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  1. I wish the best of wishes for all the developers! And I'm excited for the future of the development team
  2. @Starwaster Uploaded everything that I think would be needed along with a screenshot that the game stays stuck at. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dsj0ztp6rt74gm7/AACo_6V_6vWjOxK8dkWiWQfAa?dl=0
  3. Well, just figured out today that this mod is incompatible with the Launcher's Pack SpaceX engines. As seen in this post I made a while ago, And today, after some quick testing I can confirm that Real Fuels is the cause of the error. I am not currently sure what goes on behind the scene here with engine's fuel intake being changed/parsed via ModuleManager. I haven't looked into the process of making an engine compatible with RF, but I did ask the original developer if they can have a look at it. Thanks though, you all go and have yourself a great day
  4. @Kartoffelkuchen Well, after some testing with my mods. Several installs and uninstalls later, I found the mod that breaks it. Once I uninstalled Real Fuels, the engines loaded up fine. I am not sure yet at how it broke and in what way, but I would love to suggest that if a solution couldn't be found to get both mods to work. Or even a config file for the Merlin and Kestrel engines to be compatible with RF. And if there is already a config file out there for this, derp XD Thanks for your time
  5. With the next update coming, I'm just curious as if you've found the reason for the bug I was getting yet? It has been a while >.<
  6. Well, I'm not sure why I'm the only one to have the problem too I got my file from SpaceDock just a few nights ago :| That's amazing, loving the models
  7. This happened in the log for the Kestrel engine file while loading up the SpaceX pack in 1.1.3 (32-bit) Welp >.< The game would just hold at this file and not load any more. I got this from the .zip file on SpaceDock.
  8. Darn it, I'm heading to school now. Hope to have a go during the lunch break!
  9. Hurray! It's downloading the update now Thanks Kasper!
  10. @KasperVldJust saying, I don't see it being updated just yet.. (Australia here) https://steamdb.info/app/220200/depots/
  11. Yeah, it works now! Thanks ^^" I don't think I copied all the files of the mod over when I installed it >.> Was in such a rush that day, thanks for helping!
  12. The payload fairings for the Falcon 9 Full Thrust doesn't seem to be detachable, it doesn't come up on the staging sequence as well. Not sure if it is that my KSP is broken or I don't have all the require mods :\ Thanks~
  13. Yeah, and it took me a long time after 1.0 to get a life back. Now it is back to steal it once again, with a vengeance! From the SteamDB page, I found the "Players Online" stats page. That was about the time KSP 1.0 was release, let's see if we can break that record for 1.1
  14. I remember staying on the SteamDB IRC channel for several hours before it was released and notifying everyone back at the KSP chat for that XD
  15. Hey guys, are you all ready? Could be anytime now and the next few hours!
  16. Once this mod is on Space Dock, I think that there will be a feature that allows it to be added to CKAN?
  17. Would be nice if this mod is ported to SpaceDock, since it would then be easier to change the config for CKAN downloads. Currently, it is still pointed at Kerbal Stuff.
  18. Just curious, can this mod be reposted at Space Dock, since Kerbal Stuff is now shut down.
  19. Not sure if you know, but Kerbal Stuff was shut down early this year. https://spacedock.info is the replacement site, feel free to post it there.
  20. Just asking, would it be alright if this mod get posted onto Space Dock? I'm hoping to update the CKAN's metadata so it'll be able to be downloaded through SD.
  21. Oh, I've submitted this to CKAN. This should have been added ages ago XD
  22. Exciting times! I will be sure to stick around the stream for quite a few hours
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