Perhaps that would be a bit difficult to implement into the game, but I'd find it interesting to see the results. Anyway, that was my proposal. TL;DR: people are disappointed by the removal of old parts, and I propose an in-game texture creator. Also, I'm wondering how I'd even be able to see what the other texture options look like for the parts, or even how I'd add textures for the tanks currently. That's probably a question for Add-On Development. EDIT: the Fairing textures need a bit of improvement, although it's a neat start.
  14. To be completely honest, I wouldn't be surprised if someone released a mod that just added the old parts back into the game. Just sayin'.
  15. Way back in 2013, (maybe around April, actually) I was trying to look up information about the Soviet N1 rocket and related stuff. Anyway, I stumbled across a trailer for Kerbal Space Program v0.19. I immediately went to my parents and asked. Got it around my birthday.
  16. I landed on the VAB with a paragliding kerbal from sixteen kilometers away. That was pretty fun.
  17. It's been a while since I've visited, but I'm very excited about this update! As it turns out, you can go pretty far with those Kerbal paragliders...
  18. So, I should mention that one of the plywood fins should be smaller than the other. That's why there are two. However, not so sure about all the parts being in the first tech tree node.
  19. Swiggity Swooty I still have bad tag lines. Time to go back to Kerbal Space Program.