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  1. not sure if its been posted here yet but Im having some strange bugs relating to staging of fairings, most procedural fairing stages refuse to stage unless i drag them in the sidebar in the left (even right clicking on jettison doesn't seem to work) not only this but engines located within the fairing will not stage either after the initial problem has occurred. I am using the aerodynamic fairings not the structural ones, and the issue is occurring across both inter stage and normal fairing adapters. is this just my install or is anybody els experiencing this issue? plz halp!!! PS: I am playing with realism overhaul and related mods including real solar system installed if that helps.
  2. real plumes seem to be a bit messed up for a few people at the moment, im sure they will have it fixed soon
  3. I have only had time to test the RD 146 from the soviet engines pack, I can test some more when I come back from work if needed, my solver engines is definitely installed and up to date according to CKAN
  4. trying to hot-stage but im finding that when using the procedural fairings inter stage fairing i get the message of "unable to deploy *engine name here* when stowed" quite an annoying addition by one of the 1.0 updates from squad. I know its not an issue with RO, but I was thinking someone here may have a workaround or an alternative so that I can successfully hot stage? either that or ill just revert to ullage for every god damn stage
  5. hey regex, if you got a chance to confirm the compatibility would you mind updating for ckan users?
  6. thankyou for the link, RN's packs were awesome so I hope that he is eventually able to continue development on them
  7. just out of curiosity, whats happening with raider nicks packs, not sure if I missed something I noticed a lot of his threads are locked, do the packs work with 1.0.4?
  8. I love RO but in the meantime while im waiting for the update, is there a mod that makes the RCS systems behave in a realistic manner the same way RO does? can I just use real fuels for this?
  9. Having the exact same issue, any way to tackle this? or just wait for a fix?
  10. Just started playing RP0 again after a 3 month break, just wondering are procedual SRB's from the procedural parts mod no unlocked with the first node? or am I experiencing a bug? if the later anyone have any tips to rectify the situation?
  11. Hey guys when I try to install RSS textures using CKAN I get the error message "the underlying connection was closed: could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel" not sure if this has already been discussed, but any assistance would be appreciated
  12. wow that clears a lot up, thanks.. I feel stupid now it seems so obvious
  13. I am having some similar issues that i haven't seen addressed in this thread, sorry if its something obvious, im wondering about the compatibility with this and the FASA engines, I select a hypergolic engine and it tells me that it has "16 ignitions - type: Hypergolic" in the description. when it comes to actually using this engine in orbital maneuvers I only get 1 ignition.. if i right click on the engine it says i have used my only hypergolic ignition... I had a look at some of the config files (to be fair I have absolutely no idea what im doing) and achieved not too much.. when i unzipped some of the ignitor configs in the Engine Ignitor Directory all i managed was messing with my engine ignitions, I also have a problem with non fasa engines when I unzipped the config files (see Picture), there were no configs for FASA. I think this is part of my problem.. I cant figure out what im missing and what i need to do to fix it. I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction