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  1. Mk2 spaceplane parts are have 300u(600u for bigger parts) volume, instead of stock 400u(800u).
  2. Do some test's with Extended Configuration and CTT. Found some empty branches. The procedural part's mod also need some balance in relative to KSPI.(Include procedural argon container part) Have couple questions. With RemoteTech2, in descriprion of most probes(except starting HECS, b9 Heavy-Duty RGU and KSPI Computer Core) there are some number of crew(2+), which as i understood is required for reducing delay from the command center. In original RT2, this ability has only one high-level probe body, moreover, as i remember, it required 6+ crews. So question is - it is have been balanced yet, or already has ? PS There is a spoilers, or preview mode for pictures? PS PS My english is poor, i know that.
  3. Loaded your mod. Does it support interstellar 0.9 port ? Anyway, have issue on the start in the Interstellar techtree(extended 0.57): the all parts are unlocked, unlike stock. But i think that is the extended techtree problem, so nevermind. Seems that your mod work fine. Will wait for the KSPI & NFT support.
  4. Please, add support for the interstellar TurboJet's, and atmospheric intakes.
  5. Can't take impact data from graviometer(to kerbal), is that way is should be?
  6. Why skills, experience and dependence of stability system's by the different probes didn't work in the science career mode ? Is there a mod that fix it ?
  7. Can you add apoapsis marker to aerobraking trajectory, it will be very nice for precission flight. Waiting for 1.1.3 released version, what works with FAR.
  8. So, what about adding some science things in the backpack ? Surely, we can attach some termometers/gravity things to it by using the KAS, but then they detached(and sometimes exploded), if we drop backpack for put-in/collect science.
  9. Very awesome mod. Thats exactly what i'm searched for.