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  1. I'm doing the same thing by editing my persistent.sfs file, and I've noticed after switching between multiple saves and editing .sfs files during the game that the values don't switch to the black hole until the game closes (I think) and the biggest problem is that the REF value turns to '0', which I guess references the black hole. The fact that it begins orbiting the black hole with whatever speed it has totally ruins the rest of the values and those have to be manually fixed as well, unfortunately. If we could figure out why it switches the REF value to 0 (which normally means the sun Kerbol in stock) upon closing, it might be fixed. Until then, I recommend keeping notes of your satellites' orbits and fixing them in the .sfs files when needed. (I have no idea if it would be easier to do with Hyperedit, so that could be a more accessible solution. Here's an excellent guide to editing .sfs files http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/63278-Perfect-Satellite-Orbits-%28Or-how-to-Hyper-Edit-without-Hyper-Edit%29 and the lovely, manly Scott has a vid to explain this too )tl;dr--I use the persistent.sfs file to put my satellites on the proper orbit, and the game changing values when it closes might be the problem.
  2. I took a guess and got rid of two old ModuleManager dlls I had (backed up, of course) and the button came back and the button is back and everything works. (for anyone curious, it was 2.2.1 and 2.5.6)
  3. I'm having a problem where the button for welding no longer shows up on the stock toolbar. I've used it before and still have my previous weldments available as parts, but I can't make new ones because I can't find the button. I've looked in both the SPH and VAB, and I've checked Blizzy's toolbar too. Ideas?
  4. Any idea where I could find suitable engines for these? I'd like to set up a huge omni-swarm around the planet for my remotetech game, but I'd like the swarm to fly to their own orbits once I have them up in space rather than moving one larger carrier and dropping them off all one at a time.
  5. The "Working Multiple Star Systems" mod had the same problem, but I found a solution there that so far has worked for this mod too. If you enter the Tracking Station from the main Space Center, exit and then go to the VAB/SPH and launch, that fixes it. Switching between multiple other buildings seems to create the problem again, so the only sure way to launch is to exit whatever building you are in, open the Tracking Station and exit, and then enter your hangar and launch. What happens is the game focuses on the black hole as the default instead of Kerbin, but opening the TS reminds the game that Kerbin is supposed to be the default. I don't know if that knowledge could lead to a fix for it, but at least it's playable.
  6. After a bit of testing, I can confirm that this is the case. The bug is caused by the game setting "Focus: Blacky Karman", but opening the Tracking Station (temporarily) resets "Focus: Kerbin". Moving between different buildings can change it back to Blacky Karman (e.g. Astronaut Center->Mission Control) but as long as you open the Tracking Station immediately before launching you will be okay (i.e. Build ship in VAB, exit to Space Center, open Tracking Station, go back to Space Center, and use the Launchpad to launch your ship). I've done this in career and sandbox with about forty other mods and by itself, with at least a couple hundred launches and the only time I drop into the Black Hole is when I forget to visit the Tracking Station first.
  7. I can't wait, because rover landings are gonna be so epic now. These guys are so much cooler than silly little "parachutes" or whatever the old fogey kerbals used to use back in the day.
  8. I think this is a common problem, but I think I may have found a solution (at least, it's working for me with this and 2 dozen other mods installed, so it seems stable enough): When loading the game, before you enter the VAB or SPH or launch anything, open up the Tracking Station and just look at that for the second it takes it to center on Kerbin. Close out of that and then go into the VAB or whatever else. And any other time you start to repeat-launch into Blacky Karman, go back to the Space Center and open the Tracking Station from the Center (ie don't use a quick button or just open the Map, actually go back to the full Space Center and then go to the Tracking Station). That has worked for me so far. @Duracelle: With this in mind, is it possible that info could help point out why the bug exists in the first place? Maybe sometimes the game sees Blacky Karman as the center of the universe and focuses on that instead of on Kerbin as a default location and spawns the ships inside of it, but opening the Tracking Station reminds the game that Mission Control on Kerbin should be the focus, which fixes it?
  9. I'm having a problem that I can't figure out: I'm trying to build a Mako-style rover that I can drop from orbit, but the rockets don't activate at the same time. That causes the lander to spin completely out of control and crash. The center of thrust is exactly at the center of mass, and I'm using RCS and SAS to keep the ship almost perfectly level with the ground. I kill all horizontal velocity before landing and before the rockets activate, my vertical speed is only half the Delta-V of the Landertrons I have equipped (with thrust set to 25%, because I thought maybe the initial burst was too strong). Also, I was wondering if you have a max altitude at which they can activate, because even if I'm dropping straight down, proper orientation at 3/4 to 1/2 of my Delta-V; the rockets have red icons until I'm within 2 to 3 kms of the terrain. The mod works great for normal command pods so far, I'm just trying to figure out how to get this working.
  10. Suggestion: Add a right-click option to "Thaw All Kerbals". Make it cost as much as thawing 10 Kerbals (unless you know how to make it cost only as how many there are frozen). It saves on clicking for every single Kerbal if you're building colony ships to different star systems. And, like the others noted, it would make this mod more compatible with RemoteTech. Right now, it's impossible to thaw someone as part of an action group, even with ActionGroupsExtended which allows you to edit action groups in flight after you've frozen someone and there is a right-click option to thaw them. I'm really liking this mod so far and I'm excited to see where it goes.