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  1. Hey @Lisias I was wonder what priority this bug was. I ask because 1 of the 2 the reasons I use tweakscale is aesthetics, so this bug is a major issue for me. I understand my priorities aren't yours so I was wondering if you knew when you might start working on it. Thanks!
  2. @dkavolis Wow that was really fast! Thank you so much
  3. @dkavolis Have an issue with heat shields and FAR. Link to details
  4. Tested and confirmed on latest KIS release on 1.6.1
  5. @IgorZ Pretty sure I found a glitch. When using the KIS 1.15 with KSP 1.5.1. If kerbalCrewMass from Physics.cfg is set via ModuleManger1.1 kerbals on EVA have that added to on top of their normal mass. So for example if you set kerbalCrewMass to 0.09375 when you EVA and hit Tab to open the inventory the mass readout is 187.5kg exactly equal to 0.09375 + 0.09375. Setting kerbalDefaultMass in settings.cfg to 0.0 does not remove the extra mass so I can't work around this and have kerbals mass contribute to their vessel. Thanks!
  6. I appreciate you investigating. I know those parts have had a lot done to keep them around. I wish people weren't so dependency adverse. Then maybe people might want to create new wheel/landing gear using this mod. Squad screwed wheels after 1.0 due to the unity change. Your work as been light years ahead of anything they've done. Hell i still see people post about using KSP version prior to the wheel change just for they're own sanity lol. Sad the community had so many big modders move on. Life never slows down i guess.
  7. @Shadowmage Hey, Back with another request. Would it be possible to have the ALG gears use resource like you added to KSPWheelDeployment? I ask because I didn't see that module on the ALG parts so I wasn't sure if your update hit them as well. Thank you!
  8. Bluedog is just newer, has active development, and has a consistent art style. I just prefer it to the fasa art style.
  9. I found the mod by MAORDV for the apollo iva but it's built using fasa parts. It's just compatible with the bluedog saturn rocket. I'd rather have it be the actual bluedog IVA. I appreciate the thought. I'll be keeping my eye on this either way
  10. Just an idea. I'd love MAS IVAs for Bluedog's capsules. Up to you, but great work so far.