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  1. How high does the Seismic Hammer have to be placed for it to 'impact the surface from here?' I placed mine pretty low and it doesn't hit Duna's surface apparently even though it extends into it. I try hovering and then the message says that it's 'too close to the surface.' If I keep thrusting up then I can't use it! Is this a bug?
  2. Fair enough, thanks for your help! (I figured out that one skipper thruster with ~2500 dV quickly turned into ~150 dV when wrangling a class C asteroid. I had another stage with a low thrust high vac. Isp engine for the capture burn because I didn't expect the skipper stage to last that long. Needless to say it only had 19 dV )
  3. Thank you for your response, and you are definitely correct, I was too late. I did end up grabbing the asteroid, and I was able to get the initial intercept distance down to 10km despite the wobbliness. However it took an extra 100-150 dV trying to get the 10km down to just a few dozen meters before I used my RCS for fine tuning. One question though, by intercepting in interplanetary space do you mean I should leave Kerbin's SOI and intercept it, or plot an intercept course for when IT enters Kerbin's SOI?
  4. So for some reason the 'target position at intersect 1' for an asteroid I'm going after is bugged outside of the asteroid's flight path, and it's making it extremely difficult to actually get an encounter under 5km. It does occasionally skip back and forth into the 10km range but the intersect distance is something I can handle. The mods I have that probably could be relevant to this problem are PreciseNode, Trajectories, Mechjeb and Kerbal Engineer Redux. Here's a screenshot Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks both of you, I didn't even think of right clicking the asteroid.
  6. Hi, I've been having a problem while trying to complete and asteroid contract. My ship will not stay on retrograde or any one spot when I'm trying to make a burn while I'm carrying an asteroid. I have to resort to spinning 360 degrees to the retrograde node to make incremental burns instead of a steady burn. It's not gamebreaking, but just frustrating. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for the response. I'll try seeing if that's it.
  8. My encounters with not just the Mun but Minmus appear out of their orbits in seemingly random position between Kerbin and the Mun or Kerbin and Minmus. It's not the hugest issue but it's an annoying bug for sure. Here's an image... Mun Encounter Image The mods I have installed include: Kerbal Engineer Redux DMagicOrbitalScience Distant Object ScanSAT Hyperedit Community Resource Pack (Not sure where I got this from) NearFutureConstruction/Electrical/Propulsion/Solar/Spacecraft/Props InterstellarFuelSwitch (Not sure where I got this from) PreciseNode Waypoint Manager FinalFrontier Trajectories Mechjeb2 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Chatterer I have v. if that's important.
  9. Which version are you referring to? I downloaded the most recent version on the 29th on January, little less than a week ago.
  10. I can dock fine, but no matter how many times I save and load quicksaves after clicking 'undock,' relaunching the game and editing states the parts will NOT UNDOCK. I have both clamp o trons and clamp o trons seniors that cannot undock from those of the same type. Here is my modlist, fully updated. Chatterer InFlightWaypoints DarkMultiplayer CollisionFX ProceduralFairings DeadlyReentry NEAR ScanSat Trajectories DistantObject 000_Toolbar StationScience ActiveTextureManagement KerbalJointReinforcement CrowdSourcedScience TriggerTech RCSBuildAid and finally, Kerbal Engineer EDIT: I should mention everytime I load a quicksave in which I think I'd have undocked the whole craft just explodes instantaneously.
  11. I roll with the same combo. Avast for the viruses and connection security, malwarebytes for the other baddies.
  12. "I'd love to spend my afternoon getting to the Joolian system for 50 science." - literally no one I'd like if you could set things to autoburn in the background, would that make ion more of useful investment? Yes. Two problems with ion is time and money, the devs only put in there as a metaphor for real life
  13. My Nvidia GTX 760 can run the majority of the games currently on the market at max or near max settings. A couple of the modern beauties like BF4 and (definitely) Witcher 3 are ones I have to compromise for. The 980 is an upgrade I'm looking forward to sometime this year that can run BASICALLY everything on max as long as you aren't bottlenecking it with your CPU (cough Planetside 2 cough cough)
  14. Probably nukes. I massively, and I say MASSIVELY overbuilt my first interplanetary mothership TO .... with something around 900 parts and 8000 tons and I still (albeit at 5 fps) made it to the Joolian system and back (although I did have to abandon my tylo and laythe landers) because of how easy it is to correct your mistakes with the amount of delta V those things give you. Not saying we should nerf them of course, we NEED nukes to get past Duna effectively with big payload.