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  1. How to measure heat flow?

    Sorry if I was too vague. I have now hopefully found a solution for the first problem: the part.thermalConductionFlux seems to be what I need. My other question was: could a custom module on a part manipulate e.g. the thrust settings of that part?
  2. How to measure heat flow?

  3. How to measure heat flow?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently working at my first mod, and have not found any information on this: How would I go about finding the current heat flow through a part? Also, am I able to change the parameters of other modules of the part on the fly? Many thanks in advance
  4. Making and flying a good VTOL plane. After the heli pads on the VAB and the Administration Building were almost destroyed, I gave up.
  5. [Forum Game] One word to describe the avatar above you.

  6. Flag .cfg file?

    Does anyone know how and where to find the configuration file for the Extend-o-matic Series A1 Deployable Flag? I need to look some stats up, thank you in advance!
  7. The Saga of Emiko Station - Chapter 92 - Echoes

    Aaah ... the suspense! So many suspicious characters doing so many weired things and so many possibilities for something to go horribly wrong! Keep up the amazing storytelling!
  8. Intrepid. Stage-And-A-Half Shuttle.

    Well, you beat me there. I worked on a very similar concept a while ago, but I just aimed too high with the payload fraction. Good job as always though, keep up the great work!
  9. SpaceX Mars colony predictions

    I think (or hope, at least) that humans will probably visit Mars within this decade (or my liftime, if I'm lucky), but probably not within the next twenty years. I mean, we have the tecnology and all, but we've got a heck of a lot of planning and engineering to do before it might just become bankable for such a buisness as SpaceX. About the whole colonisation of planets will save humankind thing: I don't really think so. Until we manage to terraform Mars it enough to live there without a spacesuit (if that's even possible), humans will probably have gone extinct. I think our best bet would be Titan. You can already survive there now with a heated swimming suit, and being able to fly with wings strapped to your arms just tops it all.
  10. While a clever row of gravity assits around Jupiter's (almost wrote "Jools") moons should slow you down very much from interplanetary speeds, but you would most probably need at least some manner of breaking by rocket propulsion. No need for a soft landing though when you have a sturdy enough probe, and a bullet-shaped one could also reduce the G's faced greatly.
  11. [STOCK] Saturn V Replica

    That is a serious case of awesomeness. You made the best replica of all time and space there. Have a well-earned replike while I'm busy being stunned!
  12. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Here, forum, have some moar nice lookin' pics of almost flawless crafts: A medium cargo SSTO, with a pretty decent handling and wing layout, if I may say so myself! The Nurflügler V-12! One more Juno and more yaw control for stability and I will take this around kerbin!
  13. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I just love this thread! Anyways, here's a sneak peek of an adorable little thing I'm currently working on:
  14. Modding Monday: Gravity Turn version 1.2.0!

    Seems rather cheaty. [No,I'm not going to say "first reply"]