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  1. That moment when you rediscover the entire save file dedicated to the previous BAD-T tournaments
  2. Does it count if mine was inspired (if only slightly) by the Me 262 HG III? Minus the swept wings of course lol
  3. Quick update from the new judge's end: Since it is finals week and everything is starting to wrap up at my university, combined with the tragic death of my mouse, means that I will not have any reviews out for the next week or so. I already have a review finished on the Delta Impulse/Delta Impulse S, and I'll try to put that up either later today or tomorrow. Until the week after next though, I've got too much life stuff to work on reviews.
  4. Actually no, it was inspired by the famed "Tourettes Guy", who I was a huge fan of
  5. Ok, I'll be sure to try and change that for the next review. Again, thanks for the feedback
  6. I appreciate the feedback, but could you please elaborate a small bit more? The only thing that I'm missing from the format layout in the original thread is the Fuel consumption rate.
  7. Test Pilot Review: @Bottle Rocketeer 500's Hawk 1a Price - 22,780,000 Fuel - 640 Kallons Cruising Speed - 250 meters/second Cruising Altitude - 5000 meters Range - 1250 km Review: Excited to receive their first aircraft to review, the engineers at SAI tore open the shipping crate to reveal a sleek, speedy looking plane. The crew were impressed, and left scratching their heads at how the manufacturers managed to combine 3 engines into one, resulting in a maintenance nightmare to remove all the dust, creatures, and empty snack containers that accumulated during its prolonged storage. Rolling it out onto the runway and firing up the aircraft for the first time the test passengers couldn't help but notice how loud the combined system was during taxiing trials, with the combined noise of 6 Juno engines making their presence known through the noiseproof headsets the passengers were issued. Exactly like the manufacturer's sticky note on the dashboard said, the aircraft felt incredibly heavy on the ground, pitching up at ~55 m/s and gaining enough speed for level flight at ~90 m/s. Even Jebidiah was worried about the constant drop of the aircraft unless you had at least a 15 degree pitch. In the air, there are a few issues that make themselves known. One is the excessive roll control and the lacking pitch control. We had many instances of the aircraft suddenly rolling >90 degrees with just one bump of the control stick, severely decreasing passenger comfort and the stability of the aircraft during flight. Another issue is the incredibly high landing speed. Compared with the takeoff speed of ~55-60 m/s, the minimum speed that you could keep the aircraft lined up for landing was tested to be around 72 m/s. Powerful brakes make sure that this aircraft is still viable for short runway landings, but they may not be able to take off due to the takeoff run of the plane. Something good that we found about the plane is that the range is over 1250 km. While this might not be good compared to some of its competitors, this extends the manufacturer's stated range by nearly 400km. With 56 parts and 3 engines combined into one, this aircraft is a maintenance nightmare. When you combine the manpower required to keep the 6 Jumo jets running properly, along with the frequent wingstrikes due to the narrow landing gear, we believe that the costs of keeping this aircraft will outweigh any potential profits that it will bring. Verdict: We do not believe that we will be purchasing any of these aircraft for customer use due to the poor comfort due to oversensitive control surfaces and the steep maintenance costs associated with the engine setup. The pilot school may purchase one for an advanced trainer in order to train pilots on how to handle aircraft with handling like it.
  8. Is there a folder or something with the submissions and stuff in them?
  9. IF you give me 2.5 weeks to get to a proper desktop computer that can handle more than 50 parts of craft, I'd be glad to join as a judge!
  10. If you guys need help with reviewing and all that I'm able to do so for some of the smaller jets due to computer limitations...
  11. The Behemoth was meant to try and create an impossibly large type of jumbo jet that will be somewhat practical, however, the engineers at SAI are already working on an even bigger project (If your CPU is already melting over this, I'd hate to see what mine does XD)
  12. After seeing recent jumbo jet submissions where the planes are carrying in excess of 500 people, the engineers at SAI were tasked with constructing something new, revolutionary, earth shattering... Apparently they didn't get the message that the "earth shattering" part of the description was not to be taken literally. INTRODUCING THE SAI BEHEMOTH MK. II AUSF. C This staggeringly large aircraft is well deserving of its name, as it weighs in at 373 tons! Despite the weight, however, the aircraft can take off at a very reasonable 55 m/s with the help of flaps, faster than most, if not all, of the competition! Specifications: Cruising Speed: 155 m/s Cruising Altitude: 2200-2250 meters Range: ~4700 km while burning 1.78 units of fuel Fuel Capacity: 46,150 kallons 170 Parts Capacity: 704 Passengers + 4 Pilots Cost: 375,275,000 Kerbucks fueled DOWNLOAD: Action Groups: 1 - Toggle Flaps (Takeoff only), 2 - Thrust reversers
  13. Would you guys recommend fixed guns in a realistic sort of style, or turrets for the airplanes?
  14. I'm just gonna claim this little bit of land here, along with the black, grey, and dark green digital camouflage (not the forest green) Out of curiosity, are we going to get landing strips or do we have to build plans capable of landing/taking off from rough terrain?
  15. Damn, you claimed my piece of land! Time for new camo patterns and operations areas