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  1. I've done that before (in other mod compilations), what I need first is to figure out first is a vessel or a series of procedures that reliably triggers the crash. If I happen to find anything I'll post here for sure. I have a list of "suspect" mods that are mods that add functionalities via library plugins, while purely content based mods that add parts are considered low suspicion so far
  2. Any help is appreciated. I guess I'll try removing and placing stuff back, this is gonna be slow.
  3. Of course. I assume something else is generating instability, but I'm not sure how to start debugging it. I don't have a single vessel or a procedure that is 100% crash prone so I could divide my mods and go adding stuff slowly.
  4. Sadly I've added another 8GB of memory (for a grand total of 24GB), ran some tests and its adequate and stable, however KSP still crashes. Memory usage is just a little over 10GB.
  5. Yeah I am aware of the OS minimum usage, plus chrome and all the shebang. In my specific case having more physical memory help? I still got some empty slots on this computer.
  6. I am not up to date on the memory limits for x64 KSP. Is 14GB the current hard limit? or you mentioned the value due to my system physical memory being 16GB.
  7. So while I'm rather experienced in setting up gargantuan modpacks (been doing this way back when only KSP x64 for linux was available) I'm encountering a recurring hard crash in my game which I've not been able to nail on the cause. The crash always happens upon scene change, usually from flight to KSC or tracking station, and seems to happen more often on long flights or with particularly complex vessels. Fortunately it also seems to trigger only after the autosave is made. I've not been able to find anything suspicious on the log file, although predictably its quite large and messy from the
  8. I've managed to run GN fine with graphics mods so far. Scatterer conveniently includes a illumination source flag in its configs, which can be toggled individually for each planet. In other news, gotta love emergent bugs interactions between mods.
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ctwukdmf7wwryzm/Erroandlogs.rar?dl=0 Included in it a save file solely with the offending station (actually a new one) and the KSP log which is enormous given the ammount of mods I'm running. The log runs to the point just before I saved the file, and I tried clicking on the crew button a few times before saving to trigger the error messages. It seems the bug doesn't trigger on station welding with konstruction alone, this second vessel was deployed as a single piece and ship manifest broke soon as my first crew orbiter docked.
  10. I'm running a heavily modified campaign too, here's my bug list so far. Not all might be attributable to GN though: 1: Weird eclipse on the mun, perhaps some emerging issue with scatterer, even if I disable it. 2: Career - Early missions sometimes point you to bodies outside the solar system since some mods rework the missions list. 3: Some orbit path wobbliness that -might- be due to precision issues, but so far no space krakens or orbits getting messed up. 4: Some other mods that specifically require the vanilla sun as part of hardcoded behavior think the sun is the gal
  11. Consegui fazer o scatterer, eve e SVI funcionarem juntos, mas foi uma macumba tão exótica que eu não sei como replicá-la.... Estação espacial grande. A coisa laranja do lado é um reboque que monta os módulos. Acesso e suprimentos são providos por veículos tipo-soyuz.
  12. Cacteye and James Webb (from tarsier) confirmed work with no bugs on GN. I'm having issues with other mods that specifically require orbiting the sun (solar science), and apparently the vanilla SENTINEL telescope also doesn't recognize the stocksun as the proper sun. I patched my custom asteroids file to spawn asteroids around stocksun instead of sun (which I assume is the internal name for the galactic core) but so far haven't had luck of finding any. Another thing I didn't check if the files if it was patched is deep space resource deposits (the karborundrum ring around the sun)
  13. I sometimes experience errors where ship manifest seems to have problems with the root or docked parts of a vessel. Usually on a large station that has been assembling using konstruction ports. Here's the log of the current error that triggers when I click on the crew button, if you want I can post the save too. [LOG 22:32:22.807] [ShipManifest] - Error: Error in GetSelectedVesselParts(). Error: System.InvalidOperationException: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object at System.Linq.Enumerable.SingleOrDefault[Part] (IEnumerable`1 source) [0x00000] in <filename
  14. Here's the offending list, i've not managed to find a configuration to offset this list, but might be stupidity on my part. Nevermind, is stupidity on my part, there's a button option for lists, although its navigability is far from ideal on a QoL standpoint. Also I'm noticing some orbit line and communication line wobblyness, I assume some precision bugs are to be expected? No kraken attacks thanfully. My mun inexplicably undergoes an eclipse where it turns pitch black when its in front of kerbin. I did a comb trough scatterer settings to remove any potential eclipsing bodi
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