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  1. I hate when a game/program is blamed for a faulty user... NO.. ABSOLUTELY NO... the worst thing in 95% of games now is how they hold your bloody hand and walk you around the whole time (*cough* CoD *cough*). The best part of this game was the learning curve! I spent a LOT of time online reading about the science of orbiting and the physics behind the game and in the end I LEARNED SOMETHING (a lot actually...) If it had just "told me what I was doing wrong, and how to fix it" I would have gotten bored a long time ago. There is a tutorial and scenario section in the game now, go play those and r
  2. They need to be at least...........three times bigger!!
  3. Yeah, I do have tweakscale, i'm wondering if it's a glitch within tweakscale.. seems likely! But it definitely wasn't intentionally done! And yeah, Tiny rover chutes would be amazing, especially for Duna or something!
  4. So I was coming back from a successful mun trip and upon separating my last stage (so only the Pod and Heat shield were left) I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that I had no parachutes! 1000 hrs of gameplay, countless successful missions and I forgot parachutes on my final stage!?!? NO WAY! A glance to the staging on the left shows my three parachutes are in fact there.. so now I'm confused. So I stage anyway and get ready for my impending doom. But lo and behold, at 500m, my craft slows to 7m/s!! So I zoom in to look at the craft and try to figure out what happened and got this beautifu
  5. The screens I posted earlier were the same, I always had my finger on the screenshot button trying to hold off as long as possible! Sometimes I'd click it RIGHT as it blew up, or to early and see the m/s go higher.. Everything turns so quickly from happy Jeb to terrified Jeb!
  6. Still? Have you at least tried the new model? Or you're just sticking with FAR no matter what If you have tried it: what makes FAR better/ different? I never got around to using FAR at all
  7. Yeah, and a bit like the old model, I like that if you just tweak your own way of creating you can make the model work wonders! DID IT! Broke Mach Four near sea level! 1535 m/s @ 300m! Sorry for all the posts.. Pretty exciting for me though!
  8. Tried to recreate an SR-71 Blackbird. Looks like it, flies like it, slow as a school bus... Found limitations for the in game engines! To much mass, not enough engine!
  9. @moogoob: I honestly LOVE when my craft blows up from too much speed or when you over adjust at a ridiculously high speed! I've been tweaking it all night to try and get a couple extra m/s and it's so much fun. It may not be "real life" but it is a HUGE jump from the old model, and it made the game infinitely more fun! And it was already amazing! @ Jaeleth: I did a couple runs in the higher atmosphere and these designs went SIGNIFICANTLY faster, so I appreciate that tip; but somehow it almost feels like cheating for me now! I'm committed to going as fast as possible as close to sea level as p
  10. So close... (For those who don't know Mach 4 = 1361 m/s) Blew up right after taking this screen... This is literally just an intake inline with a remote guidance unit and four engines... with some airbrakes for steering and tiny, tiny wings! Here's a view from the hangar (design is based loosely on the Boeing x-51, at least in the minimalist sense):
  11. I've been playing around in 1.0x and I am finally able to make aircraft! I never really got into FAR so this is the first I've experienced of the plane side of KSP; and I love it! Currently going for the fastest design I can manage! Here's a couple screens: It's going pretty well, VERY new to the plane stuff, so i'm cheating without fuel ATM, as it's much easier to just worry about stability and CoL and CoM right now. Passed Mach Three so that's exciting! Next stop: Mach Four!! Only 200 m/s short... and a NON exploding craft! Good news though: Valentina survived that horrific highspeed com
  12. Was just working on my space station and had my shuttle floating nearby. Using KAS I had it attached via a winch to hold it in place! I was out working (attaching struts to make the station stable) on EVA and hit the dark side of the earth which makes it to hard to see and work. So I went back into the ship and started to fast forward until we came around the other side of the earth. As I was fast forwarding I noticed the shuttle was moving towards the ship (obvious when your moving fast forward) so I went back to normal time and KAS glitched causing the winch to think it was in "docked" mode
  13. Not enough cargo space in my Hercules I shuttle always running out of space! So meet Hercules II! Now I just need a lifter capable of getting it to orbit......
  14. Brilliant! Been messing around with this for the last hour or so and it works perfectly! Thanks so much!
  15. Agreed! No astronauts here! Really looks fantastic though.. I love the low poly kerbal! Would make an awesome in-game flag!
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