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  1. There is SMURFF, which adjusts parts to have a more realistic performance mainly regarding the propellant mass fraction of tanks and the thrust to weight ratio of engines. The full adjustments are to realistic values, and would definitely be OP in a 2.5x scale game, but you can set how much it adjusts in the config of the mod.
  2. Problem is, IR parts don't work with FAR either - I have tried to make variable geometry planes with them, and they also do not behave nearly as you'd expect.
  3. I use RCS build aid, and while the torques from engine thrust/engine gimbles/RCS it displays, as well as the dry and average CoM, are useful, it doesn't quite display the info I am looking for. But I found that FAR actually displays those values, so that's fine.
  4. I would like to know if there is a mod to both a) display the vessel's moment of inertia tensor along the axes it will be controlled about when in flight (or along the axes of the root part), and to b) visually indicate these axes in the editor, to help with aligning the control component with the principal axes.
  5. One question that is kinda tangential to this mod: Does anyone here know of a mod that works for 1.6.1 that adds small-diameter SRBs and probe parts that would go into the starting tech node? Because starting out with a Flea and a Stayputnik just feels kinda ehhhh to me, from a realism POV.
  6. One thing you should I think definitely do is keep separate records for stock aero and FAR - since FAR seriously changes the aerodynamics model, and especially can make taking those tight turns a lot harder at high speed, due to your plane potentially just being torn apart by the aerodynamic stresses.
  7. I have a question about the part variant switcher: Can it only switch part models and textures, or also other aspects of parts? If the second is true, then this addition might have just obsoleted all of the various fuel switcher/part switcher mods.
  8. You have disabled Oxidiser, Liquidfuel, Monoprop, Equipment and Researchkits from being included in the calculation. Click the buttons next to the name of the resource to enable it again.
  9. L4/L5, at least the exact positions (same orbit, but 60° in front and behind) work perfectly fine in normal KSP, however, if you do not get the exact same orbital period, they will eventually drift. It is L1 through L3 that do not work and absolutely require n-body gravity.
  10. How would I go about putting together a profile to use with Sigma Dimensions rescale factor of 6.4? My main concerns are signal distance (as all distances will be 6.4x larger than in stock KSP) and anything time-related (as larger distances translate to much longer transit times). Additionally, I am not sure, but there might be issues with the magnetospheres, if their sizes are hardcoded and not based on the planet's size. Also, one thing I noticed without the rescale: On a Mac, with Intel integrated graphics, the magnetospheres/radiation belts do not render until you are quite far out (Kerbin's outer radiation belt, by the time it becomes visible in map view, covers about a fifth or so of the width of my 1280x800 screen).
  11. Could you make the ECLSS maybe more granular (so one "unit" can support one Kerbal) and simply give any pod enough slots to support its full crew capacity? Since to me it would seem kind of silly to design a pod with an ECLSS that cannot support the full capacity.
  12. I think it will just always tweak them if you remove the RealSolarSytem part - then it will just do the tweak if the Signal feature is enabled.
  13. Is it possible at all to do swing-wings currently, and if yes, how to do so? Because the way I tried it (hinge or joint, with a wing attached to it) the wing would not rotate with the joint/hinge when I actuate it, and yes, the joint itself is moving.
  14. Thanks! I was looking at MOLE as well, but that one has a dearth of 1.875 m engines - which is really what I am after, since just Tweakscaling 1.25 m engines feels a bit cheap.
  15. Does anyone have a mirror for the download? I want to use this mod with the community patches, but both of the download links from the OP are dead.