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  1. @Sabor i have same problem here but sadly i don't have any solution but using DX11 for now or disable terrain shadow
  2. @wolveirne16 look like what i have experienced, Dx11 work fine for me.
  3. hey @blackrack just an update of my shadow issue, tried to change many parameters as shadows cascades, AA, anisotropic like @Vegemeister but nothing worked. it look to work nice with DX11 forced, sadly it give me bad performance. Also i have an exception in the debug, i can provide a log if you want to take a look. despite this issue, the game look really nice, thanks for your time!
  4. I have strange artifact with the new version (0.0230 and 0.0231), it appears both on my win64 and on a clean win32 install with only scatterer. Artifact only appears from zenith to night. This not happen with Terrain shadow off. Any idea?
  5. Same problem here, after looking on standard MKS agro parts, i have spotted some missing lines in MKS-Lite agro config. (Don't know if both MKS and MKS-L agro part have to be the same?) also MKS-L parts does not seems to have been buffed for new life support value, comparatively to standard MKS parts.