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  1. Will this break existing contracts? I currently have orbit+recovery accepted and munar flyby too I think
  2. Why is mystery goo so large? I'd love if it were tiny like in stock, considering science junior is small now. Also, there is no use for antennas without remote tech.
  3. Great to start playing with SETI again though I don't understand mod separation? Balance mod had a folder structure that allowed to customize the install so I don't see the point. Tech tree is already turning into balance mod itself with those part rebalancing tweaks. Why not keep it merged? Not only it's confusing (see posts above), it's more work for the same thing.
  4. If I understand that you're referring to odd Kerbin Texture, this is because of EVE city lights. Delete CityLights.dll in EVE folder
  5. Hello, I just had a bug when using stock transfer with realism mode off. I tried to transfer kerbal to lab from pod, but he got stuck in an infinite loop. His portrait was appearing and disappearing constantly and quickly. I could go EVA from pod, but not return back (it said it's full, when I switched to ship with kerbal outside his switching portrait was still there), going to lab through hatch puts him back into pod. When I sent another kebal to lab with the same stock method, he became the one "jumping" instead. Also SM window couldn't be closed due to active transfer. Problem was solved by going to space center and back. Here's the SM log saved during this whole process. I didn't try to replicate and sent kerbals via EVA, but I can try again later.
  6. Ugh, I'm taking my words back, progression isn't any better really. There is more stuff to do but tech tree prevents you from it. This was worst Mun mission ever, I had to push my spacecraft in EVA for 15 real minutes to get back home simply because all 2.5m essential parts are in 3 different nodes. Then it's a science snowball all again...
  7. Hey there, this version seems to offset Engineer's report - screenshot You can pull it down (which is also required to expand list), but it's annoying.
  8. I played through to first orbit on moderate difficulty and it seems.. alright? I have no idea how Yemo got 106k, I had ~70 after first vessel (still ridiculous but how can harder mode get you bigger amount??). While building upgrades cost more, you also earn more money, so you get essential stuff (conics, nodes, eva) in a better rate than 0.90 (BTW, most of this money is from records which are all done after first orbit). Contracts are great (tourism is nice), tech tree is much better (though not perfect). There is no reason to be upset about this update, especially when there are such progression changing mods as SETI. Edit: Isn't it like now, easier to make tech trees?
  9. That's funny - Squad actually gave answer on recent AMA about career balance and they think it's good enough (though they also said more changes will be made in the future so don't give your hopes up yet) - link. Maybe it's already different in actual release, let's wait and then see
  10. Suggestion for the mod list: Robotics Sequencer Also, USI Kolonization Systems is doubled in there; and you might wanna add recommendation of Ship Manifest for Station Parts Expansion, because the 1.25m cupola has no hatch or IVA making kerbal trapped in there. Edit: Somehow I also noticed Ship Manifest is doubled as well, is this intentional?
  11. Requesting 0s to be added to the names of procedural fairings parts (including multiple engine plate thing, I keep searching for it every time) Edit: Procedural Heat Shield is broken, it's stuck on 1.250m
  12. So another navigation suggestion - NavHud I checked my old stockalike mod list and SETI made a good progress with a big chunk of now supported mods. Could I ask if Taurus HCV is on your list? Big capsules are something I want now..
  13. Mod suggestion I'm not sure, but I think it was suggested already, though search does not come up with anything. Might as well add this, it's by the same author and is really cool Edit: I don't seem to have cones back? Structural and aerodynamics don't have them And yes, they are unpruned Update: I likely forgot to unlock them in R&D, so nevermind Edit2: Hybrid/Solid fuel is close to my concept of modular SRBs: pic It's basically a cone HRB with solid fuel only, and cylindrical oxidizer tank filled to 5% and matching ratio for HRB Edit3: Though this particular design can be achieved by simply making a cylinder SRB/HRB and attaching a structural "skirt", but whatever Edit4: Solid fuel segments could be probably achieved by making a new resource that has name and stats of solid fuel but can be transferred, however it's too much effort for such a minor thing
  14. I've got nvidia and already forced through panel. Damn, I dislike those pixel edges. But oh well, still worth it.