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  1. Thanks I appreciate what you've said☺, I will make better missions next time, and I hope that you will play them too, this is the first one that I made. About the score, I didn't include it, the mission is either fail or win, I am still not used to the mission builder ( honestly I think it still needs more features). I will improve.
  2. Finally after the landing of the Orion lander that's done by Bob , and Bill who also had big role , because he was in the main module in orbit . The team want's to go back home , but unfortunetly of course , Bill forgot something , not knowing what he forgot he heads home thinking that everything is okay until he encounters a catastrophic problem . Download I hope you enjoy the mission, and please if you have any feedback tell me.
  3. The original screenshot:Here is my edit:
  4. I will start. And let's give ourselves some constructive constructive criticism.
  5. ok thank you,i really need a computer instead of a laptop.
  6. output_log http://pastebin.com/vEK0GP35 error / ksp.log ? http://pastebin.com/i6StayFz and what do you mean with dxdiag log?
  7. I don't know how to upload a text file,still new to the forum.
  8. Hi,i have a problem with crashing,i was playing the game normally and at the same time tracking my RAM usage in the Debug menu=>Performance,and it says that i am using 472 Mb of RAM,and after i switched scenes(going to the VAB)then the game crashed!! Here is the mod list: -Active texture management aggressive. -MechJeb -Remote Tech -TAC life support Laptop specs: -2GB of ram -windows 7 32Bit -128Mb of VRAM and i am playing KSP in low settings. My question is why KSP just using 500Mb of Ram instead 2GB or at least 1.2GB?
  9. I had this problem,when uninstall some mods and open my save file, the game says "couldn't load vesse....l"i press ok,then i can't go inside any building.i tried to relaunch the game bot still didn't work,i hope it get fixed, i lost a lot of save files. i checked the debug and it says: [exception]: NullReferenceExeption : Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  10. its made by me,maneuverable,need S.A.S to fly. Download: http://kerbal.curseforge.com/shareables/227292-bzk-005-the-chinese-drone BZK-005 test fly: http://youtu.be/GFgkxe_bCaA so what do you think ?
  11. When someone says to you "s.s.t.o"(single stage to orbit) you think about a plane,its right but it doesn't need to be a plane,it can be a rocket(only in KSP not in real life),i will call it S.S.T.O.M(single stage to orbit Mun),watch this video: http://youtu.be/pAnEoNX1BNs Mods used: ProceduralParts Enjoy!
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