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  1. Yesterday i launched a SpaceSpation for Solar Orbiot(contract) with 2 Pilots onboard. When i came back to LKO i noticed missing parachutes...so i decided to build a rocket that can dock and bring the kerbals safe home. But now i have an insane bug...as soon as docking is finished, my whole Vessel dissapears, losing height and falling into the planet...i cant click anything then, also ESC dont work to revert to launchpad or space center. (Only ALT-F4 works then) Seems to be a Kraken...i play with some mods...Procedural Parts, MRS Lite, KER, SVE and Planetshine. When im home today, i try to reproduce this and make a Video to show it here.
  2. I will user another host in the future...im sorry for that
  3. The Problem with missing MK3 Command Pod is, that it wasnt unlocked at that time. Ok youre right, the Rocket uses modded part, i dont know if it would be possible without them...thats right. But in fact i used that Rocket to get 12 Kerbals(6 Mission Contracts) at one time to the moon, with orbit, to Minmus with Orbit and back to Kerbin...and yeahhh your right, that rocket has the worst control...but its far away from being an uncontrollable. It has no Batterie since 30 Part Limit. When i build that Rocket, i hadnt enough money for the VAB upgrade, so i needed to find a solution and cause im lazy i didnt want to fly multiple rockets for these contracts. So for me it was an really early craft cause missing VAB updgrade. And of Course, Gathering Science is in Career much more Easy...i did a minmus run and got science from 5 Biomes...in one Mission nearly 3k Science...i know its possible to get more Last but not least, the side-attached parachutes will never burn, except you do a bad reentry...but reentry with this thing, is much easier than wit a Mk3 Command Pod and Service Module& Heatshield, since that 30tons Monster dont flip while reentry. I`ve never seen me as a Veteran...more a expierenced Beginner EDIT: Notice, the middle Engine is also a Skipper, so its fully controllable from the Start. The maybe worst thing is the Rotation...thats right, buy hey there was no other solution...using MK1 Pod instead the Core wasnt possible since i think weight were too much and dV was sinking...i tried many options, but this was the most efficient way to get 14 Kerbals there and back again. EDIT2: There was a Pilot onboard....i had 12 Tourist and 1 Pilot and 1 Engineer with me cause they needed XP
  4. Need an early Career Tourist Rocket with maximun 30 Parts ? I have made a Rocket wich can carry up to 14 Kerbals to Mun-Orbit AND Minmus-Orbit AND back to Kerbin.
  5. The question now is, why dont u scale Science, Money etc... down ? Your post reads like:" im playing on very easy and its not difficult enough" Try Science Rewards 10%, and im sure it gets hard enough There are enough options to make the game really difficult.
  6. Hello, i think atm there is problem with carrer mode in Kopernikus, which RSS/Kerbol6.4 uses. If u reach nearly 70.000m the game freezes. But your questions are interesting, cause i use RSS at the moment(just sandbox, no crashes) I also use the ModularRocketSystem, Procedural Parts and Cryogenic Engines. In the MRS Mod, are some structural Elements for the bottom of your rocket, so you can use Adapters like this: 3.75m converts to 5x1.25 Engines and so on. sry my english isnt the best greetz
  7. For me everyone of these mods are working...of course i need to switch to OpenGL mode. But since i switched to OpenGL i never had any OOM-Erros. Actually i have about 20 mods installed, module patcher says something about 800+ modules loaded.