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  1. I wish the best of wishes for all the developers! And I'm excited for the future of the development team
  2. @Starwaster Uploaded everything that I think would be needed along with a screenshot that the game stays stuck at. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dsj0ztp6rt74gm7/AACo_6V_6vWjOxK8dkWiWQfAa?dl=0
  3. Well, just figured out today that this mod is incompatible with the Launcher's Pack SpaceX engines. As seen in this post I made a while ago, And today, after some quick testing I can confirm that Real Fuels is the cause of the error. I am not currently sure what goes on behind the scene here with engine's fuel intake being changed/parsed via ModuleManager. I haven't looked into the process of making an engine compatible with RF, but I did ask the original developer if they can have a look at it. Thanks though, you all go and have yourself a great day
  4. @Kartoffelkuchen Well, after some testing with my mods. Several installs and uninstalls later, I found the mod that breaks it. Once I uninstalled Real Fuels, the engines loaded up fine. I am not sure yet at how it broke and in what way, but I would love to suggest that if a solution couldn't be found to get both mods to work. Or even a config file for the Merlin and Kestrel engines to be compatible with RF. And if there is already a config file out there for this, derp XD Thanks for your time
  5. With the next update coming, I'm just curious as if you've found the reason for the bug I was getting yet? It has been a while >.<
  6. Well, I'm not sure why I'm the only one to have the problem too I got my file from SpaceDock just a few nights ago :| That's amazing, loving the models
  7. This happened in the log for the Kestrel engine file while loading up the SpaceX pack in 1.1.3 (32-bit) Welp >.< The game would just hold at this file and not load any more. I got this from the .zip file on SpaceDock.
  8. Darn it, I'm heading to school now. Hope to have a go during the lunch break!
  9. Hurray! It's downloading the update now Thanks Kasper!
  10. @KasperVldJust saying, I don't see it being updated just yet.. (Australia here) https://steamdb.info/app/220200/depots/
  11. Yeah, it works now! Thanks ^^" I don't think I copied all the files of the mod over when I installed it >.> Was in such a rush that day, thanks for helping!
  12. The payload fairings for the Falcon 9 Full Thrust doesn't seem to be detachable, it doesn't come up on the staging sequence as well. Not sure if it is that my KSP is broken or I don't have all the require mods :\ Thanks~
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