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  1. haha you can make sharp objects now
  2. DLC upgrades yee Also new and improved tail section +100% realism -100% tailstrikes
  3. This is a plane I made I wanted a blended fuselage/wing design that had a mk3 cargo bay it was actually quite challenging. Then I thought hmm with that much wing area it could make landing on Duna easy because after all VTOL engines are for noobs. Obviously u get a lot of dead weight to carry around space but whatever it's only duna. It can deliver an orange tank and return. So then I thought hey 3000 dv isn't too far off from 4000 dv so I lengthened it. This version can carry 20 tonnes roundtrip to Laythe. PICS Also here's a small
  4. long range bomber, been playing around with bdarmory again idk bonus vid
  5. not too bad since the front wings are occluded by the cargo ramp. here's an upscaled one a few more tanks and it should be able to get back to kerbin
  6. New tanker, new boom, but I don't remember refueling being this difficult
  7. 2nd legit time going to laythe I don't know anything about gravity assists or planet orientation blah blah I used ~3160m/s dv from LKO entering laythe at 3000m/s is that good or bad
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