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  1. It would be a problem anytime kopernicus is used to change the homeworld from kerbin
  2. No idea I wondered that myself. I compiled the mod locally with the changes mentioned and it does indeed fix the issue. The only hiccup, as mentioned in the github issues, is it put the games default waypoint for KSC in the sun.
  3. Here. Nope no release. Maybe someone else skilled in shaders could make it happen.
  4. @dkavolis Do you think FAR could model/simulate boundary layer control to replicate blown flaps, or is that too complicated to model?
  5. @blowfish Trying to make config for the NK-12. For some reason when using a gear ratio of 0.094, or 1:10.6, it causes the engine to constantly flip from nominal to starter on not functioning properly. In this state throttle has no effect on engine output it has those same outputs 1-100% Any idea whats going on?
  6. Lower your wing load. If you are familiar with FAR go to the second page of the FAR analysis and check reference area. That how much area you have generating lift. Then divide mass in Kg by the area in m2. For reference here is some standard aircraft wing loads. The Cessna 172 has a wing load of ~70Kg/m2 so aim for that if you want good low speed characteristics. Right now I see you craft has a mass of ~5900kg so you'd need an area of ~85m2, 9mx9m, or ~68mx1.25m for the width of the wings you have there. Crafts in KSP are notoriously heavy because of Kerbal/KSPs reduced scale. In stock they buff lift for the area you use so that crafts look Kerbal sized. FAR is designed where real area = real lift force. They are by design different. It takes adjustment, but can be rewarding if you appreciate the realism and depth compared to stock.
  7. Well after a about an hour coded the behavior myself Much happier with it this way. Now pushing reset trim doesn't set it to zero if the knob is too far from 0, but the precise and absolute adjustment was worth it to me.
  8. Sorry to necro, but did you ever fix the broken mirror symmetry. Its funny I just started to use these parts again, and ran into the same issue only to find I forgot I already posted about it
  9. I use RealFuel and lead ballast for weight and match listed specs for the plane. I use wing configs from RO so no unrealistically strong or heavy wings. I know though I can't match the exact airfoils used. For the COM/COL placement I go off any statements regarding craft handing. Not finding anything stating its unstable or even neutral and requires SAS, so I assume the COM is slightly ahead of COL giving positive static stability in the real thing. Individually parts may be more or less than the real life section, but overall its very close. It's hardest to get the fuselage the exact dimensions without using ugly Pparts. So maybe body lift/drag added stability that i'm lacking, or the airfoils. Those are the hardest things to account for. I just don't want to stray far from the replica look. It's the first time I've had a plane have this issue, but proves FAR is a decent simulation when you run in to issues that RL has had to deal with. I tried shortening the elevators slightly and lengthening the outer main wing and it reduced the number 4 fold but its still has the instability. It does get stable above 1.4M and it reverses and rolls left in the high transonic region. Weird thing is if I add exaggerated dihedral to the main wing it still doesn't resolve the issue. Surprises me how strong the instability is, and how it changes in flight. Just gotta find the right comprise i guess.
  10. @Red Stapler Love the mod! I don't know how this mod isn't more popular. Apparently people like to hear the same few songs over and over. Don't invite them to a party My favorite tune so far is the summer coffee while building. Something about that song I really like. Anyway great work Thanks!
  11. I know the buttons work . The trim axis doesn't work as I'd expect it to so I am asking @linuxgurugamer if changing it is possible. Thanks.
  12. So I have this awesome F-4E replica here. It performs amazing. Heavy as hell, but it has a ton of thrust so she can fly. It has one issue though. It has horrible roll angular acceleration with respect to yaw. So she just rolls constantly to the right. It is definately casued by the 23* anhedral on the tail, but everything I have read suggests the lateral instability should be resolved by the 12* diherdral angle on the outer section of the main wing. I get that fighter jets have inherent instabilities. Thoughts?
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