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  1. Hi all! I've finally built that base! The space program was so busy with multiple launch windows (I had 3 in less than 20 days: Eeloo, Jool and Duna!), countless lucrative contracts and other shenanigans, that I did not have the time to warp much during the Kerbin -> Moho transfer... And then, the landing site was plunged in the dark upon arrival so, Kerbals had to wait in orbit during almost 30 days until it goes back into daylight. The base has more than 300 parts. The fps was terrible, I had to speed up the videos to around 3:1 - 4:1, so that a second lasts a real second. Next time, I'll assemble a more compact thing in LKO and haul it whole to target. Regardless, the contract system gave me insane amounts of money to finance that. Extract ore, plant a flag, build a teeny-weeny base with a solar panel, 4 seats, an antenna and a docking port, take measurements here and there... It all summed to almost 4.5 million funds and I've only used a fraction of that... Now to the video! Happy launches, Snaky_le_Vrai
  2. SnakyLeVrai

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    So today I was planning to do something awesome and then, this :
  3. SnakyLeVrai

    Standard Lift Subassemblies

    Here is an update with the cost/t, including wit recovery between brackets (and a new name : the Peach Pie series, replacing the Minus one ). There are some values I did not record... You can guess it's not often I launch the Pea Pusher, nor do I fire a Pièce Montée frequently... Makes me think I should maybe reengineer the Peach Pie serie to lower the cost... Standard assemblies are great, when I deploy the communications networks I have all the satellites already built, I only need to cluster them up on a good ol' chemical propulsion deep space tug and there I go. It's less expensive to build, although it requires a bigger rocket to launch - the cost/t is still very low and I take full benefit of high TWR in space, which make burns a hell of a lot less annoying. I use std assembly for base building as well, I have standard supports with 4 legs and docking ports, they are stackable in a rocket's fairing and all. Also, std assemblies come in handy for test benches, like this one I've got to test the resistance of landing legs. When I obtain the landing speed through RCSBuildAid (parachutes), I calculate how I should adjust the test bench's height to drop the payload, so it lands on the launchpad at the same speed and check for any damage... That's handy when you have to drop a large base on Duna with tenuous air to brake in... Specially if you have sensitive stuff on the belly of the payload. It's a good way to check if your landing legs extend long enough so nothing gets kerbaled to smithereens, due to compressibility of the legs on impact. Engineering tools!
  4. SnakyLeVrai

    Standard Lift Subassemblies

    Yeah I use the bigger one too. The difference between the 2 is usually small enough that it's not over-expensive. I have reusable launchers as well, around 70-80% of the launcher's price is recovered as far as I am concerned (I lose the fuel and the fairing).
  5. SnakyLeVrai

    Standard Lift Subassemblies

    Thanks @XLjedi The VAB is a good building tool. As much as I appreciate the SPH for particular payloads, like vehicles or other things that have a horizontal plane as reference, the VAB does a great job for "cylindrical" shaped designs. I find rockets pretty efficient for catapulting stuff to orbit quickly (under 4 minutes I'm good and done) and easily. Building space planes takes too long for me, I find them impractical, mostly due to the fact that the cargo bays are very, very narrow and the time to orbit is like forever. It sucks because I like the concept. Some of my medium class launchers don't appear on this illustration. Alongside the Creamy Goodness series, I have the Moka series & Chestnut Cake series, which have the same cargo capacities but come in 3.75m parts. They are so much more expensive that I don't use them, even if they are, too, recoverable. See, with an average 75% recovery value, when you still lose 25% of the launcher's cost, it might as well be 25% of a cheap rocket than 25% of a very expensive one... That's why I made the Creamy Goodness I, II & IIIR-S3 version, for "size 3", with a 3.75m adapter with adequate fairing. I can lift bigger payloads for a fraction of the cost of an immense launcher. And it's recoverable.
  6. SnakyLeVrai

    Standard Lift Subassemblies

    I have standardized all my launchers in subassemblies too, I tend to like the classical look of it so, no weird looking launchers with unaerodynamic payload for me... They are all equipped with chutes and / or spare fuel for recuperation (I use Stage Recovery), even the 2nd stages in the rare situations I use them - most of my launchers have one main core with boosters all around. I can lower the launch costs dramatically this way: I usually recover 75 to 80% of the launcher's cost. TWR is around 1.4 at takeoff, including payload of course. I keep lowering the thrust until Max Q is passed, so TWR stays around 1.4, and then I let it go up naturally as fuel is burned. I put thrust to the max usually above 30km when air is thinner. For my medium-class launchers (the "Creamy Goodness" family), I've simply made an adapter to fit a 3.75m size fairing for the bulkier payloads. They take care of most of my launches, and I do a lot of them. This, plus a strategy based on ferrying tourists to the Mün, Minmus, just outside Kerbin's SOI, rescuing Kerbals and using the tourists cruises to train them to up 3 stars... That's my main income, this way I can finance just about everything I need. They paid for the mining equipment I put on Minmus and the Mün, the orbital fuel depots, the space tankers, ... Even when I go over the top for the base building contracts, I'm still making money In short, base building anywhere in the Kerbol system is not so expensive anymore... (yeah I know, the names... well, Kerbals like 2 things in life: rockets, and food... it seemed only fair that rockets get the name of food... I need to rename the Minus family though - how about Peach Pie?)
  7. Hi, Good choice reproducing the Apollo missions, it's always good fun and you learn great things about what they did to make it work! Here is my take on the Apollo missions, all stock except for the cameras. I've tried to stick to the real thing, the electrical systems are the same (no solar panels ). There are a few mistakes, like I forgot to add RCS to the lander... You can check the blueprints I've put in the video, maybe you'll find some inpiration, especially for the CM / lunar module separation.
  8. SnakyLeVrai

    2017 Eclipse Pictures

    Cool pics and videos Here is a couple of pictures my parents took in Wyoming, I wasn't there unfortunately. They processed the pictures, centered them and sent them to me, then I whooped up a video with the whole sequence. You can even see some lunar surface details, like the main seas! (I've highlighted them for easier identification). Hardware used: Fisheye Samyang 8 mm for the general image with landscape ; Nikkor 300 mm lens for the detailed images of the eclipse ; Lotsa elbow grease.
  9. SnakyLeVrai

    Stock Kapollo 16 with blueprints and snack time

    Thank you Yeah I like making those but for the moment being I will keep making progress with my career game, I've got some exploration to do and customers to satisfy
  10. SnakyLeVrai

    Stock Kapollo 16 with blueprints and snack time

  11. Hi all! After several long, long hours of flying, editing, blueprint preparation and mixing, here is my take on Apollo Kapollo 16. Funnily enough, it took me Kapollo 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 to fine tune the 16th... I've tried to keep true to the actual spaceships as much as I could (well... I did not put any RCS on the LEM... my mistake ). Now I can finally come back to my career game Enjoy Snaky
  12. SnakyLeVrai

    KSP Challenge: Build and Fly a Space Shuttle!

    There are awesome crafts here!! Congrats to you all! Here is an old shuttle of mine, including a home grown launch tower. It's from 1.0 or 1.1 I think. I don't use them anymore... My classic launchers are more than 75% retrievable (actually, only the payload isn't recovered) so, for simplicity's sake, I stick to eh... candle sticks. If you wan't to see it in action, here's a video with an even older 0.90 version! It's a bit long and the cut could be improved a lot... And this is another version where I've replaced the cargo bays with crew cabins: The crew version in a video/ There's a fully working lift in the launch tower too: And finally a tiny micro shuttle, launched in the fairing of a classic rocket but that can land by itself, just to visit LKO asteroids...
  13. SnakyLeVrai

    The Kerbal Chronicles

    All aboard the Space Train! Today’s Space Train stops at Eleanor Kerman’s. Starting off as a seamstress, Eleanor is now manager of the Airbags and Balloons branch at K-Tex Company. She recounts how she got involved with the space program: “I have been sewing teddy bears for eleven years. One day, an engineer asked me if I could build an airtight suit for a special kind of activities.” The airtight suit was designed to protect dumpster-diving enthusiasts from getting covered in trash while landing, since experience taught them to choose full dumpsters rather than empty ones to break their fall. “This is how we realized bloated bags of expired snacks made great shock absorbers”, she says. Months later, after a string of unexplainable failures at landing on the Mün, the Space Center launched yet another competition to build parachutes that could work in hard vacuum. K-Tex proposed their radical yet innovative solution of Inflatable Litter Container (or ILC), that surrounds the ship with airbags to cushion landing, effectively tackling both problems of taking care of trash during long duration spaceflight and not missing the dumpster while landing. However, protestation from the Planetary Protection Agency threatened the project, stating Kerbals couldn’t resist popping inflated balloons, resulting in polluting outer worlds. Fortunately, while observing a stallholder decorating a merry-go-round with balloons at the fair, Eleanor realized they could inflate the bags with just any gas. This is how she was put in charge of the brand new Airbags and Balloons branch at K-Tex. “Everyone can participate in the Space Program” says Eleanor, “sure you can train as a Kerbonaut, spend years studying engineering and science, but you can also contribute as a seamstress, a painter, an environment protection specialist or a dumpster-diver! Everyone matters, just step forth and join the hype!”
  14. SnakyLeVrai

    Kerbal Spice Program

    Hahaha congrats
  15. SnakyLeVrai

    Kerbal Spice Program

    And here is an improvement with the perfect delivery system... and a mission profile! The best way to attract Kerbals and Kerbalinas to the Space Program! (also to send food the stranded ones, but don't say that, it may impede recruitment). Current mods used: KSP: 1.2.2 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) 64bit Toolbar - 1.7.13 Kerbal Engineer Redux - Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.3.1 HyperEdit - 1.5.3 KronalVesselViewer - 0.0.6 KSP-AVC Plugin - PlanetShine - Precise Node - 1.2.4 RCS Build Aid - 0.9.1 ShipManifest - Trajectories - 1.6.5 TweakScale - 2.3.4 Enjoy your meal!