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  1. I've been checking this forum regularly since you released the Scout back in February, looking to see if/when more US rockets might appear. Seeing the Proton here this morning is a great surprise (I know you've alluded to it in the past). Your Block-D/Zond mockup looks especially delicious. I can honestly say I'm more excited about this than I am over 1.0. Congratulations for all you have accomplished; thanks in advance for sharing with the rest of us. Work at your own pace and have fun with it. If/when you feel ready to release stuff, we'll be here. cs
  2. Sorry to see this; a step backward in my opinion. Will those of us who enjoy it in its current state be able to keep it in future incarnations? Sometimes a star is just a star. Thanks in any case; Tantares is wonderful and it's fun watching it grow/develop in this thread. Peace, cs
  3. A small step = a giant leap. Keep up the good work; looking forward to future updates. cs
  4. Get fixed, get recovered, get strong, and come back when you can and want to. What you have accomplished so far with your SLS program looks grand; I'm sure many here will enjoy your work when you are in a position to share. Until then we can exercise patience and wish you well (in all senses). Peace, cs
  5. The detail on this model is very impressive. I now have a stand-alone KSP install dedicated exclusively to 'raidernick' content. Congratulations on your achievement(s), and thanks for sharing. Hi-Ho, cs
  6. Thanks very much for the prerelease package. Successful test of Scout X-4 with Pioneer 5. Looking forward (patiently) to future developments. Hi-Ho, cs
  7. Thanks in advance. As you can see, we're all excited to add your new models to our universe(s). cs
  8. Hey DennyTX, Thanks for your reply. I (think I) got it figured; found out that all I had to do was include a payload (of the proper height - more-or-less), and then the payload provided an attachment point for the ZOND launch escape system. I'm pretty much a novice with all of this, but I'm having a good time discovering many things. I still have some tweaking to do regarding the staging, but I'm getting there. Thanks again for the terrific models. cs edit: Obviously, for the Proton-ZOND I cobbled together, I am simply using a 'dummy' payload. Earlier in this thread you posted images of an actual model of the ZOND that you were working on - but never finished/released? I suppose making that model available would be the ultimate solution to the issue I encountered. Your call, of course.
  9. Thanks raidernick, for your speedy and helpful reply. I didn't mean to transgress the rules or conventions for posting in the appropriate thread. I actually downloaded the Salyut Stations & Soyuz pack before I even knew about the OLDD (and/or Bobcat) Proton(s). I figured if I wanted to get one of the stations into orbit I would need something to lift it up there. Then I decided to try and build the OLDD Proton, and ran into the issue outlined above. Thanks again for helping me to get it sorted. Looking forward to the Proton you are conjuring. cs
  10. I hope you don't mind entertaining a question from a new guy/ksp novice. I posted something similar in a thread more directly related to OLDD's models, but I'm not sure that thread is still active. Here's the thing: I'm trying to assemble OLDD's Proton. I have a working Proton-M, but I'm unable (so far) to finish assembling the ZOND. The issue has to do with adding the ZOND escape tower - there is no means (attachment points) by which to fix it to the ZOND payload shroud. So far my payload bay is empty. Is this the issue? Do I need to load a payload in order for the escape tower to find an attachment point? What I really want to do is launch one of these (Salyut, Soyuz, etc.) models using OLDD's Proton. Although I haven't gotten that far yet, here's another question: How do I get the station into the payload bay? Is it simply a matter of assembling those parts above the launch vehicle before adding the shroud? So far, I have not added any payload(s) to any launch vehicle(s). In any case, many thanks to those of you making these models and generously sharing. I'm having a good time (and, it turns out, blowing up a bunch of stuff in the process). Peace, cs
  11. Greetings from Planet 10. I'm a new guy and here's a new guy question: How do I get an avatar to show up in these forums? When I log in and check my settings, I'm allowed to click on the 'edit my avatar' button, but the only option there is 'Do Not Use an Avatar.' What am I missing? Thanks, and Peace. cs
  12. Not sure if this thread is still alive, but I'm unsure where else is proper for posting. I'm trying to assemble OLDD's Proton; I have a working Proton-M (Briz-M), but I'm having a small bit of difficulty with the ZOND. Specifically, I don't see that there is any means (attachment points?) with which to fix the ZOND launch escape system to the ZOND payload shroud - or that there is anything that needs to go in between the two. Anybody? And, if DennyTX happens to see this, thanks a million for making wonderful models and generously sharing. In my opinion, your stuff is some of the best.