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  1. WW2 BAD-T III - BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    @tetryds I'm gonna have to bet on the Tytonid to win, just something about that asymmetric monster of the sky Anyways, I've been waiting for a perfect opportunity to get back into FAR, and now this pops up Let the prototyping commence!
  2. The craft would still perform quite well due to the TWR being extremely high, with a decrease in efficiency. Also, as the OP states in a previous statement: With emphasis on "Realism isn't a big factor here". I'm quite aware of the prospective dangers of taking an aircraft and pushing it towards thermosphere levels of atmosphere, however, seeing as this is Kerbal Space Program and not real life, I'm willing to assume that the passenger cabins already contain all protection needed for a venture into this high atmosphere.
  3. Do not worry @Cabbink, there have been proper safety measures put into place in order to protect our passengers at all altitudes (This was all Jebidiah's idea by the way )
  4. It is also capable of doing that, however, the OP removed the 15,000m altitude limit for supersonic aircraft. The craft is more than capable of flying at reduced altitude, however, it suffers in a loss of efficency
  5. Introducing the SAI Concorde Mk. II! This beautiful machine not only combines sleek lines and high fashion into a supersonic marvel, but with a maximum range of over 7,000 kerbo-meters in the stock variant alone, can get you anywhere in the world with style. Some advantages of this aircraft are: Comfort seating for 40 passengers, with snack bar and restroom located in rear-most passenger compartment Beautiful views of Kerbin from the upper atmosphere An incredibly high TWR Ratio Extended tanks containing over 2700 gallons of fuel An extended service ceiling of 20,000 m (Optimal operating altitude is between 17,000 and 19,000 m) An impressive cruising speed of 1,050 m/s while sipping only .40 gallons of fuel Impressive handling characteristics in both sub and supersonic speeds Beautiful Phoenix pictures Some Disadvantages of this aircraft: Low Landing gear High part count of 80 parts (Mostly individual wing segments) Price tag of $41,354,000 per machine High take-off speed of ~70 m/s With the range, speed, and power to transport passengers across the globe safely and efficiently, the Concorde Mk. II is a must-have in the roster of any air company! Craft File:
  6. Inter's Bombing Challenge

    Ooh, a chance for me to try out my 98%-Stock* cruise missile! I've been waiting for a challenge like this! Now to design a delivery vehicle... * - Stock except for BD small explosive warhead, manually piloted as per the rules
  7. Weekly Aircraft Development Competition

    Go for it @Joseph Kerman, make it a good one
  8. Weekly Aircraft Development Competition

    Considering how it is @MiffedStarfish's thread, I think if public support is sufficient, he can change the competition to whatever everyone approves of.
  9. Weekly Aircraft Development Competition

    Introducing the Falcon Mk. I! The first entry into the glider category, this little beast weighs in at 2 tons and costs only 12,000 Kerb-bucks (Minus rocket cart*) * - Rocket Cart not necessary to take off, just makes it faster and more fun to do so A nice image of the glider and the cart both in effect, Jeb approves of this take off tactic. The cart propels the glider to a speed of ~100 meters/sec before detaching and coasting to a stop to be used again, the glider continues on as normal. Just a picture showing that even though there is an engine, she can actually glide quite well. Buzzing the R&D Building. The Falcon landed next to the propulsion cart. The craft is dangerously quite agile, and Saget Aerospace Industries takes no blame for any injuries/burns caused by this device
  10. Saget Aerospace Industries Proudly Presents... THE SAI VULTURE Mk. I The perfect aircraft for airlines looking to intimidate eliminate the competition. With a luxurious cabin fitting 40 passengers in quite stylish comfort, everyone is treated equal on this craft with first class accommodations for all. Unfortunately, this slightly impacts the aircraft's cost, bringing the grand total for this plane up to $39,020,000 Kerbo-Bucks per machine. This aircraft uses the bent wing technology and a tail-wheel design to improve landing and take off characteristics from short and unpaved runways, and the suspension ensures that the passengers and pilots don't feel a thing! The aircraft's wing design, along with the fuel storage tanks situated right off of the aircraft's passenger bays result in an almost unprecedented range from the stock variant of the aircraft, with the range being well over 25,000 Kerbo-Meters while at its optimal cruise speed and altitude. Specifications: 74 Parts New UnTested Wing Design Tail-Wheel design for shorter take offs and landings Ladder Quite responsive on most control surfaces Plush interiors leave customers happy and satisfied Unprecedented range for a light aircraft of it's class (25,000 Kerbo-Meters) Space for 40 Passengers/1 Pilot Weight of 32 Tons Cruising Altitude of ~8000 Km Cruising Speed of 230-240 m/s Take off speed of ~70 m/s without flaps deployed Price Tag of $39,020,000 Kerbo-Bucks Known Issues: Do Not deploy flaps on landing or for long periods of time after take off without sufficient Pitch Control Variants: Due to the aircraft's stock model meeting and exceeding all requirements set in the class, we at SAI believe that variant models are not needed, however, we are able and willing to construct one should the need arive While the aircraft's price tag may turn off potential buyers, the aircraft's sleek style, performance, and cruising range make it a strong contender for multiple Airlines throughout Kerbin. Purchasing Link:
  11. Airborne Defense Challenge

    Does being able to fly without SAS mean without cockpit torque or without SAS in general? I know from experience that some bombers back in WWII did have a rudimentary autopilot feature (B-17, B-29)
  12. Airborne Defense Challenge

    Are Procedural parts allowed?
  13. Civil War Planes

    BDArmory can work in 1.2.2, you just have to do some digging to find the proper download link On the topic of BDArmory, here's another interesting pack that I used that should add some more variation for weaponry:
  14. Civil War Planes

    The Problem is that for my case, BDArmory doesn't even register in my 1.2.2 save
  15. Civil War Planes

    I was in 1.2.2, but I'm backdating as I type. I will have planes for you shortly