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  1. Oh also, scaling bug report on the deployable microwave phased array. Bigger scales have negative mass.
  2. As my save progresses into the fusion age I'm left with a question, which is the best method for ISRU production of deuterium? I made a huge solar wind collector to test the feasibility of solar farming, but the rate of deuterium accumulation is quite low.
  3. Getting this with radial fuel tanks: Steps to re-create: 1) place fuel tank, pick fuel 2) Alt-click to duplicate said fuel tank and place it elsewhere 3) try to change the contents of second tank. UI crashes with endless lines of lqd deuterium, endless NREs, can't right click any other part until the broken part gets removed from the scene. Dragging a fresh radial tank from the parts menu doesn't trigger the exception.
  4. I think the open cycle gas core reactor throttling based on electrical power demand (not thruster) seems to be broken. Mine always sits at 0.10% even in orbit with no acceleration. Unless I missed a patch note and its not supposed to produce electricity anymore. Even with the capacitor bank or ISRUs running on modes that require megajoules it doesn't seem to wake up. Also what is the advantage of the stellarator compared to a tokamak? Its mass is immense (and scales terribly) so what's the advantages?
  5. Yep, parts can be tweaked on the during games. Some oddity may happen with parts that already exist (but often it just works), but new parts are clean. To be on the safe side be sure to backup your persist safe, obviously.
  6. I believe that jade's changes are solely cfgs. If that's true then you can just swap your cfgs and enjoy the new engines. On the exosferic resource front, haven't managed to get K+ even after copying the resource and save seeds from a new save that did have the resource.
  7. I am also experiencing problems with finding K+'s band around kerbol. Already tested and sounded several different combinations of values for the resources without luck. I'm afraid of changing my game's seed and messing my planetary operations.
  8. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    The new logistics system seems to be a blessing. I have a minor quality of life suggestion though, would it be possible for the inflatable storage units (tundra and ranger) to be repaintable when you are controlling their host vessel instead of the kerbal? Maybe allow it only when a qualified kerbal is nearby. I always forget what the descriptions mean in terms of which resources are stored. The method used for changing the bays on the converters is excellent and intuitive.
  9. Oh boy I didn't know of this thread's existence. More crazy stuff to test!
  10. [1.3] DeepFreeze (v0.23.6) 18th June 2017

    I can report I'm also experiencing the vessel with more freezer parts not being tracked bug. Are logs of any use or the problem already is solved?
  11. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    On handling oversized colonies, anyone has a good crew management mod to suggest other than crew manifest and ship manifest? Going trough the part list becomes a pain in the ass when you need to rotate kerbals in the medbay due to a life support mishap
  12. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    The MKS long pipe/truss part has three side nodes. that way you can attach things very closely together. The 3.75 meter parts are on extra-tall supports so I ran those trusses under them. Assembled in-situ with extraplanetary launchpads. None of that preboxed sillyness from ground construction.
  13. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Rover, what are the determinants for the sifter efficiency. I've set up an operation on duna and I'm getting at most 65% efficiency, even with several geologists onboard. The output feels a bit wrong if compared to what is on the wiki too.