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  1. Glad to see this! Any chance to get in ckan?
  2. Is any chance to revive this great contract pack? I hate to play career with default contracts, nothing compare to this.
  3. I had purchased the pack, because I love the game, but it is first time when I am sorry for a such poor aquisition. - Missions are complete complicated and restrictive, no scale and fun. - Failing mission is a complete fail. - Mission editor is half done. I am sorry to play such untested addon. Cannot recommend to anyone.
  4. This was my favorite tree. I really hope you will revive. GL and Happy New Year!
  5. Thanks for your reply. My bad. Still in career mode the 88-88 is a highly expensive antenna that is required on a start mission. Tiros is coming very early on mission pool. Maybe should be enough to require an lower antenna. Solar issue I cant detect which mods is screwing the solar. I suspect Surface experiment Pack.
  6. I strongly agree. Second, some missions are bad configured: - like Tiros has required Communotron 88-88 that is not stock - solar panel are not recognized.