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  1. Maybe Im wrong here, but would it be a better way to integrate with Vessel Viewer? Again Im very likely to be wrong, just putting an idea in.
  2. Sorry for getting lost. As soon as I have some time to test Im going to post you results. Can I have some pre release test files. Dropbox maybe?
  3. Any way to use BDA from inside cockpit view operating it through the monitors? Maybe I have in mind some type of type of compatibility for ASET , not sure really. I just had this thought playing KSP today.
  4. Actually the same happens on my other Windows machine. And the specs are similiar. The only thing that changes is that on my OSX machine I have 1Tb storage and on the Win I have 500 Gb. Also consider these are machines put together with Design in mind, since im on, and not gaming.
  5. I love this mod. Im playing the hell out of it. But the carriers kill the framerate since the moment you open the editor. For the moment Ive removed them from the Game Data. I hope this helps you for a future fix. Also when can we have the new planes? Would love to help you in game testing. Cheers
  6. Exactly what I meant. Of course I'm having .cfg for teakscale in mind, but i that is too much too ask the cylindrical container alone would be a great too. Keep up the good work.
  7. Is it possible to have a circular, size tweakble rack? I can already think of a use on custom missiles with BD Modular Missiles Parts
  8. So how about having the possibility to use multiple weapons at once, at least during guard mode
  9. What ships are these. Can't seem to find them on the current version that I have downloaded.
  10. I tried it out today, well tested would be be a more precise word since i played at least 4 hours with it. The first thing it comes to my mind is inconsistentcy. Let me explain. You have the X-51A Waverider , great modelling btw, on your missiles. That thing is supposed to do Mach 6 or 1722.22m/s and I only managed to get ≈1320m/s at 20000 meters. Meanwhile there are missiles (cant remember the exact names now) that don't seem to have a proper hypersonic design and can do way more than 1700-1800 m/s. Anyways I've decided to take a look at the .cfg tomorrow and I'll be writing back. Another thing that I really liked were the diverse truck launcher/radar configuration. Finally I can do a proper mobile sam site on KSP.