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  1. Don't forget, the ideal optimal is of course 0, so bearing in mind the highest lattitude launch site, you still want it as close to 0 as possible. I presume that's at least one reason why the ISS isnt polar. Then again, the closer you are to the pole, the less 0 inclination becomes optimal, or even matters at all, right? Since the launch site isnt travelling east as fast. Hmm... Theres probably some complicated maths involved there.
  2. Ive been working on this myself recently (and on and off for several years). A trick Ive noted is to tilt the whole ship so that its in it's various flight configurations (i.e. hover, forward motion, etc.) and look at the vectors. It becomes fairly easy to see how it will react when you actually fly it. Obviously, dumping all the fuel out of it and repeating is worth doing as well. Be sure to post if you figure out how to get the KAL-1000 to behave with rotating engines... I am having immense trouble trying to get 2 of them to do yaw AND forward/backward at the same time.
  3. It goes in <KSProot>/saves/<name-of-your-savegame>/Ships/VAB Optionally .../Ships/SPH if its a plane. (It doesnt matter, it will just load facing a weird direction if you get it wrong; you can just rotate it)
  4. Not really the problem is it? They clearly are. More importantly, it lags the hell out of the game because it's spamming stuff about the UI.Navball to the log file. Has anyone else seen this, is it a bug, or is my memory going bad (it's not ECC, so I don't get reports on it failing)? I reloaded that game recently, but it seems to have dissapeared, so I can not report the log error anymore... hmm.
  5. I'd hardly call 4 months 'old'. And it's worth pointing out that this only applies to the right-angle triangle parts. The isosceles? (non-right angle) parts work properly.
  6. What's this?
  7. Ive seen this a lot too, so much so that my stupid launch ladder vehicle (so that kerbals can deliver science data to a rocket before launch to an orbital lab) with a hinge on top of a 30m high pile of structural parts now has the hinged part sitting about 5m away from where it is meant to be. It looks ridiculous and is completely useless now. I'm pretty sure it's not specifically gravity, its the physics loading that causes the parts to jump around slightly, which over time causes big problems. I used to use the Infernal Robotics addon heavily, and since Squad has clearly nicked the code from that, it inherits the same problem. The heavier the stress between the parts, the more they jump each time, so while autostrutting helps a little bit, the problem will never really go away. BTW, I find Rigid Attachment works a bit better - I built a new version of that ridiculous contraption above with that on between the hinge parts, and even after several 100 launches, its only moved about 1m.
  8. After a bit more testing, I noticed the audio file is the same as the one used for the "Spark" engine, which also does not have distance attenuation. This must have been a long standing problem, but I guess no one noticed until now, partly because the "Spark" is meant for space operations, unlike the RV-1, which is the steering motor for the RD-107-110 (for the real R7/Soyuz) or for our RK-7s. Actually the only engine from the "orbital class" that works properly is the Thud. The other engines I tested, you even hear in map mode, which is ridiculous, and pretty annoying. They were: Puff, Twitch, Spark, Spider and Ant (but I've noticed just from playing a lot that all of the monoprop engines have this problem too) I don't have the time or energy to test the heavier engines, but I imagine more of them work properly, since, as I said, it's probably only during launch that one would notice these problems.
  9. After finally being able to build Soyuz launchers with this expansion, I find the RV-1 "Cub" engines are WAY TOO LOUD. I guess the RK-7 "Kodiak"s are meant to be RD-107 engines (and not RD-170s as I've been hoping for), but they should not be drowned out by these tiny little steering motors. The problem has been reported here, but until it gets fixed properly, heres a patch you can apply for more believable sound levels: --- KSP_linux_1.8.1/GameData/SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/Engine/LiquidEngineRV-1.cfg 2019-12-26 05:09:46.013579997 +1030 +++ patches-1.8/GameData/SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Parts/Engine/LiquidEngineRV-1.cfg 2019-12-26 05:35:48.298569219 +1030 @@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ channel = Ship clip = sound_rocket_mini volume = 0.0 0.0 - volume = 1.0 1.0 + volume = 1.0 0.1 pitch = 0.0 0.75 pitch = 1.0 0.95 loop = true (Apply with patch -b -p1 in your root KSP directory) As you can see, it looks like some sound engineer just fat-fingered an extra 0 in there (Dunberatu describes it as "2-3 times as loud", but volume is logarithmic in perception, so in reality, its 10x more). I have noticed that this part does not have distance attenuation either; if you zoom out really far in order to try to make it not so loud, it does nothing. Therefore the real fix must involve something deeper, but since that will probably never happen, this patch should hopefully stop blowing up your ears.
  10. After a search for this, I found a billion old forum posts here and from many other sources, but they were all asking the same question: "Does it matter?". As an long-time player I know it does not, but on the same vein; I was looking through the astronaut complex recently for new hires and remembered something: Some kerbals in old versions used to scream their little heads off during the entire ascent of a rocket (particularly Bill), which I found very amusing. I've been keeping an eye out for the least couragous and smartest kerbals, which I suspect causes this. They seem to have nerfed the hell out of it since... I dunno, 1.1? Because even during missions where I'm supposed to make kerbals pass out, they are usually still rubbing goo off their hands or adjusting their helmets and smiling What causes the panicy screaming, is my question? And I suppose, what traits aside from "BADA55" (yeah, yeah, we know) tends to cause other behaviour... for those who try to look up this question in the future.
  11. steubens option is the one that i chose, as awkward as it is. It was supposed to be a sort of 'suprise' gift. If he needs to create an account in advance, it kind of ruins the experience, doesnt it
  12. I would put this in your bug tracker thing but it requires an unacceptable amount of javascript, and password lengths I will never remember. (10 chars? liquid off) NAVBALL_TOGGLE { primary = KeypadPeriod secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 } This has been a control config since at least 1.3.0. It no longer works. Obviously annoying since at critical moments like hoverslam/suicide landings, I need a single key to hide the navball that works all the time, every time.
  13. With the new website design, I no longer know how to buy KSP for a friend. We do not want steam/console versions, just the standard DRM-free one from I know my friends email address, and I am ready to pay for him. That should be enough, right? Any ideas?
  14. As a suggestion, is it possible for you to punch the information from the spreadsheet back into the original post in this forum? Perhaps this 'google docs' can export it in html or whatever format this forum uses (i think it's called BBcode)? Say, at least when a new KSP release comes out, or every few months if you have the time. I exercise my right NOT to complain, mainly because you've collected the URLs to the mods I want already, and I always check them for the latest builds, regardless of what this post says. This idea does seem to solve all the problems though, if it's possible - As a heavy mod user, I generally don't use the new KSP versions until the mods I want are updated and they fix the invariable linux/mac problems; usually at least 1/2 a year later. I'm still running 1.3.1, and only a few months ago updated from 1.3.0 for example. I don't think I'm alone in this.