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  1. For a small Mk2 plane like that one it was wide enough to land on, and I bounced across the deck hence the angle. That is 2 wide and 7 long and I could get 3 of those planes on it. same with the heli that ive done. the hardest part is station keeping, hit the deck an the ship starts to drift off. Hope some of this helps. - - - Updated - - - Say hello to the KSP Pocket Shield ship or Kerbal version of Aegis.
  2. My twin hulled carrier with vtol on deck - - - Updated - - - better pic This did get blown up not long after this shot was taken by a pack of harpoons! The point defence got 3 then over heated and let in 2.
  3. Thanks it was my fault I had to re download it. Now its all working, im off to build a landing craft and maybe a double hulled carrier. Thanks again for this, its a great addition to KSP.
  4. Man this is a fantastic little mod and im having a blast with it, but ive just updated for the ramp and I cant see it in the folder.