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  1. I want to endorse this very obnoxiously. Good idea, devs please consider. Edit: although it would be a bit more complex than just the rcs thrusters. I believe we have seen a colony ship that required boosters just to separate it from the orbital dock. If we are going to be using entire "normalsized" fueltank-rocket engine combos for rcs on big craft, the game needs a way of knowing what is for RCS versus what is for DeltaVee.
  2. Am I the only one that can:t stand the modern fad of single-coloured flat icons and UIs? It really makes it far more difficult to find stuff. Had a big argument with the VisualStudio devs about this too (luckily I wasn't the only one and Microsoft eventually backed down) In my opinion, the flat icons make the editor easier on the eyes. I really hope KSP 2 keeps the flat style because it makes the interface much easier to process and look at. I guess this is a matter of (grabbing) attention. you might want an individual button to pop so you need less effort to fi
  3. I suspect the icon under the Symmetry one is Angle Snap. I think you are right on the angle snap. As for the buttons below, I think they are "click and drag your ship", "attach parts to from side", "attach groups of parts to the side" i.e. merge two subassemblies, and "attach craft file saved separately". I don't think the radioactivity will be a center, but will probably display a cloud around all radioactive sources that can be reformed based on the shield parts on your rocket.l
  4. Barring any knowledge-breaking insights, this can help us understand a little more about what the spectrum of possibilities is. On one extreme, T2 had a clause in the contract allowing them to terminate it whenever they want, or at least immediately. So the contractual protection of S.T ends in December. Then, given about 3 mnts of pay as per your comment, stretched out over not the full staff as some left for Intercept, Star Theory ran dry their funds and closed on March 4th (which is roughly consistent with these three months of pay), sending their employees home "with a months pay and
  5. Well, maybe I am naive (Im probably naive), but if your client is completely dependenton you, in a moral world, that client is at least somewhat protected against, erm, you being a [bleep] and destroying their livelyhoods on a dime. "I am always able to trow you into a ravine whenever I like" is not a very fun condition to work under. So yes, up until some point I do find it weird that this can happen.
  6. waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait This pulling of the contract happened in December, per the Bloomberg article The game was to be shipped in spring 2020 at that time. If what you are saying is true, why in the world would a contract end 4 months before a deadline? (thinking emoji) It could be that the negotiations where started early, and failed, ending in the foresight of what would happen. But then the question is, how quickly did star.theorys' financial situation deteriorate. Surely just waiting for the contract to expire would leave you with some money in the bank to s
  7. I am happy that @Nate Simpson is here on the forums to clarify. However, I'm not yet set on how I look at this whole situation. I just hope you and your team, as well as the project, are treated with reality and reasonability in mind.
  8. Never underestimate the need to carefully explain things on the internet. I don't mean that as condescending or anything, but its always likely that some need refreshers, some need to be reminded that nuance exists and some are going to be new and unfamiliar with the context. On top of that, nonverbal communication on the internet is really nothing more than what we pretend to be there as readers. __________ Personally, it could totally be that Take2 was greedy, I'm also willing to believe it wasn't. I am mainly worried that bad stuff has happened, and for what that means for KS
  9. I strongly want to put everyones attention to this point. I'm also not sure we understand the case correctly if we assume that Start.Theory started the sales talks. Ah, but that means that our friend Schrier might know what is up. Maybe we could give him a call to see if he's got more to say about it. I disagree,... somewhat. Knowing who was at the initiative of the sales talks gives an important insight into what frustrations and emotions there might have been. It matters who wanted the sale at the beginning relative to T2 pulling the plug at the end. Mainly, it matters for wh
  10. To be honest, I couldn't find it either, and I had to search in my activity history. So yeah...... EDIT: I have put this thread in my signature so people will see it (see below). I hope this will help people find the thread and help out. It wasn't like it said useful stuff there before anyway.
  11. It has been here all along. Hey, if you think this is important, you can help out by posting KSP2 news sources whenever you discover them. Keeps the archiving work light for all of us.
  12. OK, lets round up more KSP2 news and commentary sources. It has been a while since sources where collected here. If I forgot something, please contribute. EDIT: phew that was a lot of work. The initial Delay beyond the Fiscal Year 2020 There is a discussion video from @ShadowZone, published on the topic above, on November 8th 2019. Print-only PC gamer article & other Info Reveal First, there is a video of the behind-the scenes of the KSP 2 trailer, published by the KSP main youtube channel on 28th Oktober 2019 Then, on 20th Febuary 2020, this same channel publi
  13. Thank you :3. It still needs work, a lot of work, but lets all work through it bit by bit.
  14. I've read the through the thread entirely in the past hour (maybe that was not a good idea my part), and my mind is a little in chaos right now. I was going to ask clarification on a few topics I didn't fully understand, but then I realised I didn't understand enough about any of it to come to a proper conclusion. We are using this thread to react to the news, and also to discuss the ins and outs of it, and what that means. I am not complaining about the people in the thread, but we are discussing with a mix of ideas of what we are discussing towards. So lets take the time to get our
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